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Winter Camp XXIII History

Dates:December 27-31, 1999
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Youth Cost:$32.32
Adult Cost:$38.38
Attendance:41 (21 youth, 20 adults)
Leader:Steve C.
Adviser:Steve Donohue
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:276 (Details)
Service Project:Clear out a barn in the main camp maintenance area in preparation for remodeling.
Catchphrase:A Web of Opportunity
The 1999 catchphrase commemorated the growing prominence of the Winter Camp website in planning Winter Camp and preserving its spirit throughout the rest of the year.

Winter Camp XXIII tied the all-time attendance record with forty-one campers and smashed the previous record for camper-nights by 10 with 131 total nights being spent. This influx of people led to some logistical challenges in getting bunks for everyone every night, but we managed to survive.

Survival become one of the more serious issues at this years encampment as illness threatened to wreak havoc on our plans. Lou Pezet and Dave Oakley were both laid low early in the week, and Lou never seemed to recover completely. Brian Longre also took sick, as did Dr. Beast and Gordon Draper. Also on the injured list were Geoff Booth (sore wrist following soccer), Dr. Beast (pulled leg muscle following soccer), and Steve Donohue (bruised heal following kickball).

Despite these complications, camp came off pretty well. We managed to add several daily themes to our list, including Holiday Day, Dr. Seuss Day, and Ceremony Day, each of which had a mixture of old and new activities and meals. Completely new activities included Seuss Hat Making and the Droopy Drawers Marathon. Clothed in new names or themes we had a trivia contest (The Cat's Quizzer), casino night (Hunches in Bunches), and a new special ceremony which capped Ceremony Day.

Meals were, as always, one of the highlights of the event. The bakery snack returned and was joined by a number of new themes including Green Eggs and Ham, Roast Beast Dinner, and the Christmas dinner. The Snack in the Hat, which showed early promise, never materialized. Several meals were enhanced by the presence of custom place mats, featuring mazes, lessons, trivia games and a word search.

Arrowmen left knowing they had only one more chance to attend Winter Camp in this millenium and that it was only 361 days away.

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