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Planning for Winter Camp XLIV At Home

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Planning for Winter Camp XLIV At Home

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The Council's Covid policies mean that we cannot use any cabins at D-bar-A Scout Ranch this year and we may not be able to get together depending on state restrictions.

Winter Camp At Home focuses on providing a kit that allows those who can't attend the Local or At Camp events to still participate in Winter Camp. It might also mean thsat we can include people from other states.


Winter Camp at Home Participant Guide
The printable guide for Winter Camp XLIV at Home


Grit Kit Instructions
Instructions for randomizing the Jackpot Grits included in the At Home Kit.
Winter Camp At Home Schedule
The currently proposed schedule for the At Home portion of Winter Camp XLIV


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Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLIV!

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Check out what everyone else is saying:

On Sunday, 20-Dec-2020 23:27:25 EST, Steve D. said
The kits are complete. I forgot to include postcards, but I'll just deliver them with the kit.

On , Steve D. said
I've acquired most of what we need for the grit kits. Some of it is still in transit.

The At Home kits are a little more in flux I think.

On Saturday, 14-Nov-2020 23:10:35 EST, Steve D. said
I had kind of thought we'd need 12-15 At Home Kits. I'm nervous as things are getting worse with Covid that we might need more. Anyone have a guess or opinion?

On Thursday, 12-Nov-2020 22:52:40 EST, Doug wilson said
Recorded the video for a bread baking demo. Will require editing and voice over. Had to make two batches as I forgot a couple things, they did both turned out OK. Alan will do the editing likely this weekend.

On Tuesday, 10-Nov-2020 19:31:15 EST, Steve said
If you are out of state and we'll have to mail you the At Home package, please drop a line to with your name and address so we can mail you a kit. We'll work out payment later.

On Friday, 30-Oct-2020 15:43:25 EDT, Steve said
Another thought about activities. Maybe we could do a boardgame thing. I think if Brian is going to be there people really enjoy Heroquest. I have a few games with themes in Greece, Rome, and Egypt plus some with broader themes like Heroscape, the battle of all times. Normally some of these games can't come to camp due to space but I think I should be able to bring them if we decide we're interested in giving them a shot.

On Friday, 30-Oct-2020 14:55:47 EDT, Steve said
I was giving some thought to a menu for the Local event. We kind of have a couple of masters to serve. I think we want to hit at least some of the classic Winter Camp meals, but of course we ought to have a couple of new things since that's part of Winter Camp. I was thinking something like.

December 28
Lunch: Middle-Eastern in honor of the Egyptian mythos. This would be a new to us kind of thing I think. I have a good resource for recipes and ideas.
Dinner: Caveman (think of it as paleo-Roman)
Snack: Bake and Take Snack. Basically the Bakery Snack plus a loaf to take home for each person.

December 29
Breakfast: Jackpot Grits (easy and traditional)
Lunch: Congomerate? Maybe we send our leftovers to camp and do something else
Dinner: Mexican is usually very popular at camp.
Snack: Bollmano's

On Wednesday, 21-Oct-2020 19:54:38 EDT, Matthew said
Here is the Survey for the this years Winter Camp

On Saturday, 10-Oct-2020 13:44:27 EDT, Steve said