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Winter Camp XXV History

Dates:December 27-31, 2001
Location:Beaver Creek, Clearwater, & High Point cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Youth Cost:$33.33
Adult Cost:$39.39
Attendance:39 (16 youth, 23 adults)
Leader:Andrew W.
Adviser:Steve Donohue
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:298 (Details)
Service Project:Burn a supply of railroad ties at the Beaver Creek firebowl, paint the basement of the new museum, insulate Ranch Director Frank Seery's cabin, remove the fireplace from Lang cabin, and clear part of the Pedro Trail.
Catchphrase:Our first quarter century of excess
The 25th Winter Camp celebrated the various excesses involved in deluxe camping, culminating in the 162-Dish Banquet.

Winter Camp XXV featured the largest feast in our history, conjuring up 162 separate dishes for the anniversary dinner held on Saturday. There were six guests on hand for the dinner: Gary Allen, Reed Shannon, Steve Pejuan, Dave Radecki, Dr. Brent Musolf, and Howard Hammes. The dinner went well and five people were able to eat all 162 dishes: Jeff Rand, Steve Donohue, Ron Donohue, Lou Pezet, and Craig Summers, the lone youth who dared it.

Apart from the feast, we had two new meals. The Hooter's Dinner featured hot wings and philly cheese steak subs and was well-received. Owing to leftovers from the banquet, the Viking Outdoor Feast was never prepared.

On the activity front, we had Hatchet Throwing, Shield Construction, a King's Table Tournament, Squaw Point Erection, and Razing the Village. Casino night and the Viking Explorer's game disappeared into the aftermath of the banquet and Longship Battles was never held. The other activites were all held although not necessarily at their scheduled times. The fourth installment of the Future Olympics was only partially completed.

The camp went well, with perhaps the finest group of youth ever assembled at Winter Camp making sure things got done. Advising was kept to a minimum and the youth rose to the challenge and made camp a rousing success. Six youth earned the participation award: Zach Polifroni, Craig Summers, Jon Semetko, Sam Stocker, Ethan Rein, and Chris Wilson.

The Encyclopedia Winter Campica finally came to print and there were two different newspapers, The Goon Gazette and the Youth Yodel, both published at camp and, in the yellow tradition of Winter Camp, each with their own slant on the the week's events.

By year's end, Arrowmen knew that Winter Camp XXVI would find Ethan Rein at the helm of Winter Camp with Steve Donohue as his adviser.

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