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Winter Camp VIII History

Dates:December 27-31, 1984
Location:Beaver Creek Cabin, D-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:18 (11 youth, 7 adults)
Korish:Paul D.
Adviser:Steve Donohue
Service Secondary CentricRon D. (Service Director)
Religion Secondary CentricEddie R. (Religious Director)
Maintenance DirectorBrent Musolf (Maintenance Adviser)
Inner Environment Primary CcntricDouglas S. (Kitchen Director)
Activities DirectorMark B. (Activity Leader)
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:193 (Details)
Service Project:Carve a new section of Ranch Road out of the woods around High Point cabin so that the road would no longer pass directly through that campsite.
Catchphrase:Terts are people too.
Another new government saw Paul Duran get his chance at the helm of the Winter Camp ship of state. As Korish that year, Paul presided (under the background control of the Inner World Society) over a society where Arrowmen were classified as primary, secondary, and tertiary centrics - this last group dubbed "Terts" for short. The qualifications for Tert status included only the successful completion of birth.

Winter Camp VIII saw the introduction of a new form of government. Instead of the communist system, all leadership roles were assigned to the centrics, with the Korish serving as supreme authority. Unfortunately, this government was the most corrupt in Winter Camp history. Its leaders were even more oppressive and self-serving than the unenlightened scum who destroyed Winter Camp's first private enterprise at Winter Camp V. There were, of course, some exceptions to the rule, but they were prosecuted for dereliction of duty by the Korish and assessed heavy fines.

Despite these administrative difficulties, several new activities were introduced at Winter Camp VIII. Making the best of the unseasonably warm (and rainy) weather, the Arrowmen enjoyed Winter Camp's first volleyball game, and played an impromptu game of mud kickball. Highlights of the game included several players sliding through mud to beat the tag. Other new activities included a cooking contest and an exciting tournament of cross country golf..

Horrendous quantities of edible materials were again consumed, with several new meals scheduled for the weekette. Among these were the Japanese Dinner, the Animal Lunch, the Johnny Appleseed Snack, the Blind Lunch, and the Normal Banquet. The Gruesome Snack reached new heights of horror when pig testicles were prepared by Mr. Rand and consumed by several Arrowmen, including newcomer Bill Harper. Another outrageous meal was consumed by the Beast who ate dog food at the Animal Lunch.

The Arrowmen in attendance at Winter Camp VIII felt their spirits soar when told that only 3.3274502 bluemoons remained before Winter Camp IX.

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