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Winter Camp XI History

Dates:December 27-31, 1987
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:20 (11 youth, 9 adults)
Leader:John H.
Adviser:Ron Donohue
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:249 (Details)
Service Project:Insulate the walls of Little Prairie and Shady Oaks cabins.
Catchphrase:Dawn of the Information Age
This catchphrase refers to the outpouring of newspapers which were published at Winter Camp XI. While the government-sponsored Winter Camp News produced only one issue, the anti-government paper known as the Allogagan printed three and the anti-Jeff Rand paper dubbed the Free Our Republic produced two.

A new socialist regime became the governing structure for Winter Camp XI. however, the government being mired in its own bureaucracy, suffered the exploits of two underground movements.

A variety of activities provided for a balanced indoor and outdoor program. New events included: rumor spreading (Did you know that ...),, continuous story telling, CHR monument construction and dedication, snake hockey, a puzzle building competition, and Paul Bunyan games. A pioneering project made for some very numb fingers, as a double inverted pyramid tower was constructed. The traditional favorite volleyball developed a new twist as four-way volleyball.

Alimentary canals, as usual, went rampant with activity. The growing culinary expertise at Winter Camp provided some very hearty and quite tasty meals. The following new meals were introduced: barbecue dinner, musical meal, scramble breakfast, lumberjack breakfast, bureaucratic lunch, and counter-weight meal. The Beast served a remarkable batch of Rand stew as the final lunch for 1987.

Winter Camp XI was marked by an abundance of nonscheduled events and projects. The latrine seats were warmed more than ever by human bottoms, but once again, the Beast held the throne the longest. Mister Horn was the proud owner of an indoor four-square court that provided him with much bunk-side amusement. Six newspaper editions were published for Winter Camp XI, but only one official edition was produced. A movie of the Winter Camp experience was shot on location, using amateurs as actors. Doug Wilson received the first piece of mail ever delivered to Winter Camp. Clearwater served as the computer palace, with a record eight computers consuming all available electricity.

The Winter Camp Future Society accepted it first members and let each Arrowman make predictions for 1988. The most certain prediction was for the existence of Winter Camp XII.

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