Winter Camp II - 1978

Dates:December 27-30, 1978
Location:Beaver Creek Cabin, D-A Scout Ranch
Attendance:12 (11 youth, 1 adults)
Leader:Michael Osvath
Adviser:Douglas Wilson
WCUES Score:304
Catchphrase:Beginning of Eternity
It was with Winter Camp II that the event was established as an annual affair. Moreover, many of Winter Camp's most beloved traditions may be traced to the second installment.

Along with a two-fold increase in attendance, the second Chapter Winter Camp was also marked by a substantial increase in the spirit and enthusiasm of each member present. Winter Camp II was greatly modernized over Winter Camp I with the development and use of a computer to help plan and organize the event. The cabin provided additional conveniences, such as hot and cold running water and sufficient electrical power to supply the intense electrical needs of the power hungry Chapter.

As with the first Winter Camp, food became an important part of the program. A Winter Camp Recipe Book was developed to aid in meal preparation. Each meal was assigned a different theme, which provided great variety in the dishes served and the dining atmosphere. Included in the list of meal themes were: a prison breakfast, a gruesome snack, a caveman dinner, a masquerade lunch, an electric lunch, and a 16 dish banquet. Many different recipes were used to bake breads, cakes, pies, cookies, and candies.

A full schedule of activities brought many new experiences to the members. A new system of measure was introduced, as three teams of Arrowmen competed against each other in a 2446 tad (22600 ft.) compass course. Other new events included: a casino party, a campfire in the middle of the lake, winter sports, camping promotion training, a game of capture the objective, and an elevation hike. Much of the free time was spent in discussions about reality and the Universe.

The intense participation and Arrow spirit of Winter Camp II set the stage for years to come. Participants quite accurately predicted a bright and continued future for the event. Every member went home hoping that the next 362 days would pass quickly and they did.

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