Winter Camp XIII - 1989

Dates:December 27-31, 1989
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:20 (10 youth, 10 adults)
Leader:Thomas Ray
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:248
Catchphrase:What's my password, I gotta go
Jeff Rand's computerized latrine monitor made its debut this year. As a running total was kept of elapsed latrine time, each Arrowmen had to long onto the system for proper acccounting. Renegade latrine use was indicated by an audible warning issued by the computer.

Cold air flooded the valleys of D-A as Winter Camp XIII got off to a slow start. A backwards day mixed up the Winter Campers early in the weekette such that three meals were held in the evening on the second day. The enthusiasm grew, however, as a very successful service project was completed in removing the walk-ins at the kitchen.

Gadgetry culminated with the first computerized latrine monitor in the universe. The computer controlled access to the latrine, as well as keeping a record of each user's personal accomplishments. Latrine invaders were met with an ear piercing alarm.

New meal themes, keeping with tradition, included a high speed meal, a crude meal, a slow motion snack, a monochrome lunch, a future snack, a beggar's banquet, a sleeping Indian breakfast, and a deli meal. A special sense of elegance was exhibited during the Emily Post Dinner, as the participants provided a rare showing of manners.

While not all scheduled activities were held during the busy Winter Camp schedule, two new events included a Zan Tec's game and the Osvath wiring maze. A good bit of snow on the ground provided for several active winter sports.

Winter camp once again became the highlight of a five day year. Each Arrowman knew that after Winter Camp, he had a period of oblivion in which to prepare for the next five day year.

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