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History of Winter Camp VI

Dates:December 27-31, 1982
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:27 (23 youth, 4 adults)
Leader:Steve Donohue
Adviser:Jeffrey Rand
Activities DirectorAlan Herster
Activities DirectorMichael Munie
Assistant DirectorMark Bollman-->
Finance DirectorDwayne Forsyth
Health DirectorCarl Allen
Kitchen DirectorJim Warren
LibrarianChris Warren
Maintenance DirectorPaul Durn
Properties DirectorAlan Herster
Religious DirectorGary Allen
Security DirectorDaniel Bollman
Service DirectorMike George
Training DirectorCraig Droste
WCUES Score:249
Catchphrase:Soda Pop, anyone?
Jim Warren served as Food Director this yea and his excursion into menu planning led to an all-time high in soda pop consumption. The porch of the Beaver Creek building was pressed into service for the numerous empty bottles as Winter Camp elapsed.

The idea of a hierarchy of authority initiated at Winter Camp V was continued at Winter Camp VI, as Arrowmen once again took on a variety of leadership roles to ensure the success ofthe event. This led to the first two civil suits in Winter Camp history, as Security Director Dan Bollman and Maintenance Director Paul Duran each filed suit against the other for neglect of duty.

In the continuing tradition of fine cuisine which has typified Winter Camp throughout the ages, the ongoing revision of the menu continued to encompass the following new meals: a /images/naval dinner, a weenie roast and beach party, coastal cuisine, a toaster breakfast, a vendor's lunch, and an awards banquet. The Winter Camp menu was plagued with a virtual plethora of soda pop, as Food Director Jim Warren sought to quench the vicious thirsts of the participants. It was necessary for Jim to fill the outside porch with the numerous empty bottles.

Revisions were also evident in the activities which took place, which included, for the first time, a carnival, a softball game, a video game tournament, and the expansion of the ever-popular Murder Game to two days; although the Real Man Decathlon planned by the Security Department was canceled due to lack of sufficient "real men". The record setting warm weather provided for the first ever Winter Camp swim at the beach party.

As Winter Camp VI drew to a close, the minds of all participants were focused on the ticking of the clock as it counted down the mere 31,104,000 seconds before the members of Downriver Chapter, Order of the Arrow would converge upon D-A Scout Ranch for Winter Camp VII.

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