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Winter Camp XXVII History

Dates:December 27-31, 2003
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Theme:Channel Surfing
Youth Cost:$36.36
Adult Cost:$40.40
Attendance:35 (20 youth, 15 adults)
Leader:Zach P.
Adviser:Paul Kupser
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:260 (Details)
Service Project:Clear out the old Health Lodge/Ranch House/Baden-Powell House (which included some demolition) and assist in clearing a camp barn.
Catchphrase:Yes, it's a real plane!
Roger Horn's pilot license and plane were put to good use during Murder-Clue. Clues were written on long streamers and attached to light sticks. The sticks were then dropped from the plane for the waiting teams to retrieve. Despite somewhat difficult conditions 20 of 28 were recovered.

Winter Camp XXVII, though smaller than XXVI, gave up nothing in spirit. The theme for the week was "Television", specifically channel surfing and nearly every meal and every event was modified slightly to accommodate the channel it aired on. The TV theme was perhaps best shown in the five daily newspapers that assigned a channel to each activity in providing the daily schedule.

There was no shortage of new activities, with Extreme Bowling probably being the favorite. Other new activities included the Walk Race (held before and after Snow Soccer), Winter Camp Squares, and football. New meals included the Infomercial Snack which pitted competing types of popcorn against each other, and the Tailgate Lunch served during the service project. Dinner and a Movie blurred the line between meal and activity offering a spicy Caribbean dinner and the chance to watch Pirates of the Caribbean during the meal.

Many old favorites were also changed to support the new theme, usually to help align them with the channel they were on. Frisbee Ultimate became Rock and Jock Ultimate with appropriate players having special abilities. Perhaps the most amazing development at Winter Camp XXVII was the use of a plane during one of our activities.

Veteran camper Roger Horn owns his own small plane and he Doug Wilson flew over the face at night dropping clues for the murder clue game. The clues were on streamers attached to glow sticks. Amazingly nearly all thirty were recovered despite the somewhat unorthodox means of delivery.

Winter Camp XXVII also saw the return of movie-making to the schedule. This time Ricky Naida took on the role of director as he rolled film on a version of After the Apocalypse, the still unfinished (as of Winter Camp XXVIII) novel written by Steve Donohue and Mark Bollman. As luck would have it, the movie is also unfinished, but there are high hopes.

Speaking of high hopes, arrowmen left Winter Camp XXVII knowing that the following year Winter Camp XXVIII would bring them not only the most digits in a Roman numeral ever used for Winter Camp but the opportunity for more fun than had ever been had before too.

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