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We were holding Winter Camp before any of the Star Wars movies sucked

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Winter Camp XLIII Schedule

Theme: Space

Friday, 12/27/2019

12:07Hot Meteor(ite) Lunch
13:03Organizational/Orientation Meeting
14:104-way Volleyball
16:39Craft Hour
17:55Caveman Dinner
19:02Open Time Capsule
19:39Blind Experience
23:01Bakery Snack
24:01Lights Out

Saturday, 12/28/2019

09:05Lumberjack Breakfast
10:16Camp Set-up
13:23Splash Down Lunch
18:10Half-Moon Dinner
19:09Rocket Building
23:09Ice Cream Snack
24:01Quiet Time

Sunday, 12/29/2019

08:58Eggss in Space
10:02Scout's Own
10:27Satellite Recovery
12:09Food Tube Lunch
14:07Free Time
15:09Rocket Launch
18:01No Waste Meal
21:04Board Gaming
23:05Bollmano’s Pizza
24:09Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Monday, 12/30/2019

09:06Continental Breakfast
10:05Cross-Country Golf
12:02Mexican Lunch
18:04Splashed Fish
19:37Time Capsule Ceremony
21:40Casino Night
24:02Busted - Can't pay for lights.

Tuesday, 12/31/2019

09:07First Meal on the Moon
11:01Cabin Cleaning
12:01Conglomerate Lunch

All times are WCST