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Winter Camp XXIV History

Dates:December 27-31, 2000
Location:Beaver Creek, Clearwater, & High Point cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Theme:Movie Week
Youth Cost:$32.32
Adult Cost:$38.38
Attendance:35 (18 youth, 17 adults)
Leader:Mike Q.
Adviser:Steve Donohue
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:344 (Details)
Service Project:Varnish the interior of Lakeview cabin and insulate the old Administration building in preparation for its rebirth as a museum.
Catchphrase:Looking toward the Future.
As the twenty-fifth anniversary Winter Camp loomed just one year in the future, it was clear that a momentous event was on the horizon, and Winter Camp XXIV was tagged as the beginning of the planning of what was sure to be a monumental camp.

Winter Camp XXIV became the first camp in history to use three cabins and it created some logistical problems since High Point was quite a hike. Adding to the problems of distance was the amount of snow already on the ground and the colder than normal temperatures. Still, Winter Campers being a stubborn lot, nearly every activity went off as planned.

Perhaps the biggest innovation of the year was the Youth Participation Award. For the first time ever, we had a Winter Camp patch and it was available with two different borders. The blue borders were sold but the gold bordered version could be earned only by youth members who met the requirements. Philip Roscoe became the first youth to earn the award. He was followed by four more youth: Steve Clark, Andrew Whaley, Robert Hartwig and Keith King. Andrew and Philip were both attending their first Winter Camps.

The year marked the first time we did daily themes (Spaceballs Day, Real Genius Day, Spy Day, and Matrix Day) wrapped around a weekly theme (At the Movies). Many old favorite meals were changed to match the themes and we wound up with quite a few new meals including the Barf the Mog Lunch, KFC Dinner, Sim City Pizzerias, Engineering Breakfast, Radioactive (aka Hot Potato) Lunch, Giant Popcorn Snack, Business Lunch, Embassy Dinner, Tasty Wheat Breakfast, Lunch on the Run, Cube Dinner, and the Oracle Snack. Lunch on the Run was cooked and served outdoors and was part of the Agent's Pursuit event. Many of the new themes used food from previous meals. Overall, the food was probably the best we'd had at Winter Camp in several years - not one meal included a cave loaf.

We also had quite a few new activities this year including the Sim City Market, Bunny Slipper Relay, Mutant Hamster Races, Spy Games, Agents Pursuit, and Dodge the Bullet. Only two scheduled activities were missed, and one of those was Kickball, tentatively scheduled for the last day.

Our service project was very ambitious. We had one crew which varnished Lakeview cabin and a larger group which worked on insulating and cleaning at the new museum. The museum took the whole day, with members working until almost 6:30 WCST.

Overall the camp was very successful and Arrowmen left knowing they would be less than a year older before Andrew Whaley served as leader of Winter Camp's Silver Anniversary.

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