Winter Camp XX - 1996

Dates:December 27-31, 1996
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:41 (18 youth, 23 adults)
Leader:Jared Thompson
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:267
Catchphrase:The investment pays off.
Among the activities relating to the fouding of the Winter Camp Future Society in 1987 was a $12 per member commitment to funding some sort of special activity at Winter Camp XX. These funds, totalling $132 were invested in US Savings Bonds and the porceeds were tapped in 1996 to underwirte some of the cost of the Anniversary Banquet and to purchase souvenir T-shirts for all full-time participants.

The twentieth Winter Camp proved to be a record-breaker on several fronts. 16 newcomers broke the previous record of 13 attained at Winter Camp III, while the total attendance of 41 was also a new all-time record. This surge in participation could be traced to the celebration of Winter Camp’s first 20 years. An Anniversary Banquet was held at the D-A main dining hall, where former campers and their families gathered with the full-time participants. A total of 51 people turned out for the reunion.

Winter Camp XX was planned as an Indian-themed event. While the anniversary celebration directed some of the members’ energy in other directions, the theme was observed with the Mestizo Meal, Stone Game, and Indian Olympics. Other new events and meals included the Anti-Stone Sink Dinner, Campfire Snack, Card Tournament, and the debut of Roger Horn’s Winter Camp Stock Market game. This new game proved to be one of the most popular activities, as Arrowmen formed into corporations and traded stocks in several old and new Winter Camp enterprises. Ray Toilet Trolls, Inc. closed highest at the end of trading on the final day, having risen to $66 per share from its opening value of $25.

The Book of the Year was the first Winter Camp Planning Guide, distributed at the planning meeting as an aid to the organizers. Several participants in the Stock Market Game revived the Winter Camp News, which returned to publish one issue during camp along with its customary precamp and postcamp editions.

The Winter Camp Future Society cashed out its nine-year investment portfolio, and the proceeds were used to provide commemorative T-shirts to all full-time campers. Eight Arrowmen then formed the WCFS Class of XXV in preparation for the next reunion.

As the new millennium drew nearer, a number of apocalyptic sects began to predict the end of the world before the year 2000. However, no one was so bold as to predict the end of Winter Camp.

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