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Winter Camp XXII History

Dates:December 27-31, 1998
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Youth Cost:$30.30
Adult Cost:$36.36
Attendance:33 (16 youth, 17 adults)
Leader:Steve Harig
Adviser:Tom Ray
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:336
Catchphrase:A New Kitchen - No more stove fires
Jeff Rand spearheaded the Stove Fund of 1998 when Winter Campers past, present, and future contributed money toward a new stove for the Beaver Creek building. The new oven made the Bollmano's Pizza operation much easier. Despite the catchphrase, there was indeed a stove fire - on the last day, when Ron Donohue was asked by newcomer Geoff Booth, "Are you aware you're on fire?" after a dishtowel ignited.

Winter Camp XXII dawned after a full year of active planning facilitated by the expanding Winter Camp Web site. A new direction was charted when a pre-planning meeting in October led to the decision to replace a week-long theme with a different theme for each day.

Multiple themes led to a wide variety of new activities planned for Winter Camp Classics Day, Tron/Service Day, Canada Day, Star Wars Day, and Pythonesque Day. Several new events were old favorites reworked, as when Capture the Objective was played in reverse as Viral infestation, the Quest was transformed into Star Wars Quest, and Casino Night became Casino Windsor Night. Others were completely new ideas: Disks of Tron, Clearwater Stampede, and Dead or Canadian? Trivia.

Among the other changes was a new stove in Beaver Creek, made possible by donations from Winter Campers. New meals prepared in the new kitchen abounded. Classics Day brought back group baking and introduced the Bakery Snack, described as "the classic that always should have been". The Geometric Lunch made for a new break from the service project. The newly remodeled Beaver Creek building was inspiration for two new meals on Tron Day, as both the Burger Time Dinner and Pac-Man Snack made good use of the new rafters in the dining room. Canada Day led to a trio of new meals, with the Big Hearty Canadian Breakfast, Bouchard's Bonanza, and the Sallee Manger Supper joining Winter Camp's kitchen history. Star Wars Day brought the Cantina Lunch and the "Never tell me the odds" Dinner from the film, and Pythonesque Day saw the Conglomerate Lunch renamed the "Bring me a bucket" Lunch.

Winter Camp Trading Post operations were fully mechanized with the addition of new snack and pop machines, provided by Dave Woods. Steve Donohue created Winter Camp's first board game, and his WinterCampopoly provided much free-time entertainment. The first 10-year time capsule was unearthed and a new capsule placed for Winter Camp XXXII.

Revealed at camp was a special project which had taken the year to assemble. Steve and Ron Donohue spent 1998 secretly collecting celebrity autographs for Winter Camp, and their collection of over 40 endorsements and good wishes was placed in the Winter Camp library under the title "How Cool Is Winter Camp?".

As Winter Camp XXII closed, there was talk of extending Winter Camp XXIII through January 1 to greet the year 2000 at camp. One thing remained certain: the dates from December 27-31, 1999 were booked.

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