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Winter Camp XLIII Meals

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Friday, 12/27/2019

Hot Meteor(ite) Lunch

Apple, FreshBug Juice
Carrot SticksPotato Chips
Sloppy Joes (New)

Caveman Dinner

Bread, Garlic - HomemadeChocolate Pudding
Milk, ChilledSpaghetti with Turkey
Tossed Salad

Bakery Snack

Bread Spreads, SugaryBread, White
Butter, ChurnedMilk, Chilled
Pretzels, Homemade

Saturday, 12/28/2019

Lumberjack Breakfast

EggsHash Browns
Milk, ChilledOrange Juice

Splash Down Lunch

Bug JuiceChocolate Chip Cookies
Grilled Cheese, HomemadeSoup, Tomato

Half-Moon Dinner

Fudge (New)Garden Salad
Milk, ChilledPasties

Ice Cream Snack

Astronaut Ice CreamBug Juice
Coconut Ice CreamMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Sunday, 12/29/2019

Eggss in Space

BiscuitsCrustless Spinach Quiche
Egg NogSausage
Tang, Chilled

Food Tube Lunch

Apple Sauce in TubeBread Tube
Jelly TubePeanut Butter Tube
Soda Pop

No Waste Meal

Animal-Vegetable MedleyFruit Compote
Tomato-Cucumber SaladWater, Ice

Bollmano’s Pizza

Pizza DoughPizza Sauce
Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Monday, 12/30/2019

Continental Breakfast

Cereal, ColdEggs
GritsMilk, Chilled
Pop-TartsTang, Chilled

Mexican Lunch

Burrito TortillaChips and Salsa
Milk, ChilledRefried Beans
Spanish RiceTaco Shell
Taco/Burrito Toppings

Splashed Fish

Apple PieFish, smoked (salmon or the like)
Garden SaladMilk, Chilled
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Tuesday, 12/31/2019

First Meal on the Moon

Bacon SquaresPeaches, Canned
Sugar Cookie BarsTang, Chilled

Conglomerate Lunch

Apple, FreshBug Juice
LeftoversRand Stew