Winter Camp XXVI - 2002

Please bear in mind that many of these menu items may still change and suggestions are welcome.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Renegade Lunch

The Goons will be delivering a detailed program for this meal which will include new awards called (oddly enough) "The Goonies".

Actual Menu
HamburgersPork Rinds
Peach CobblerGuava Juice

Ark Dinner

The exact menu for this meal is not yet determined. Two teams of cooks will volunteer to use the same basic ingredients plus $20 to make a meal. Non-participants will vote on the best one. Losers wash dishes. Dave Milon is working on some of the basic elements of the meal.

Bakery Snack

Freshly baked bread still warm from the oven

Actual Menu
Bread, WhiteButter, Churned
Cinamon RollsBread Spreads, Sugary

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Continental Breakfast

Self-serve breakfast foods

Actual Menu
Milk, ChilledOrange Juice
Cereal, ColdPop-Tarts

Cajun Lunch

This Cajun feast will include Jumbalaya (in regular and shrimp-free varieties) and other Cajun goodies. John Howey would love some suggestions.

Do or Die(t)

This meal will see members given a variety of items to cook on their own outside.

Actual Menu
Chunked BeefGreen Pepper
Aluminum FoilMilk, Chilled
Foil, Aluminum

Bakery Snack

Freshly baked bread still warm from the oven

Actual Menu
Bread, WhiteButter, Churned
Cinamon RollsBread Spreads, Sugary

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Pancake Breakfast

Served Church Fundraiser style

Actual Menu
Milk, ChilledOrange Juice

G vs E Lunch

The exact menu isn't determined yet, but this will feature good and evil items like Angel's Food and Devil's Food cakes, etc. Steve Donohue is open to suggestions

Irish Feast

Epicurean classics (or potatoes 27 different ways)

Actual Menu
Corned Beef & CabbageBoiled Potatoes
Soda BreadRoot Beer
MilkDessert (TBD)

Bollmano's Pizza

The finest Italian Cuisine in the Wilderness

Actual Menu
Pizza DoughPizza Sauce
Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Monday, December 30, 2002

Heart-Stupid Breakfast

This bountiful breakfast will include a number of items not recommended by the AHA as part of your balanced breakfast.

Actual Menu
Hash BrownsToast
Milk, Whole

Tarzan of the Apes Lunch

Details are sketchy, but plan on eating what you're singing about. Suggestions to Steve Donohue.

Hooter's Dinner

Enjoy foods one would typically find while dining at Hooter's

Actual Menu
Hooters WingsRoot Beer
Philly Cheese Steak SandwichCole Slaw

Casino Snack

A realm of salty goodness with chips, pretzels and nuts while you gamble.

Actual Menu
Soda PopCheese Puffs
Assorted NutsAssorted Chips

Monday, December 31, 2002

Jackpot Grits

Grits, leftovers, and Wheel of Fortune!

Conglomerate Lunch

A Winter Camp Tradition since before any youth was born!

Actual Menu
Milk, ChilledApple, Fresh

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