Winter Camp XVIII - 1994

Dates:December 27-31, 1994
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:22 (14 youth, 8 adults)
Leader:Louis Pezet
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:214
Catchphrase:We the fallen
The last retroactive catchphrase paid a backhanded tribute to Ron Donohue's ankle injurty on Day Four suffered following a spill during Capter the Ojbective. His injury did, however, lead tot he newly-improvised activity of Indoor Crutch Lacrosse which was held during the Conglomerate Lunch.

Winter Camp XVIII will be remembered for a number of reasons, some statistical, some emotional. Statistically, it was the driest Winter Camp ever, with only a small amount of precipitation on the 31st and almost, but not quite any snow for the entire weekette. This good weather helped us complete all but one of the scheduled activities.

It also saw the end of the “gear explosion” which resulted in a very different last day of camp than usual. Rather than scrambling to fit everyone and everything into a car by the end of camp, we actually stopped and played Four-Way Volleyball. Even then, most people left camp before the 3:00pm end time.

On a personal level, it marked the end of John Howey’s career as a grey area goon. He arrived at camp recuperating from surgery and was joined on the injured list by the Donohue brothers (Ron became the second Winter Camper to go to the hospital during camp) and Joe Hall. Mike Osvath returned to the fold after a year’s absence and was warmly received. Three newcomers attended camp this year, Jordan Hancock, Carl Mullican, and Nick Polifroni. John Howey and Ron Donohue announced wedding plans for February ‘95 and March ‘96 respectively.

The theme for the year was Pirates and most of the new meals and activities revolved around that. New activities included Snow Croquet, Pirate Ship Battles, and Pirate Kings. The Quest, Orienteering Race and Casino Night all returned in new piratic versions. On the meals side, many old favorites were joined by the Swinging Meal, Buried Treasure Snack, and the Cannonball Lunch. The big meal for the year was the “Winter Camp Historic Banquet” which included a unique item from each Winter Camp. Little Ozzie’s and Bollmano’s pizza chains both strived for top billing with Mark Bollman-->’s endurance resulting in the second year of Bollmano’s.

Publishing continued to be popular with Mark Bollman--> delivering The Winter Camp Almanac and Book of Facts as one entry. Less cerebral was The Winter Camp Book of Poetry edited by Steve Donohue and including poems by himself, John Howey, Jeff Rand, Mark Bollman--> and Joe Hall. Jeff added another chapter to his Book of Words.

Arrowmen left camp knowing that unless time reversed direction they would reconvene in less than a year for Winter Camp XIX.

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