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Winter Camp XLIV History

Dates:December 27-31, 2020
Location:Brookside Campsite, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Your House
At Home Cost:$10.10
At Camp Cost:$13.13
Attendance:34 (12 youth, 22 adults)
Leader:Matthew G.
Adviser:Douglas Wilson
At Home LeaderTim P.
At Home AdviserEthan Rein
At Camp LeaderMatt G.
At Camp AdviserJeff Rand
Supporting:Migisi Opawgan Chapter as part of Noquet Lodge
WCUES Score:278 (Details)
Service Project:Worked on brush clearing and general maintenance at Fort Wayne in Detroit. At camp, cleaned out a barn while sorting artifacts from pre-MCC councils and burning a ridiculous amount of expired popcorn.
Catchphrase:Not Quite Doomsday
Winter Camp survived the Covid-19 plague and the shutdown of much of the Scouting program in Michigan. During Winter Camp at Camp, John Ferencz routed out a sign bearing this slogan which was left on display at the close of Winter Camp.

Like most events in the year 2020, Winter Camp XLIV was planned and executed against a backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic. 2020's extra day turned out to be particularly useful as Winter Campers needed all the time they could get to plan two versions of Winter Camp, one at camp and one held mostly at home and online.

The Winter Camp events held at D-bar-A took place around Beaver Creek Cabin with tents set up outside Clearwater Cabin and in the Brookside campsite. Winter Campers were not permitted to enter any cabins, but the porch at Beaver Creek cabin was available for gather at safe distances. There were two distinct overnights, one beginning December 27 and ending December 28 and another beginning December 30 and ending December 31. Both sessions began and ended with lunch. Traditional Winter Camp events such as the Blind Hike, 4-Way Volleyball, the Bakery Snack, Pizza making, and Cross-Country Golf were held at both sessions. Other than the baking, which was done in Dutch ovens, cooking took place on stoves outside of the Beaver Creek Cabin. During the first overnight, the new activity "Geocache Mythology" was conducted in keeping with the annual theme. The College Student Trail Lunch was offered as a new meal. The session on December 30 also included service to camp and the Time Capsule ceremony.

Winter Camp At Home gave participants an opportunity to enjoy a Winter Camper experience wherever they may be. Each day from December 27-31 included recommended activities and meals as well as a group activity. The group activities included online social games, a trivia contest, and livestreams of opening and burying the time capsule. The recommended meals included Winter Camp favorite such as the bakery snack, the Mexican Dinner, and Jackpot Grits. Individual activities included Cross-Country Golf, a hike, local service, and casino games. A Winter Camp At Home packet was dropped off or sent to all participants. This kit included yeast, spices, and a grit kit as well as resources for casino games and a Meccano kit for the Remote Control activity. Winter Camp At Home also made use of a Discord server to communicate throughout the weekette.

Winter Campers concluded Winter Camp XLIV proud in their ability have a camp despite challenging circumstances. They also hoped to return to a cabin-based activity for Winter Camp XLV.

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