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Theme: Remote Control, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics

Suggested Activities and Meals

Leadership Team

Youth Leader:Jacob Ferns
Adviser:Ethan Rein
Activities Adviser:Vacant
Activities Leader:Michael Bristol
Kitchen Adviser:Steve Donohue
Kitchen Leader:Gavin Bottorff
Kitchen Leader (at camp):Connor Johnson
Participation Award Adviser:Ethan Rein
Registration Adviser:Steve Donohue

Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLV!

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Check out what everyone else is saying:

On Tuesday, 28-Dec-2021 07:30:43 EST, Anna said
Team Apathy is the best team, but since we don't care I don't think it matters

On Tuesday, 28-Dec-2021 07:27:25 EST, Gwen Pratt said
Tips for sleeping outside: Place a Nalgene with hot water in a gallon ziplock bag. Then place that in a heated sock. This entire contraption goes in your sleeping setup (ideally between your thighs on your femoral artery), and it will provide a heater to your setup.

Fun fact: you can be caught as a bot by this apparently.

On Sunday, 26-Dec-2021 00:21:55 EST, Steve D. said
I have packed many things for this trip, but that does not include any hand tools.

On Saturday, 25-Dec-2021 23:36:09 EST, Steve D. said
I couldn't find a chess set that seemed appropriate to bring. The ones I have are strange sets.

On Saturday, 25-Dec-2021 00:23:04 EST, Steve D. said
I've updated the registration, there are still a few people missing forms.

We also lost Isabel as she has to quarantine due to Covid.

On Friday, 24-Dec-2021 00:22:07 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Thanks for asking, Steve. I'm interested in playing ticket to ride and chess.

Also, I spoke to Mr. Mann yesterday and he said he'll be bringing HeroQuest.

On Wednesday, 22-Dec-2021 15:05:29 EST, Steve D. said
Does anyone have any game requests for me?
My plan is to bring Robo Rally, Haunting House, Robot Turtle, and Colt Express, all of which are programmed movement games. I'm sure Mr. Mann will bring HeroQuest.
Are there any other game requests?

On Wednesday, 22-Dec-2021 15:04:39 EST, Steve D. said
I've updated the registration to show who has turned in forms. We also received forms from the Pratt family, who are on the part-time list.

On Tuesday, 21-Dec-2021 22:10:16 EST, Steve D. said
Very minor schedule change -- Violent Vocabulary is in and Cardboard Sledding is out due to the weather forecast for the next 10 days. Save your duct tape for another event.

On Monday, 20-Dec-2021 23:34:07 EST, Steve D. said
We are at 32 full-time campers now. 19 youth, 13 adults.

A reminder for most folks is that we need your forms. If you're not sure if we have them, check out Current Registration above to see. For the most part, the answer is that we don't have them.

On Sunday, 19-Dec-2021 22:54:32 EST, Steve D. said
We've added someone now: Ryan H. That bring us to 29 full-time.

On Sunday, 19-Dec-2021 19:36:06 EST, Steve D. said
No new signups so far today.

On Saturday, 18-Dec-2021 22:37:56 EST, Steve D. said
We are now up to 29 full-time attendees.
On the part-time list, we have:
John H (unknown)
Michelle M (Tuesday, Wednesday)
Valerie P (Monday, Tuesday)
Josh P (Monday, Tuesday)
Gwen P (Monday, Tuesday)
Ian M (unknown)
Nick W (unknown)
Corey S (unknown)
Bill J (Tuesday)
Devon H (Tuesday)
Chuck C (Wednesday)
Joe R (Wednesday)
Chris N and son (Unknown)

Looks like we should hit at least 30 full-time as there are a few people missing from this list that I expect to see full-time.

On Saturday, 18-Dec-2021 11:46:01 EST, Steve D. said
Big numbers this morning as Matt Grimble and 5 members of the Ferencz family have registered. I think this will make the Ferenczes the number one family to attend camp, moving them ahead of the Bollmen. Is it a coincidence that both families came to us from troop 1058 in Allen Park?

The Bollmen are still ahead on total people to visit owing to 10 of them coming to visit Mark--> on his 40th birthday. That would make 12, including Dan who didn't make it.

On Friday, 17-Dec-2021 22:18:39 EST, Steve D. said
No new registrants today, but I did pick up our advance check for food. I think that makes me the official bag man of Winter Camp.

On Thursday, 16-Dec-2021 23:55:52 EST, Steve D. said
One new registrant today, but some promises including 5 members of the Ferencz clan. Doug and his son Andrew will be making the trek up from Virginia. Doug was last at Winter Camp in 1990, so he won't eclipse John's 39 year gap, but his 31 year gap would move him into second place, sorry Oak.

On Wednesday, 15-Dec-2021 16:23:00 EST, Steve D. said
Two new registrants today.

On Tuesday, 14-Dec-2021 15:46:09 EST, Steve D. said
I spoke with Denver Laabs today about registering alumni. He suggested we try to sign people up as either Scouter Reserve or Merit Badge Counselors. Iíll print a few adult leader applications and bring the with me to camp. MBC is free and reserve is $45 annually. He also said that as long as he knows about it, we're an alumni event, so I think that's good news.

On Monday, 13-Dec-2021 23:34:50 EST, Steve D. said
We are up to 17 with a few part-timers confirmed.

Chris A
Gavin B
Michael B
Connor H
Hayley P
Isaac P
Ryan S
Mark B
Kristie D
Steve D
Roger H
Keith K
Brian M
Jeff R
Ethan R
Alan W
Doug W

Part time: John H, Valarie P (M-T), Ian M, Nick W, Corey S., Biil J. (T), Devon (T).

On Monday, 13-Dec-2021 17:13:28 EST, Steve D. said
Paul dropped off a stack of hangers for the Winter Camp letters today.

On Monday, 13-Dec-2021 17:08:25 EST, Steve D. said
Yesterday, the Registration Adviser sent out a number of emails reminding people of the registration deadline for camp. One person paid and several contacted him with their regrets or part-time plans.

Today, the registration adviser contacted the Lodge Staff Adviser to request an advance on the funds which have been paid to Council.

Denver Laabs was contacted to see what Winter Camp would need to do to be considered an Alumni event. Alumni events invite Eagle Scouts who are no longer registered to help with events and possibly to register free as Eagle Alumni.

On Saturday, 11-Dec-2021 12:13:44 EST, Steve D. said
Connor H from Troop 735 has signed up. We still have plenty of space.

If you can only make it part-time, please send me an email.
If you need a campership, you should also send me an email.

On Thursday, 09-Dec-2021 16:06:29 EST, Steve D. said
No new registrations today, but while poking around in the garage I found a ridiculously large ball of twine and about a dozen Winter Camp binders.

On Tuesday, 07-Dec-2021 18:30:39 EST, Steve D. said
We added three people today and two of them were youth!

Chris A. (aka Sockless)
Ryan S.
Mark B.

pretty sure most folks will know who I mean.

On Tuesday, 07-Dec-2021 18:12:08 EST, Alan said
Good news, the randomizer for the hot potato lunch is done. For those playing along on their own TRS-80s, the source code is on github:

On Tuesday, 07-Dec-2021 11:38:47 EST, Steve D. said
Today I'm assembling what amounts to the safety book for Winter Camp. I plan to include our own hazard mitigation sheets (just for this year), the guide to safe scouting, notes on age appropriate activities and tool use, the drivers stuff and the SAFE guidelines.
I'm not including any of the safety afloat or safe swim defense or archery/rifle stuff.
I'm also going to include our event book (the one that was prepared earlier this year) and some incident reporting forms.
Is there anything that sounds like it's missing?

On Monday, 06-Dec-2021 16:29:24 EST, Steve D. said
I checked the guide to safe scouting. It appears that we can throw darts, but not spikes or stars, so violent vocabulary is fine.

On Sunday, 05-Dec-2021 23:00:31 EST, Jeff Rand said
Light sticks will survive better in the cold.

On Sunday, 05-Dec-2021 22:27:26 EST, Uncle Ethan said
How about balloons for the Viral Infestation markers. It would be easy enough to get to 120 of them, but maybe they'd be too fragile? Another option might be glowsticks. I'm seeing 100 for 12.99 on amazon.

On Sunday, 05-Dec-2021 20:59:19 EST, Steve D. said
I think for Viral Infestation, we're going to need some virus markers. I think it would be cool if they were 3 dimensional. I think wooden blocks or maybe origami squares would work. I think our goal would be about 120.
Anyone have any ideas?

On Sunday, 05-Dec-2021 14:42:07 EST, Steve D. said
Our current attendance is 11; we lost one of our youth today.

Michael B.
Isaac P.
Kristie D.
Steve D.
Roger H.
Keith K.
Brian M.
Jeff R.
Ethan R.
Alan W.
Doug W.

On Saturday, 04-Dec-2021 14:24:57 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Does anyone have walkie talkies that could be brought to camp for the remote orienteering event?

On Thursday, 02-Dec-2021 23:46:58 EST, Steve D. said
I picked up the shirts today and wore one to the chapter meeting as a sample. Matt and Michael did a good job promoting camp and I reminded people we had free shirts for everyone and camperships for those who might need them.

On Wednesday, 01-Dec-2021 23:29:37 EST, Uncle Ethan said
New Mahican district DE Devon Harrison will be joining us on 12/29. She's aware of Winter Camp Savings Time. Not sure how long she'll stay, but she tells me she'll be at camp in time for 4 way volleyball.

On Tuesday, 30-Nov-2021 23:21:00 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Thanks for clarifying the orientation element of the "Team Building" activity. Jacob and I will use the Orientation Agenda in the Leader Manual. it has a "Team building game" on it, which I think will allow us to get the "Artificial Intelligence" (rumor spreading) game in place.

On Monday, 29-Nov-2021 11:38:56 EST, Jeff Rand said
I should be able to get Dutch ovens from camp. Cooking several pizzas this way will greatly reduce the wait time for oven space.

On Monday, 29-Nov-2021 10:20:30 EST, Steve D. said
As I understand it, last year's Dutch Oven Pizzas were pretty popular. Is there interest in perhaps adding an outdoor kitchen to Bollmano's and would someone volunteer to take charge of it?

Taking charge would mean arranging dutch ovens and other stuff needed to wrangle them. If we get a volunteer, we can buy charcoal as part of our regular shopping trip.

On Monday, 29-Nov-2021 00:54:21 EST, Steve D said
Team building was mostly about orientation and assigning teams. The event we used is orientation just renamed to team building.

On Sunday, 28-Nov-2021 22:40:31 EST, Uncle Ethan said
We don't have an orientation meeting on the schedule. Does the group think we should add it or roll it into the team building event at 2 on 12/27?

On Sunday, 28-Nov-2021 22:39:30 EST, Uncle Ethan said
On the mexican meal - I don't think we landed on a specific way to decide on pictures you want, but I think a menu card would be best.

On Saturday, 27-Nov-2021 09:36:08 EST, Steve D. said
We wound up with the idea that you'd give the servers a picture of the Mexican food you wanted. Will we need some kind of menu card or will people draw their own pictures?

On Wednesday, 24-Nov-2021 23:28:48 EST, Doug Wilson said
Good work Steve getting Servsafe - congratulations, that will make you a popular commodity in scouting.
Another movie possibility would be Wall-e. I haven't seen it or I, Robot. Think I remember short circuit but is been a long while.
Could also use a vacuum hose with an appropriately shaped 3d printed nozzle to move chess pieces.

On Wednesday, 24-Nov-2021 17:31:02 EST, Steve D. said
I passed the Servsafe Food Manager course yesterday, so we have at least one full-time certified staff member. Now when I whinge about dishwashing, I do it with the full weight and authority of the National Restaurant Association.

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 22:06:52 EST, Steve D. said
For the meeting on Friday, masks are required. Also, we'll be meeting upstairs in the newly remodeled conference room with the data projector. You'll have to park in the lot and walk to the Garrison street entrance on the east side of the building.

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 21:37:56 EST, Steve D. said
I, Robot.

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 20:57:17 EST, Uncle Ethan said
If we put a movie on the schedule, I think we should watch short circuit

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 15:59:35 EST, BMann said
we can use a random number generator to pick the piece to be moved.
1. pawn
2. rook
3. knight
4. bishop
5. queen
6. king

the human can decide which one on their side of the board to move and where to move it to. if there are no remaining of those pieces they lose a turn.

yes we could use a d-6 but thats not electronic

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 15:09:24 EST, Steve D. said
There are a large number of variants for chess that could impose soem random elements. Many of them add cards to the mix. They range from Express Chess, where you have to have the right card to move a piece to Knightmare Chess where you can use a wide range of magical effects to reshape the board.

I think if we were just moving pieces, we could probably do it with an electromagnet mounted on a couple of loops to move it around on the board. Move under the piece to b e moved, energize and then slide. It might require some human intervention for Knights, casling, and en passant moves sicne those aren't strictly a straight line.

You could also go overhead and pick them like a claw machine; it might require specifically made pieces for knights I guess.

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 14:13:25 EST, K2 said
That last post was me... computers are hard.

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 14:09:32 EST, said
Absolutely! I saw a YouTube video of a chess playing robot... to say "some assembly required" is a gross understatement. Maybe an infuriating variable would be having every 5th move for each player be the computer picking a random piece and moving it to a valid random location. We could call it Chaos Chess.

On Tuesday, 23-Nov-2021 00:02:16 EST, Doug Wilson said
K2 -Could that open the door to some kind of remote Control, artifical intelligence, or robots moving the pieces?

On Monday, 22-Nov-2021 11:59:01 EST, K2 said
Just a thought... saw the comment about chess. One of the challenging components of chess in a group setting is it's between two people usually accompanied by some unsolicited help from those standing around with everyone else doing something else. Battle chess makes this a group activity but the challenge there is having enough people to make it work, snow to create a board, etc. However, I believe a hybrid option of the two exists. Cabin vs Cabin Chess (CCC or CvCC if you prefer). Essentially its two groups who are in separate locations so you can freely discuss strategy with your respective group without your opponents overhearing your plans, and then communication on moves is done via a radio or whatever communication means we decide on. Two cell phones with speakerphone and liberal exercising of the mute button comes to mind, two way radio, whatever. Requires minimal setup / materials: two chess boards and something to communicate between the groups. One issue I could see with this is the two boards getting out of sync with each other so maybe playing via a computer would solve this problem but add some complexity and materials, but having it on a computer would make it challenging for a group of people to see unless it was projected / on a larger screen of some sort (even more complexity and materials).

On Saturday, 20-Nov-2021 14:48:24 EST, Uncle Ethan said
The MCC released a note today saying that "Scouts, leaders, and family members participating in indoor activities and meetings are encouraged to wear masks, maintain social distancing, and continue frequent hand washing." This note was promoted by the 11/19 Public Health Advisory from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. I'll make sure we have hand sanitizer and extra masks for the planning meeting.

On Saturday, 20-Nov-2021 14:47:19 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I'd eat bean soup for breakfast at Winter Camp.

Chili + cornbread could also be a good hot breakfast. an advantage is that it could be mostly prepared in advance.

On Saturday, 20-Nov-2021 14:47:19 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I'd eat bean soup for breakfast at Winter Camp.

Chili + cornbread could also be a good hot breakfast. an advantage is that it could be mostly prepared in advance.

On Thursday, 18-Nov-2021 20:55:46 EST, BMann said
I have ground bean soup every morning :)

On Thursday, 18-Nov-2021 15:20:44 EST, Steve D. said
Mark--> recently posted the question (inspired by John Oliver) "Where are the breakfast soups?" Porridge might count (or even cereal) I guess, but what would you put in your ideal breakfast soup and, if we had it, would you eat it for breakfast at Winter Camp?

On Thursday, 18-Nov-2021 11:16:33 EST, Steve D. said
I have an electric smoker I could bring.

On Wednesday, 17-Nov-2021 19:07:38 EST, K2 said
I usually do thanksgiving turkeys in a smoker.

On Wednesday, 17-Nov-2021 16:48:31 EST, Mark--> said
Multiple fryers also means a lot more oil, which raises some financial concerns.

On Wednesday, 17-Nov-2021 15:49:25 EST, Steve D. said
I think if we aren't sure a youth can handle it, we shouldn't deep fry one. Plus, I guess we'd need multiple fryers which might be challenging.

On Friday, 12-Nov-2021 16:28:45 EST, Doug Wilson said
I was thinking we are about due for a turkey or two. My nephew has done deep-fried turkey a couple of times, it was excellent (moister than baked) and fairly fastÖ didnít even burn the house down. I agree with all of K2ís suggestions.
Think the common mistakes are tipping it over, overflowing the pot, or placing a wet or partially frozen bird in the hot oil.

On Friday, 12-Nov-2021 14:21:50 EST, K2 said
One thing I've learned about the motorized wheel chairs is the stock tires aren't exactly good for going off-road, let alone on the camp roads back in BC which make some off-road locations look tame. Not saying it couldn't be done but I would imagine it would require some tire upgrades to facilitate the terrain and potentially snow / ice.

On Friday, 12-Nov-2021 14:19:19 EST, K2 said
I haven't personally deep fried one but my in-laws do. The key components are to do it outside away from any structures and to have a few special tools to raise / lower the turkey into the oil. Comes out amazing when done correctly but having a large vat of hot oil and submerging a whole turkey into it gracefully isn't something I'd leave up to a youth though.

On Thursday, 11-Nov-2021 12:20:02 EST, Steve D. said
Has anyone ever deep-fried a turkey? Is it something we could try at camp?

On Tuesday, 09-Nov-2021 14:43:10 EST, Steve D. said
I wonder if Alan's wheelchair could serve as a robotic caddy for one team. Another thought might be to take some drone shots of the whole thing, particularly if someone had one of those drones that can follow someone (which I would guess is an AI application).

Maybe some kind of rangefinder that would suggest club choices which would probably be AI or at least AI-ish.

On Tuesday, 09-Nov-2021 12:14:15 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Does anyone have an idea for how to integrate Robots or AI into cross country golf?

On Thursday, 04-Nov-2021 23:00:52 EDT, Steve D. said
Kristie is making copies tomorrow and I expect to put things into the mail on Sunday or Monday for everyone under 21. I'm including the letter, the flyer, a notice about the planning meering, registration forms and an assortment of documents required by Covid. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

On Monday, 01-Nov-2021 13:29:52 EDT, Steve D. said
WCFS membership is available for those who've attended 3 or more Winter Camps and want to contribute to this years fundraiser. I think I've sent everyone eligible an email, but if I missed you, drop me a line.
If you'd like to join, but can't spare the cash, drop me a line on that too. All financial info will be between you and me.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-2021 19:04:51 EDT, Jeff Rand said
The schedule for XVII had chess as a selection for Indoor Stunts at 10:00 PM on December 28. There was a match about that time which I recall being a competition between the Donohue siblings.

On Sunday, 17-Oct-2021 17:52:10 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
The activity list says a chess tournament was held at WC XVII, but I don't see it on the schedule for that one. Was it held during free time?

On Sunday, 17-Oct-2021 17:37:17 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I the idea of a plaque hike. A lot of the plaques on Steve's list are near Wyckoff lodge. We could do an activity somewhere around there (maybe snow soccer?) as part of the hike.

On Saturday, 16-Oct-2021 17:14:22 EDT, Steve D. said
After Doug's comment about knowing the subject of Mr. Oately's plaque, I wondered if that might not be a cool idea for the hike.
I was looking at the list of places from Ethan's list to see who we might know. I think we could tell stories about the people these are named for:
Basar Flag Pole
Cristoph Cabin
Draper Cabin
Hay Pavilion
Martin Admin Building
Morrison Shooting Range
Harold Oatley (Fair Oaks / Lincoln Gazebo)
Stocker Flag Pole
George Thomas (Lincoln Statue)
Trainor Museum
Morosky Fire Bowl (JL)
Popp's Pond (JL Nature)

A few of them we don't know exactly, but we know the gifter.

On Thursday, 07-Oct-2021 22:11:17 EDT, Doug Wilson said
That would be a new type of hike. My unit was at fair oaks for summer camp which has a plaque for Harold Oatley with his picture. It was cool to tell our scouts that the old guy on the cabin was my scout leader.

On Monday, 04-Oct-2021 21:10:34 EDT, Steve D. said
Ethan did a series of articles on cabins, places, and plaques around D-bar-A a few years ago. I wonder if it might be interesting to do a historic hike to visit all those locations.

On Wednesday, 08-Sep-2021 21:44:31 EDT, Steve D. said
I think I may have found and corrected them all. Just let me know if you see anything odd.

On Wednesday, 08-Sep-2021 18:33:06 EDT, Steve D. said
The database which drives much of the content for experienced issues last night and again today. The ultimate resolution required changing the password used to access the database.
This in turn means that some pages may not load or work correctly as I work to restore the proper functionality.
If you receive an error that says "Could not blah blah blah" when using the Winter Camp site, please send me a link to the page. I'm fixing them as quickly as I can find them, but do to some shortcomings on my part, there are more of them than there should be.
Thanks for your help and your patience. I think this might be 99% corrected tonight, but there could be some stragglers.

On Wednesday, 01-Sep-2021 17:22:32 EDT, Steve D. said
There is a minor addition to the minutes which Iíve made in the online version.

On Wednesday, 01-Sep-2021 08:50:42 EDT, Steve D. said
Looks like Lego WeDo is off the table. Since she want using the kits, Kristie gave them to a teacher in a higher grade who could. Bad for us but definitely better for the kids.

On Saturday, 28-Aug-2021 08:40:17 EDT, Steve D. said
Donít forget the planning meeting is on Tuesday at 8:00 pm on zoom. Link is above.

On Sunday, 01-Aug-2021 22:21:35 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
A few things I'd like to do at this camp:

Rubber Band Shoot off (featuring a lesson in the Wilson Method)
Double Elimination Chess Tournament (could switch to checkers if there's a meaningful number of people who don't know the rules of chess)
Paper Airplane activity (not sure about specifics here)
Winter Camp Squares
4 Square

On Tuesday, 20-Jul-2021 21:22:00 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
Youth Leader Jacob Ferns asked me to put the word out that there will be a Winter Camp XLV planning meeting on 8/31 at 8 pm. The meeting will be held in a Zoom format. Log in details will be forthcoming. Hope to see you there!

On Tuesday, 29-Jun-2021 15:30:55 EDT, Steve D. said
This is a little weird, but I just saw that Liv Tyler was born in 1977. I wonder if we could have a trivia contest about celebrities and whether they were born before or after Winter Camp. Maybe throw in some people born a little earlier and decide if the could have been at Winter Camp I.

So was John Legend around for Winter Camp I? James Corden? Ashton Kutcher?

Which of them were old enough to be there? How about Matt Damon, Ted Cruz, or Warwick Davis?

I think with a good name it could be fun.

On Monday, 21-Jun-2021 18:44:19 EDT, Steve D. said
Drove by again, plus heard from Dave Oakley. There isn't any electricity, but a short hose would let us get water from under the sink in the bathroom.

On Monday, 21-Jun-2021 12:15:14 EDT, Steve D. said
Kristie and I went to Cunningham Park today. It's on Larme, just off Pinecrest (not what our mapping software said).

There are a few pieces of playground equipment near the shelter we have and there is more at the other end of the park. The slides are both metal, so some kind of cloth might be good to avoid burns. The closest swings are only suitable for toddlers (bucket seats).

There are poles for a volleyball net, a baseball diamond, indoor & outdoor toilets and 8 picnic tables in the shelter. There aren't any grills, so we'd have to bring our own if we wanted to cook. Neither of us thought to check for electricity in the shelter. There's no water near the shelter, but there probably is water in the bathrooms (they were locked today).

The park is a bit loud because of proximity to the freeway but it was surprisingly clean.

On Monday, 21-Jun-2021 12:14:15 EDT, Steve D. said
I was able to change our park reservation to the 18th. Technically it goes from 9 to 9. Kristie and I are going to scout it out today if the Edison crews stop blocking our road.

On Thursday, 17-Jun-2021 20:29:25 EDT, Steve D. said
After meeting with the Chapter Executive Board last night and consulting with a number of Winter Campers, the date for the picnic has changed to July 18.

There were several members of the chapter who were staffing an event on the 17th, including a number of Winter Campers. Hopefully this change won't impact anyone negatively.

On Thursday, 03-Jun-2021 11:40:23 EDT, Steve D. said
So I have a bag with flyers, pstches, and swag for tonight's chapter meeting. Any suggestions or requests?

On Wednesday, 26-May-2021 11:32:43 EDT, Steve D. said
Maybe you could score bonus points if you spelled a thematic word.

On Wednesday, 26-May-2021 10:02:51 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I think we should bring back violent vocabulary for another try round this year.

On Saturday, 22-May-2021 08:39:01 EDT, Steve D. said
I reserved the rear shelter at Cunningham Park on July 17.

On Friday, 14-May-2021 16:05:39 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I had checking in with Learning by Design as a follow up item from the last meeting. The number is disconnected and Google says it's out of business.

On Tuesday, 04-May-2021 09:35:22 EDT, Steve D. said
Does anyone have a thought about teams?

Will they be like a group of roboticists and just name themselves, kind of like Battlebots, or should there be some other plan?

On Tuesday, 04-May-2021 08:48:12 EDT, Steve D. said
There are a fair number of boardgames which use programmed movement as a theme. Most of them ask you to plot out a few moves ahead, then everyone plays at once, which creates some chaos. Most have a few ways to affect the environment which can then screw things up for other players.

I think the grand-daddy might be Roborally, but I also have Colt Express, Robot Turtle, The Haunting House, and Go, Duck, Go in my collection.

We could have a programmed event based on some of these games or we could have a board game night of them.

On Monday, 03-May-2021 22:43:51 EDT, Steve D. said
We had our first meeting tonight. Minutes will be published soon; they are being reviewed for accuracy.

On Monday, 03-May-2021 08:32:52 EDT, Steve D. said
Winter Camp Planning meeting, Monday at 7. See for details and please tell the Ramones we're sorry:

20, 20, 20, 4, hours to go
I wanna plan Winter Camp
Nowhere to drive, cuz we'll be online, oh
I wanna plan Winter Camp
Just, get me to the meeting, my ideas are great!
Hurry, hurry, hurry, cuz May 3 is the date!
I can't control ideas, my creativity's innate
Oh no oh-oh oh-oh
20, 20, 20, 4, hours to go
I wanna plan Winter Camp
Nowhere to drive, cuz we'll be online, oh
I wanna plan Winter Camp

On Thursday, 29-Apr-2021 15:53:59 EDT, Doug Wilson said
Very clever Steve. Tomorrow has been covered by many artists over the years. For those who donít remember the musical Annie is also is from 1977.

On Thursday, 29-Apr-2021 15:26:22 EDT, Steve D. said
We're going to plan,
on Monday
bet your bottom dollar
that on Monday,
there'll be plans.

Just thinkin' about,
zoom Monday.
Clears away the cobwebs
and the sorrow
Once we plan.

When I'm stuck a day
That's gray
And lonely
I just stick out my chin
And grin
And say

The plans will begin
come Monday
So you gotta hang on
'Til our meeting
Come what may

Plan Meeting,
Zoom Planning,
It's coming
it's days away!!!

On Thursday, 29-Apr-2021 09:45:41 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
Looking forward to Monday's mneeting. Bring your big ideas for Winter Camp XLV!

On Monday, 19-Apr-2021 22:18:54 EDT, Steve D. said
Is it weird that our theme list doesnít include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Superheroes?

They might be harder than some but they might also be a lot off fun. Does anyone else have interest in any of those three?

On Thursday, 15-Apr-2021 22:40:17 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
The initial planning meeting for Winter Camp XLV will be held Monday May 3, 2021 at 7 pm EDT in a Zoom format. We'll establish the big ideas for Winter Camp. Big ideas include theme, cost, locations, and major activities and meals. Bring your ideas. This event is open to all chapter members and regular Winter Camp participants.

Don't forget to check out to see what's already been discussed.

Log in details here:

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Meeting ID: 825 2690 7253
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On Sunday, 11-Apr-2021 22:30:12 EDT, Steve D. said
Ron sent me a picture today where his troop had gone to a place where they had electric griddles in the middle of each table and you were expected to cook your own breakfast. They'd give you pancake better or eggs or whatever.

I wonder if that might be a fun thing to try at camp. Sort of like fondue but not as scary on account of no pots of hot oil on every table.

On Wednesday, 07-Apr-2021 20:57:36 EDT, Steve D. said
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to working with you and Jacob.

On Wednesday, 07-Apr-2021 20:30:34 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I declare myself Adviser for Winter Camp XLV

On Monday, 05-Apr-2021 19:05:50 EDT, Steve D. said
I think they 5th (Cinco de Mayo) and the 7th (Friday night) are probably bad choices, but I could make it any night other than the 5th.

On Monday, 05-Apr-2021 08:40:43 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
Iím collecting input about the best day for a planning meeting for Winter Camp XLV. Youth Leader Jacob Ferns is planning to hold one the week Monday, May 3. Please consider leaving a note here regarding your availability. If youíve responded to a similar email or voted in a similar Facebook poll, you donít need to vote here. I'll will add up the votes from all three places.

On Monday, 05-Apr-2021 08:40:22 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I like the idea about boxing up food the night before

On Wednesday, 31-Mar-2021 23:41:05 EDT, Steve D. said
I had this thought today about the kitchen. Which then led to a second thought. My first thought was that when we load in the groceries on set-up day we could group them by meal to make it easier during the week.

Then I thought maybe a better plan would be for the kitchen youth/adviser to box things up the night before that are needed for meals the following day. So there'd be a breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack box.

The ides is to make it easier to find and use things.

On Monday, 29-Mar-2021 14:35:08 EDT, Steve D. said
What if we had an infinity stones them? We could have an activity or meal themed to each of the stones plus maybe some of their most famous wielders or uses.

Space Stone (blue) - Rocket launch or star-gazing
Reality Stone (red) - something with real numbers, like a compass course.
Power Stone (purple) - build a jacob's ladder or generate power on our own.
Mind Stone (yellow) - trivia contest or maybe Mind Flex.
Time Stone (green) - Time Capsule
Soul Stone (orange). - Scout's own service

On the meals side we could try to match meals to the colors more maybe. We could probably come up with colors of ingredients for Infinity Grits.

We probably have to order more Winter Camp patches, maybe we could choose some new colors if it's not expensive. We have green, red, black, white, blue, and gold. Maybe we could add purple and orange for new schools and to cover all six stones. We could then create a tradition about someone earning the six colors.

On Sunday, 28-Mar-2021 13:17:45 EDT, Steve D. said
I think we need a dish with fennel at camp.

On Sunday, 28-Mar-2021 00:56:25 EDT, K2 said
Steve, I just wanted to say I appreciate your enthusiasm.

On Saturday, 27-Mar-2021 21:00:44 EDT, Steve D. said
In talking with Doug, he suggested we plan some kind of activity that parents could join in on the final day of camp. It needs to be normal enough for them to join without a lot of fanfare. Apparently 4-way volleyball went well enough. We could probably find other events near the cabin to make this work.

On Wednesday, 03-Mar-2021 11:08:51 EST, Steve D. said
I got a note today that M&Ms consider March 3, 1941 to be their birthday. Another thing we could add both ways. It might be fun to try to candy-coat something for a meal or we could play a tracking game with M&Ms or maybe an art project where they are pixels in a larger picture.

1845 - Florida Becomes 27th State
1923 - U.S.A. Time Magazine first published
1931 - U.S.A. The Star-Spangled Banner becomes the National ANthem.
1931 - Minnie the Moocher recorded. becomes first million-seller.
1982 - England Barbican Centre opens
2002 - Switzerland Joins United Nations

Birthdays that might inspire events:
1606: English poet Edmund Waller
1831: Industrialist George Pullman, inventor of the railway sleeping car
1847: Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell
1895: U.S. Army Gen. Matthew Ridgway
1903: Hollywood fashion designer Adrian
1958: Actress Miranda Richardson
1966: Rapper Tone Loc

On Tuesday, 02-Mar-2021 22:25:57 EST, Steve D. said
Another theme. Partly a joke, but maybe it could be fun.

Six Degrees of Dan Bollman's Birthday
Dan's birthday is March 3 (3/3) and it is usually 63 days after Mark-->'s birthday and always 63 days before Steve D's birthday. We can use 3's, doubles, and middles as part of things in the theme.

Yes, Drill Sergeant -- similar to hell night. 3 Up, 3 Down is a description of the insignia of a sergeant in the US Army.

Baseball or Kickball where the defending team always wants to have an inning with 3 up 3 down.

Religious Service - Three is the number of god.

Monkey in the Middle - referencing Dan being in the middle of Steve and Mark-->. Could be the traditional game similar to keep-away or it could be game with one team trapped between the other two.

Average Dan -- Dan's birthday is the average of two others, we could play a game like Majority rules where the goal is to be the most average person by being closest to the average i na number of categories.

Poetry - Dan and three are pretty easy to rhyme.

Delayed Blast Birthday -- we make cards for campers and hold onto them until closer to the birthday; Dan used to play D&D.

Fake Noob - Dan has a great story where he's working provisional and the kids are playing D&D. He feigned ignorance and joined them. We could have an activity where one person is an expert and keeps quiet then the others have to guess who the expert was.

Baby Pursuit -- one team has a baby doll, the other team is the Dan Bollman's. The Dans pursue the other team and if they catch them, the captured team must give their baby to some Dan Bollman guy

Dan Bollman Look Alike contest - in honor of "who is that guy, he looks just like Dan Bollman?".

Meals could be:
Dan's Favorite -- we'd have to ask him what it is.

Triple-threat Breakfast: One breakfast with eggs, pancakes, waffles, ham, sausage, bacon, OJ, Milk, and Grapefruit Juice -- so there's 3 entrees, 3 meats, and 3 drinks.

Jackpot Grits - roll actual dice and anything with double-threes gets some reward -- maybe they can pick their own toppings.

3/3 meal - you get a meal with just one item, hopefully something seen as a single thing.

Kristie is tired of hearing about Dan's birthday and told me in no uncertain terms that "Six Degrees of Dan's Birthday" should not be an event. Of course not, it's a theme.

On Tuesday, 02-Mar-2021 22:25:50 EST, Steve D. said
Remote Control as a theme.
The idea is to have activities and meals where there is some element of programmed or remote control in the event.
Remote Control -- which we've done before.
Do as I say - one part of the team WRITES instructions and the other part of the team has to follow them to the best of their ability (this could really be an activity or a meal).
Visualization - similar to remote control except the team is looking for something and only the other part of their team knows what it is Could also be more like a scavenger hunt where you can't say the items but have to describe them or give clues.
Programming - could do something with programing a robot (real or virtual) through a maze.
Program Jeopardy - given the inputs and outputs you have to create the code using a collection of pseud-code commands probably from cards.
Simon Says - could be done either directly or remotely.
Most of the activities could also be meals.

On Sunday, 28-Feb-2021 14:27:26 EST, Uncle Ethan said
A pizza theme sounds good to me. I think we could some tray based pizzas for Doug's big pizza idea. The Dough Games idea is great.

On Wednesday, 17-Feb-2021 17:13:07 EST, Steve D. said
Doug suggested we could also try Giant Pizza. Either filling a camp oven with as big a pizza as we could fit or making our own oven to cook a larger-than-life pizza.

On Tuesday, 16-Feb-2021 17:21:20 EST, Steve D. said
What if our theme was pizza?

Clearly, we could have Bollmano's and Dutch Oven pizza. We could have a breakfast pizza and maybe some flat bread or English muffin pizzas for a lunch. We could make pizza rolls.

The challenge would likely be activities related to pizza. I'd suggest maybe some of the following:

Egg Toss - teams compete for greatest distance or number of times they can toss the egg (or both).

Pizza making contest - which team can make the best pie?

Slice collection - Wooden pizzas are cut into multiple pieces and teams compete to solve clues and be the first to bring their six slices together.

Pizza Puffery - A contest to create the greatest boast about pizza in the history of the world.

Pizza Trivia - questions about pizza styles, ingredients, and more and teams are scored by getting them right.

Dough Games - relay race, high toss, distance toss, etc, all played with a ball of dough in place of the baton, shotput, etc.

Tomato Paste - throw tomatoes for accuracy ("pasting the target) or for maximum splat to be used in a later meal.

Pizza Paint by number - Similar to the burrito thing. Maybe an outline on your dough, put a number on each bit and then find out which ingredient goes with the numbers.

On Saturday, 23-Jan-2021 14:24:46 EST, Steve D. said
What if we had a theme like "Winter Camp vs. the Internet" or something similar? The idea is that during the course of Winter Camp we do some things that are at least somewhat well-known on the Internet. I'm sure I'll miss a lot and will list some no one has heard of. We've got some time to curate our list. Some ideas would be actual activities and others would be sort of a photo/video safari. We could have events like:

Meme Creation - ideally we'd take a picture during camp and create the meme.

Emoji Challenge - Adults try to guess the meaning of emojis when used as a message.

Do they know it? We pick songs from various eras and try to see who can guess artist and title. Film it. We could also try old and/or new gadgets.

Campers Are Awesome - film campers doing something amazing. It wouldn't have to be a big physical thing unless someone knew how to ride a unicycle (for example)

Failarmy - probably something accidental like a fall or a campers are awesome gone awry.

Does anyone else think this could work? Any suggestions?

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 16:59:34 EST, matthew grimble said
The district has done cardboard sleds for the past few years at klondike too

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 15:51:33 EST, Jeff Rand said
Youth were about to make a cardboard sled this past year. Unfortunately I stopped them from having this fun. They were about to use the Wilson bread warming oven.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 15:20:24 EST, Steve D. said
I remember that was a pretty fun event. I think they've had a chapter version of it since then. Sleds could be made at camp by whatever teams we create; maybe a rule about how many people have to ride down on the sled.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 14:16:10 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Some years ago the lodge had a cardboard and duct tape sled contest as part of the Lincoln pilgrimage. This seems to me to be something that could be fun to do at camp. Weíd need a back up plan for the event that there is not enough snow of course.

On Sunday, 17-Jan-2021 14:15:52 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Some years ago the lodge had a cardboard and duct tape slide contest as part of the Lincoln pilgrimage

On Tuesday, 05-Jan-2021 22:39:04 EST, Alan Wilson said
Test post for Winter Camp Email Notifier. Registration is still at

On Tuesday, 05-Jan-2021 10:01:07 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I pulled the suggestions for Winer Camp XLV from the evaluations we've received so far:

Changes to activities: Bigger volleyball court, RC may not have been practical for WCAH

Activities for next year: Wilderness survivial demo, ice fishing, cross country skiing, 4 square in a pavilion with cerement floor, jarts, croquet, cricket, soccer, kickball, make your own mask, arrowman bingo

Changes to meals: More hot breakfasts

Meals for next year: Return of Dutch ovens, hot soup and grilled cheese, homemade tortillas, peirogis, jackpot grits, more ethnic variety, uncomfortably close meal

Theme ideas: Roaring 20s, Cast Away, Winter Camp Under Investigation, Winter Prison Camp, Cowboys, Luchador, old games for new fun, hobby share, Winter Camp for One, Setting Records (45 is a type of record)

General suggestions: Stay outside for long stretches of time (don't go inside between events), get a cabin, more centralized communication

On Monday, 04-Jan-2021 22:55:14 EST, Steve D. said
I saw someone drive a truck up those steps, so they're pretty wide.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2021 22:01:52 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I pulled a bunch of ideas from the pre-pandemic portion of the planning for Winter Camp XLIV. They are repeated here because I think they deserve another shot.


Wild West
Fiery Death
Dinosaur / Jurassic Park
Merit Badges - we pick and complete a bunch of fun merit badge requirements
Indiana Jones - we take on the role of pulp-era archaeologists
Pioneers (Winter Camp I style)
Medieval - we dress up in armor.
Noir Detectives


Battle Chess
4 Square in Hay Pavilion
Snow Soccer
Blind Volleyball
Overnight Hike (JL to Riverside)
Fiery Death Theme Ė Model rockets, raze the village, viking funeral, electric bonfire, conflagration, flaming arrows, 2 liter bottle rockets, fireworks, ground flame, electric candle shapes.
Circus - Giant tent, clown skills, tight rope, trapeze, big show, clown car
Indiana Jones Activities: Tomb raiding, travel (hda), puzzle-solving, mook mashing, obstacle course, searching
Luchador Activity: Luchador Chess (like battle chess), Service Project = Luchador good deeds, watch a luchador movie, making luchador masks, developing a stable (team/clan) and personas for each wrestler. I think building a ring would be bad. There could be a luchador investigation (something more popular in the novels). We could write a luchador novella. A pinata (maybe several) seems like a good idea. There are a number of games with luchador themes and some we could easily retheme.
Viking Activities: Raze the village, clout shooting, raiding, pillaging, boat walk, axe throwing, archery, kenning creation, poestry.
Wild West Activities: target shooting, bank robbery, rubber band gun fight, first class trial, cattle rustlin', warm bed
Medieval Activities: sword fight, archery, horseback riding, chivalric contest
Noir Activities: Mystery investigation, rum running
Dinosaur Activities: Dino Safari (have to find species in the wild), Genius Night Dino building or tool building, Dino dig - they sell kits; maybe something chaos theory related, dino dinner where we try to avoid becoming dinner for dinos
Pirates Activity: Plank-walking (balance) contest, swashbuckling obstacle course, boarding contest (maybe like red rover or steal the bacon), treasure hunt -- maybe even burying one day and hunting by a different team. Crew and ship names, piratical flags, some kind of boating (or ice-boating), waxing poetical, shanty-singing, tall tale-telling. Avoiding the black dot. Movie watching

Meals / Food Items

Make tortillas with a tortilla press
Blind Beggars Banquet
Baked Alaska
Manufacturers Suggestion
Jackpot Grits
Circus Meals Ė fried badness, circus peanuts, elephant ears, elephant lunch, lion dinner
Fiery Death Meals: marshmellow roast, weenie roast, spicy foods, barbecue, roast something on a spit, from the ashes (cook on a fire from raze the village or something similar)
Indiana Jones Meals: Gruesome dinner, exotic cuisine, speakeasy.
Luchador Meals: Mexican meals -- maybe juevos rancheros for breakfast and tacos for a lunch with flautas for dinner. There's a lot more to Mexican than burritos and tacos. We could also create our own psuedo-tequilla with lemonade and gummy worms. Luchadors also travel so other cuisines would be good. We could have a training table breakfast on service day to keep the wrestlers strong.
Viking Meals: many European cultures as we invade, Norse food, seaboard meal (probably dried stuff), on the run meal, something alliterative ("Viking Vittles").
Wild West Meals: Beans, tex-mex, root beer, sarsparilla, glass of whiskey, saloon supper.
Medieval Meals: olde english feast, scotch eggs, mutton, tupenny struggles, meat pie.
Noir Meals: black & white, twenties food, soda stand.
Dinosaur Meals: Brontoburgers, vegetarian, really big food, flintstony stuff, eating turkey or other avians.
Pirates Meals: Jamaican and other carribean countries, teeter totter meal (for balance), oranges.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2021 19:54:36 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Thinking about this some more, Tall Timbers to the Morosky Firebowl could be a good CC golf hole. We could start from the top of the steps that go up to tall timbers. That said, I'm not sure how wide those steps are, so that could be an issue.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 23:15:41 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Looking at a camp map, I see a lot of lake adjacent places that could be good starting points - Morosky Firebowl, Peil Chapel, Johnstone (which Steve mentioned), and the Lockwood Lake water front all jump out. Johnstone to the Lonesome Pine shooting range could be worth a try. That course would be pretty flat. The Morosky Firebowl to Arrow Head or Tall Timbers would have more elevation changes. Both would have a big "lake or not" choice to make early on.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 15:14:26 EST, Steve D. said
I don't think you could really drive the lake from Migisi.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 14:48:11 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I declare myself Participation Award Adviser. This is a minor role, but I very much enjoy hyping the gold bordered patch at camp.

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2021 14:44:11 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I like what you're thinking, Steve. I'm not sure if you can easily to get to the lake from the Migisi site, but that could be good for obvious reasons. We could also involve Fair Oaks cabin if the hole was around Lockwood. Most people reading this message will know that Fair Oaks is dedicated to Mr. Oatley, but those who didn't now do.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2021 22:56:03 EST, Steve D. said
I think it would be cool if we started somewhere that still allowed the "drive the lake" option (not that it's been used often). So somewhere near Lockwood. Maybe go the other way and walk to Johnstone then golf back to somewhere closer to Jack Lord.

On Saturday, 02-Jan-2021 22:44:45 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Assuming we're back for a standard camp and we use Jack Lord subcamp as our main activity center, what does everyone think we should do for cross country golf? Feedback from XLIII suggested that going from JL cabin to the usual hole was a little too road heavy. One thing we could do is have lunch on the road near BC and then do the standard hole. Or we could come up with a whole new hole, maybe with Riverside or the Climbing tower as a start or end point.

On Friday, 01-Jan-2021 20:19:12 EST, Steve D. said
I think I'd like to be the kitchen adviser.

On Wednesday, 30-Dec-2020 22:25:10 EST, Jacob Ferns said
In the event that Michaela is disqualified as youth leader by lack of membership in the OA, I declare my self youth leader for the Winter Camp XLV (2021)

On Sunday, 22-Dec-2019 10:25:13 EST, Michaela said
i declare myself youth leader for wintercamp 45

On Wednesday, 30-Oct-2019 17:06:45 EDT, Steve said
Testing for XLV