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We were holding Winter Camp before any of the Star Wars movies sucked

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Winter Camp XXI Roster

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NameNights Spent
James Ackron4
Daniel Blakney3
Robert Hartwig3
Bryan Kennedy4
Paul Lambert4
Tom Lee4
Erik Lowhorn4
Brian Mann4
Dickson Mann4
Greg Olk4
Steve Perri4
Adam Pezet4
Nicholas Polifroni4
Steven Tapazglou3
Jared Thompson4


NameNights Spent
Mark Bollman4
Ron Donohue4
Steve Donohue4
Joseph Hall2
Roger Dale Horn4
John Howey3
Mark Hunt4
Timothy Hunt4
Jon Kennedy4
Paul Kupser4
Emil Lambert1
David Milon, Jr.4
David Oakley3
Michael Osvath1
Louis Pezet4
Jeffrey Rand4
Thomas Ray3
Douglas Wilson1
David Woods4