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Winter Camp XIV History

Dates:December 27-31, 1990
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:18 (9 youth, 9 adults)
Guru:Louis P.
Adviser:Michael Osvath
MinorDave W.
MinorRicky G.
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:290
Service Project:Move shelves and camping gear between storage buildings.
Catchphrase:Traditionally Unconventional
The Winter Camp rhomboidal logo debuted in 1990 and bore this motto which has become something of a a general catchphrase for the entire Winter Camp experience.

Winter camp XIV saw a lesser number of scheduled activities than in recent years. Unfortunately, the plan to offer equipment and materials for spontaneous activities did not materialize into very many meaningful events. New events included battle chess, a night in hell, the winter camp future Olympics, and the great cola challenge. The Winter Campers performed another successful service project by establishing a tent and cot storage area in a new storage building.

After many years of discussion, a Winter Camp logo was produced and distributed. Souvenir notebook binders were printed and now serve as the storage device for the Winter Camp Manual.

Food ranged from delicious to atrocious. New meal themes included the geometric snack, a Hawaiian luau, chili cook-off, TV dinner, and herbivorous breakfast. As usual, much time was devoted to meal preparation, resulting in late breakfasts. The chili cook-off proved that chemistry applies to cooking and toxic substances can be produced with ordinary ingredients.

The Winter Camp News published six editions of the newspaper, with feature columns and improved graphics. The newspaper was joined by two other publications, The Winter Camp Book of Lists, and the popular Origins book.

Gadgetry culminated with an elaborate alarm system and two electronic toilet paper dispensers. The Winter Camp candy machine was brought into full working order and offered the first nickel candy bars in decades.

Although time may be imaginary, all were hopeful that some semblance of direction would coalesce a group of jiffies with enough continuity to produce Winter Camp XV.

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