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Winter Camp XLV Suggestions for Theme

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This list is of activities and meals which have either been specifically proposed for this theme or which could be adapted to this theme.

To add to the list, the easiest thing is go visit the theme and add things.

Suggested Activities

Acronym Contest
Create an acronym that would be useful for Winter Camp either as a theme or for some other purprose.
Alien Design Contest
Build your own aliens.
Could be rethemed as a Robot or AI design contest.
Are you smarter than an Artoo unit?
In Star Wars, the astromech droids (R2D2 and BB8) can fix everything, usually while under fire. In this game, Winter Campers try to fix things.
Artificial Intelligence
Each team creates 3 or 4 factoids, things that aren't true but could be or are almost true. They could be about a person, place or thing. At the end of the week, they scoure points based on how many people believe their lies.
Blind Hike
Destination Unknown
Retheme to Black Box and its like the typical understanding of coding.
Casino Night
Players are issued chips and then get a chance to test their skill at a variety of gambling tables. Usually, we include blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, and Volkswagen racing. We even had Banco one year (pretty much like blackjack, but cool enough for James Bond).
Could be retitled either Applied Statistics, Pitfalls of Probability, or Never Tell Me the Odds (more droid-related).
Flowchart Follies
Teams are given instructions for some basic task and must use some standard flowcharting symbols to create those instructions in a clear and finite manner. Clarity and conciseness are keys.
Frankenstein's Droid
We bring a variety of pieces and parts including old construction kits (Lego, K'nex, Mecanno, etc) and try to assemble the collection into a usable droid.
Games for Programmers
We play games which include a programmed movement element. Some examples would include Robo Rally, Colt Express, Duck Duck Go, and The Haunting House. We could also include Ricochet Robot.
Machine Learning
We pick a relatively simple game and attempt to write a set of rules for playing it that will produce a victory or at least a challenging game. The game probably has to be relatively simple, like Tic-Tac-Toe.
Machinery Midway
Various machines and their properties are explained.
Retheme to Computer carnival and have a bunch of old computers on display.
Mr. Roboto
A role-playing activity where campers try to be extremely logical robots.
Remote Orienteering
Team is split in half. Half are Field Operatives and the other half are Control. Control has a map to several location and must explain where to go next to the field operatives without using the names of directions.
Robot Maze
There are enough inexpensive kits and technical expertise that it seems like we could build a robot or two and race them through a maze. If we can only manage one, maybe we could have different teams each do their own programming to see who could traverse the maze faster with the same piece of hardware.
Slide Rule Race
Kind of a throwback activity to an older time when affordable pocket calculators didn't exist.
The Big Dig
This one might be a little out there but the idea is that the teams get a list of components with which to build a digging robot for their mine. At meals we compare standings and allow changes and improvements.

Suggested Meals

Automated Breakfast
Lay there while your breakfast is made
Retheme to Robot Breakfast
Binary Soup
We hand make pssta to make our own 1 and 0 noodles for soup.
Bollmano’s Pizza
The traditional pizza smorgasbord
Any sort of pizza and tech pretty much go together.
Gate Lunch
Campers are presented with a condition which allows them to eat. They then have to adjust a marble maze of and/or/nor/xor gates to achieve the correct result before they can eat.
Machine Learning Meal
Food isn't super-important, but there should be several different items, preferably that will take multiple bites to eat (think peas). The table leader writes rules and then eats using them. If someone follows the rules, they can eat. If they aren't fol
Programmer's Perogative
Computer programmers, kind of like gamers, are reputed to exist on a diet of caffeine, sugar, and unhealthy choices.
Remote Control Meal
One part of the team (hopefully the least experienced cooks) goes into the kitchen with no recipe. The other part, armed with the recipe, tries to get them to make the dish. Ideally, we'd pick something difficult and with a very specific appearance when
Robo Meal
Everything has to be eaten in as robotic a fashion as possible. Stiff, rigid moves are the order of the day.
Visual Interface
Cooks are given the ingredients and a picture and have to make the meal. No directions and no names of dishes. The ingredients are probably measured to the right amounts, but maybe things are combined -- like a cup of water for one thing and a cup for an