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2016 Meal Details

The most successful chapter event in the history of the Order of the Arrow

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El Mediodia
Sunday, July 18, 2021 at 1:00pm
Cunnningham Park
Corner of Pinecrest and Larme
Allen Park, MI

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2016 Meal Details

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Boodle Fight

Description: A Thai banquet where food is served on the table and you eat what you can claim.
Ambience: Food is placed in a single large container on each table. Once the bmeal starts, members are encouaged to greedily grab the choicest morsels for themselves and leave everyone else to eat scraps
Cuisine: Boodle Noodle, Doughnuts, Sandwich, Assorted, and Soda Pop
Items Served:Boodle NoodleDoughnuts

Sandwich, AssortedSoda Pop

Bellissimo Banquet

Description: Fine Italian dining.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Anti-Pasto Salad, Cannoli, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, Green Beans, and Milk, Chilled
Items Served:Anti-Pasto SaladCannoli

Chicken Fettuccine AlfredoGreen Beans

Milk, Chilled

Bakery Snack

Description: Freshly baked bread and other treats
Ambience: All we need is the smell of freshly baked bread.
Cuisine: Warm bread, pretzels, other baked goods and appropriate spreads.
Items Served:Bread Spreads, SugaryBread, White

Butter, ChurnedMilk, Chilled

Pretzels, Homemade

Colazione Breakfast

Description: An Italian style breakfast.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Cereal, Cold, Eggs, Milk, Chilled, Muffins, Orange Juice, Pancakes, and Pop-Tarts
Items Served:Cereal, ColdEggs

Milk, ChilledMuffins

Orange JuicePancakes


Chicken Cacciatore

Description: Chicken Hungarian style
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Bug Juice, Chicken Cacciatore, and Chocolate Chip Cookies
Items Served:Bug JuiceChicken Cacciatore

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Catch of the Day

Description: Smoked fish and trimmings
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Apple Pie, Corn, Canned, Fish, smoked (salmon or the like), Mashed Potatoes, Milk, Chilled, and Tossed Salad
Items Served:Apple PieCorn, Canned

Fish, smoked (salmon or the like)Mashed Potatoes

Milk, ChilledTossed Salad

Doughboy Breakfast

Description: Food appropriate to a WW II GI.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Bacon, Milk, Chilled, Orange Juice, and Pancakes
Items Served:BaconMilk, Chilled

Orange JuicePancakes

Doggy Style Lunch

Description: Hot dogs
Ambience: Members eat like dogs -- no utensils and no use of thumbs.
Cuisine: Apple, Fresh, Chili, Hot Dogs, Potato Chips, and Root Beer
Items Served:Apple, FreshChili

Hot DogsPotato Chips

Root Beer

Dinner and a Movie

Description: Watch a movie while eating a culturally appropriate meal.
Ambience: We set up a projector and watch a movie while we eat. Food should go with the theme of the movie if possible.
Cuisine: Baked Potato, Bread, White, Broccoli, Steamed, Brownies, Brussell Sprouts, Milk, Chilled, and Roast Beef
Items Served:Baked PotatoBread, White

Broccoli, SteamedBrownies

Brussell SproutsMilk, Chilled

Roast Beef

Dem Bollmano's pizza guys

Description: The traditional pizza smorgasbord
Ambience: This is made sort of assembly style -- campers cook and then as their pizzas are completed another camper is called. Tradition dictates that all new campers go before any experienced camper.
Cuisine: Pizza with a variety of toppings!
Items Served:Pizza DoughPizza Sauce

Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Easy Breakfast

Description: Continental Breakfast
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Cereal, Cold, Eggs, Milk, Chilled, Muffins, Orange Juice, Pancakes, and Pop-Tarts
Items Served:Cereal, ColdEggs

Milk, ChilledMuffins

Orange JuicePancakes


Ethan's Speakeasy

Description: A snack similar to Casino Snack
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Grapes, Potato Chips, Punch, and Sandwich, Smoked Turkey
Items Served:GrapesPotato Chips

PunchSandwich, Smoked Turkey

Epic Anniversary Dinner

Description: Big dinner
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Sherbet Punch
Items Served:Sherbet Punch

Epicurious Snack

Description: A snack with interesting choices.
Ambience: None Available
Cuisine: Nachos, and Soda Pop
Items Served:NachosSoda Pop

Fortune's Grits

Description: Grits with randomized additives.
Ambience: Plain grits are pepared; campers use a randomizer to determine what additional toppings must be added to their bowl. If you play, you are expected to eat at least your first bowl randomly.
Cuisine: Grits and a variety of toppings which are added to your bowl based on a randomizer (typically a roulette wheel).
Items Served:Grits, JackpotMilk, Chilled

Orange JuiceToast

Fuhget About It Lunch

Description: Business lunch
Ambience: campers should adopt mob accents.
Cuisine: Apple, Fresh, Bug Juice, Leftovers, and Rand Stew (Classic)
Items Served:Apple, FreshBug Juice

LeftoversRand Stew (Classic)