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Winter Camp IV History

Dates:December 27-31, 1980
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-bar-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:28 (24 youth, 4 adults)
Senior Patrol Leader:Steve D.
Adviser:Jeffrey Rand
TreasurerMark B.
Service DirectorTom A.
Religious DirectorJeffrey R.
Patrol Leader: Reiver PatrolDan B.
Patrol Leader: Rebel PatrolMichael O.
Patrol Leader: Black Sheep PatrolSteve D.
Patrol Adviser: Reiver PatrolJeffrey Rand
Patrol Adviser: Rebel PatrolBob Stone
Patrol Adviser: Black Sheep PatrolDouglas Wilson
LibrarianJim W.
First Aid DirectorMichael O.
Bugler Ken P.
BuglerDaniel B.
Activities DirectorSteven J. (Activity Leader)
Lodge:Mi-Gi-Si O-Paw-Gan
WCUES Score:247
Service Project:Paint the inside walls of Clearwater and Midway (now Lang) cabins. (A curious shade of aqua was used.)
Catchphrase:Rebellious Expansion
The overcrowding problem experienced at Winter Camp III was dealt with this year as Winter Camp annexed Clearwater cabin in addition to Beaver Creek. "Rebellious" commemorates the patrol system used that year as Winter Camp formed itself into a Scout troop for the weekette. The Rebel Patrol joined the Reivers and the Black Sheep as the experiment in government made a one-time appearance.

Winter Camp IV, while maintaining many of the traditions of the past years, took on a new direction for this annual event. Because there were more members in attendance than could be crammed into just one cabin, a second building was necessary to house the expanding participation. Patrols of eight to ten were formed to conduct many of the activities and special assignments. This provided additional opportunities to share leadership and responsibility for Winter Camp.

Three unique Winter Camp patrols were formed. The Rebel Patrol assumed the posture and symbols appropriate to the southern states during the middle of the 19th century. But, the Reiver Patrol assumed a motto in reference to the Seven Deadly Sins described by the Roman Catholic Church. In contrast, the Black Sheep Patrol attempted to separate itself from the sense of lawlessness it attributed to the others.

As traditional, food remained of great importance at Winter Camp IV. Quite remarkably, food costs were held in check and no increase was observed in Winter Camp fees from 1979. New meal themes for Winter Camp IV included: an eating contest, a McDonald's Breakfast (complete with a drive-thru), a Hindu Dinner, a birthday party, the Last Breakfast, and an alphabetic banquet. The diners at the alphabetic banquet enjoyed a feast of dishes with names from A-Z.

The program was well planned as in previous years, but many important facts were put in writing for all in attendance. While documents and plans for previous Winter Camps were only single copies, all important plans were reproduced and distributed for Winter Camp IV. Members were issued the first edition of the Winter Camp Manual, containing 19 enthralling pages of Winter Camp information. New events for Winter Camp IV were: a camp service project, a special ceremony, patrol activities, a game festival, and a committee training program.

Winter Camp had grown to such importance that planning for Winter Camp V began even before the start of Winter Camp IV.

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