Winter Camp XXIX - 2005

Dates:December 27-31, 2005
Location:Beaver Creek and Clearwater cabins
Attendance:32 (19 youth, 13 adults)
Leader:Ethan Rein
Adviser:Douglas Wilson
WCUES Score:209
Catchphrase:Eighty Days is Too Many
The Theme for Winter Camp XXIX was "Around the world in a weekette", shortcutting Phileas Fogg by about 75 days. Activities and meals through the weekette traced an eastward path around the globe, and a number of new meals were prepared and served.

Winter Camp XXIX took participants "Around the World in a Weekette," a theme that was able to tie each meal and activity to a different place on the globe, starting in Ireland and ending in the United States. Following the success of Winter Camp XXVIII's Independence Hike, the first major event was the LeMans Grand Prix of D-bar-A, where two teams raced in opposite directions on the same loop around the camp.

An attempt was made to limit the amount of meals, resulting in activities scheduled before late breakfasts, and later lunches and dinners. Many meals were slightly redesigned or renamed to fit into the Global Theme. Bollmano's Pizza appeared as a Dinner alongside the film National Treasure for the Tripoli Dinner. The Indian Lunch stood out as Winter Camp's most ambitious lunch yet. The conglomerate lunch appeared on the 30th. A new roulette wheel added to the excitement of the always interesting Jackpots Grits, the last served meal of Winter Camp XXIX.

New activities beyond the Grand Prix were the appearance of Boomerangs and Bolas. Horserides made their first appearance at Winter Camp. Variations were made on the Blind Hike, Arrowman Bingo, and Battle Chess. The "Yeti" variation (playing a regular game with a huge ball) made its way into Volleyball and Snow Soccer. Boardgames were prevalent during free time, as well as the Pinball Machine, back for a second Winter Camp.

The anticipation for Winter Camp XXX was high as Campers left, hoping that the next 85.11 weekettes will fly by faster than it took them go around the world at Winter Camp XXIX.

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