Winter Camp IX - 1985

Dates:December 27-31, 1985
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:26 (13 youth, 13 adults)
Leader:Douglas Seman
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:303
Catchphrase:The Committee Strikes Back
Many activities at Winter Camp IX were centered around the destruction - real or imainged of a force believed to be anti-Arrow. "The Committee Strikes Back" was the name given to a rewriting of Jeff Rand's classic "Last Ceremony" which led to the death of this enemy.

A new improved system for labor distribution debuted at Winter Camp IX. Although it maintained the tradition of assigning humans to positions of authority, the labor was divided in a unique manner. Each camper was assigned to a squad. The squads were responsible for preparing the meals, but were not otherwise utilized.

The various squads became a cohesive unit under the direction of kitchen chief Brent Musolf. To make things run smoothly, adviser Jeff Rand produced the most detailed food preparation sheets ever seen by man. These sheets, providing such important information as cost/calorie of food, insured that the meals were prepared correctly.

New meals abounded, as nearly half the themes were brand new. Perhaps the most popular of the new ideas was the Hot Potato Lunch. During this meal, members fought to devour their food while passing several microwaved potatoes. Other new meals included the following: Silent Breakfast, Twister Snack, Picnic Lunch, Pie Snack, Rainbow Repast, and the BrotherhoodBreakfast.

New activities were also created, including a feature movie, a gong show, the late night adventure, a trivia contest, a recording session, a game of wounded spy, and a Frisbee golf tournament.

Also popular were events centered around a man who wants to destroy the Arrow. These events and meals celebrated his death in both word and deed.

Several other firsts occurred at Winter Camp IX. A daily newspaper was established and provided accurate coverage of all Winter Camp events. There was also a latrine sitting contest, won (not surprisingly) by the Beast.

Campers rejoiced knowing that the 10th anniversary of Winter Camp was less than a year away.

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