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Wednesday, 12/27/2017

Unique Meal

Bread, Garlic - PurchasedGarden Salad
LinguineMilk, Chilled

Smoked Beast

Baked BeansCherry Crisp
Cole SlawSandwich, Pulled Pork
Soda Pop

Bakery Snack

Bread Spreads, SugaryBread, White
Butter, ChurnedMilk, Chilled
Pretzels, Homemade

Thursday, 12/28/2017

Continental Breakfast

Cereal, ColdEggs
GritsMilk, Chilled
Pop-TartsTang, Chilled

Rat on a Stick

Rat DroppingsRat in a cup
Rat on a stickRice, Flavored


Baked BeansBug Juice
Coconut MacaroonsEggs and SPAM
Shrubbery SaladSPAM and Eggs
SPAM BurgersSPAM Mac n cheese
Wafer Thin Mints

Popcorn Panoply

Caramel CornPopcorn
Soda Pop

Friday, 12/29/2017

Lumberjack Breakfast

EggsHash Browns
Milk, ChilledOrange Juice

Apres-Cardiac Meal

Bread, WhiteMilk, Chilled
Orange, FreshUnstuffed Peppers

Fish Slappin Supper

Apple PieFish, smoked (salmon or the like)
Milk, ChilledRosemary Roasted Potatoes
Tossed Salad

Bollmano’s Pizza

Pizza DoughPizza Sauce
Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Saturday, 12/30/2017

Raw Deal Meal

Bread, WhitePeanut Butter, Homemade
Potato ChipsSandwich Bags
Strawberry Jam, HomemadeSugar Cookies
Water, Ice

Dark Knight Dinner

No items are in the database for this meal.

Sunday, 12/31/2017

Jackpot Grits

Grits, JackpotMilk, Chilled
Orange JuiceToast