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We were holding Winter Camp before any of the Star Wars movies sucked

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Winter Camp XXI Hobby Draw

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Tom LeeLego craftPhotographyMythologyMythology:1/continentFound one, no presentation
Jared ThompsonSka bandBe nice to Steve PerriAnimal breedingAnimal breedingDNA*
Nick PolifroniEmulate Dave RadeckiGet marriedGet a life*** Redesign WC logo***Appeared, no presentation
Erik LowhornComic book collectingKickboxingStreet brawling*** Origami ***Appeared, no presentation
Brian MannWood workingCandy collectingCat food collectingWood workingDNA*
Jeff RandVisiting countriesBobsleddingBird watchingBobsleddingDid once at Lake Placid
Mike OsvathTheaterMovie keychain coll.ElectroincsMovie keychain coll.DNA*
Dave WoodsMetal casting
4th: Metal Casting
VintningPhotographyMetal castingAppeared, no presentation
Lou PezetNone givenNone givenNone given*** Domino toppling ***Appeared, no presentation
Dave MilonTheaterCruising for opp. sexPartying*** Ice skating ***Appeared, no presentation
John HoweyKayakingContinuing educationGraphic arts/drawingKayakingLooked on internet once
Greg OlkHat collectingCanned food label coll.LeathercraftingLeatherwork MBAppeared, no presentation
Bryan KennedyCeramic paintingTheaterLaptop computingTheater (MB)DNA*
Dickson MannRC racingAuto racingElectronicsElectronic (MB)Appeared, no presentation
James AckronFishingModel rocketryCookingFishing (MB)Appeared, no presentation
Ron DonohueWeight lossWeightliftingWallpaperingWallpaperingSubstituted Home Repair
Tim HuntProve alien existenceCookie makingCookie cutter coll.Cookie makingSubstitued Home Repair
Steve DonohueWritingHaikuPhilosophyHaikuCompleted, no presentation
Roger HornNone givenNone givenNone given*** Old-time radio ***Appeared, no presentation
Mark HuntSoap makingBrewingCalligraphyCalligraphyAppeared, no presentation
Adam PezetBottle rocket launchingClassic car photog.Voice impersonationsVoice impersonationsDid a bad Oatley and a good Jackalope
Paul KupserDrawingCalligraphyCandle makingCandle makingBest of Show winner
Doug WilsonShip-in-a-bottleOpera attendanceFinish past hobbiesShip-in-a-bottleAppeared, no presentation
Jon KennedyScuba divingKite flyingTrivia collectingKite flyingDNA*
Mark Bollman-->Matchbook collectingRefrig. magnet coll.Bonsai gardeningBonsai gardeningDwarf lemon tree trained to show Scout sign
Paul LambertStar Trek card gameSka bandEat 30 WC burgers...Eat 30 White Castle burgers in one hour w/o throwing up, at campDNA*

DNA*: Did not appear/attend this year

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