Winter Camp XV - 1991

Dates:December 27-31, 1991
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:23 (12 youth, 11 adults)
Leader:Thomas Ray
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:215
Catchphrase:Forever Young
Something of a space-filler, this phrase fits in nicely with a WInter Camp News description of Winter Camp as "a curious blend of adults seeking to retain their youth and youth rushing toward adulthood."

Winter camp XV took a turn from human leadership to that of a computer. But the computer, with all its speed and accuracy, lacked the vision to plan the complete schedule and menu, causing some delays in the program. Yet, a number of new events did happen, including Predator, a Brotherhood Ceremony, and the construction of a trebuchet.

Using Winter Camp Savings Time with its delay of 77 minutes, several unscheduled events made for a varied program. Josh Davis recorded the first ever Winter Camp soundtrack. Juggling, balloonography, slot car racing, ice golf, and various board and role playing games provided amusement during the free hours.

A serious attempt was made to simplify the food operation. While the kitchen was as loaded with food and utensils as ever, meal preparation was not as complicated as in the past. Two continental breakfasts provided morning nourishment, yet required little group preparation. Other new meal themes included the popular medieval feast, midnight snack, buffoon lunch, grovel snack, and slow motion lunch.

The Winter Camp News changed its format and did not publish during camp, but produced an enhanced post-camp edition. The first part of Big Bro's Word Book was put to print, a task that will take ten and ten and five years to be done.

Gadgetry for the first time in many years was less prolific than the previous encampment. Rather than construct an alarm system, sensors were used to make a speed trap on the road to the Beaver Creek Building.

With the certainty of memory Winter Camp XV would mark the countdown to the start of the next exciting visit to the realm of Winter Camp.

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