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Winter Camp XXI Meals

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Saturday, 12/27/1997

Hot Potato Lunch

Apple, FreshBug Juice
Carrot SticksPotato Chips
Sloppy Joes (Classic)

Undercover Dinner

Bread, Garlic - HomemadeMeatball Stroganoff
Milk, ChilledMints
PeasSausage and Kraut

Something Is Out There Snack

Assorted NutsSoda Pop
Sugar Jumbles

Sunday, 12/28/1997

Continental Breakfast

Cereal, ColdEggs
GritsMilk, Chilled
Pop-TartsTang, Chilled

Mexican Lunch

Burrito TortillaChips and Salsa
Milk, ChilledRefried Beans
Spanish RiceTaco Shell
Taco/Burrito Toppings

Caveman Dinner

Bread, Garlic - HomemadeChocolate Pudding
Milk, ChilledSpaghetti with Turkey
Tossed Salad

Casino Snack

Assorted ChipsAssorted Nuts
PopcornSoda Pop

Monday, 12/29/1997

Continental Breakfast

Cereal, ColdEggs
GritsMilk, Chilled
Pop-TartsTang, Chilled

Conglomerate Lunch

Apple, FreshBug Juice
LeftoversRand Stew

Hell Dinner

Bug JuiceChili
Chips and SalsaSandwich, Grilled Cheese
Soda Cracker

Bollmano’s Pizza

Pizza DoughPizza Sauce
Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Tuesday, 12/30/1997

Oatley Breakfast

Bread, Whole WheatGrapefruit Juice
Milk, ChilledOatmeal
Plain Doughnut

Hume Lunch

Apple, FreshAssorted Chips
BLTBug Juice

Southern Hospitality Banquet

BiscuitsBlueberry Pie
Cornbread (Boxed)Gravy, Sausage
Green BeansMashed Potatoes
Milk, ChilledRoast Chicken

Wednesday, 12/31/1997

Brain Snack

Bug JuiceCaramel Corn
JelloPrunes, Stewed

The Last Breakfast

Grits, JackpotMilk, Chilled
Orange JuiceToast

Space Lunch

Bug JuiceChocolate Chip Cookies
Hot DogsPork n’ Beans