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Winter Camp XLIV Newsletters

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Beginning at Winter Camp IX, we had a daily newsletter, published each day of camp to remind participants of what they'd done the day before. Like many traditions, the daily newsletter created a great deal of heat and was eventually abandoned in favor of a mid-summer edition.
The mid-summer edition, like its predecessor, was well received, but not well supported. Even the mid-summer news was eventually supplanted by the arrival of the Winter Camp Universe, which resumed the process of daily updates, sometimes made right in the course of Winter Camp itself and shared with the outside world.
Now, to complete the circle, those older editions of the newsletter are being published on the Winter Camp Universe.
Winter Camp XLIV
There were 5 newsletters for Winter Camp XLIV and 4 of them were produced during camp. Articles were submitted by email and gleaned from Discord and Facebook pages.

There were a total of 5 newsletters published at this camp.

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