Winter Camp VII - 1983

Dates:December 27-31, 1983
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:21 (15 youth, 6 adults)
Leader:Mark Bollman-->
Adviser:Michael Osvath
WCUES Score:198
Catchphrase:Democracy Rears its ugly head.
As the quest for the ideal Winter Camp government continued, it was perhaps inevitable that a democratic system be tried once. Chapter Chief Matt Konchel appointe himself as Winter Camp Director but then didn't attend camp. As the leadership vacuum revealed itself and while the Security department declared martial law, it was decided to elect a new leader. Mark Bollman-->, Paul Duran, and John Howey soot for election with Mark--> winning out. Democratic elections have not been held since.

The communist system of operation instituted at Winter Camp V was retained for Winter Camp VII, but only after the first serious threat to its existence had been quashed. The trouble started when the first director abdicated the seat of power. Security Director Mr. Beast declared martial law, and the troops moved in to pave the way for the holding of free elections. Three candidates emerged from the chaos, and after the smoke had cleared, Mark Bollman--> took office as the first democratically elected Director in Winter Camp history.

Although the activities department was plagued by continual uncertainty regarding its leadership -- four Arrowmen held the directorship at one time or another -- enough continuity emerged to institute an obstacle course in the program and move the softball game (held on land at Winter Camp VI) to the surface of Beaver Lake. A number of independent activities foundations amplified the departmental offerings by creating a Museum of Winter Camp History, a computerized Winter Camp trivia quiz, a "Name That Arrowman" contest, and an emergency rescue mission.

Mass consumption of vast quantities of edible material was, as always, an important part of the program. The menu was revised (in keeping with tradition) to offer a pasta meal, a poor man's banquet, and a "Blazing Saddles" lunch, all for the first time.

The spirits of Arrowmen at the close of Winter Camp VII were universally of eager anticipation at the knowledge that only 3,309,066,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 flashes remained yet to pass before the spirit of Winter Camp VIII became reality.

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