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Still a tradition despite being ruined hundreds of times since 1977

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Winter Camp at Home

Winter Camp have been the most successful chapter event in the Order of the Arrow for the last 40 years.

This year, with Covid-19 restrictions in place, Winter Camp will try something new. Anyone who can't make it to camp (and their families), can participate in Winter Camp At Home. Winter Camp At Home will provide a unique opportunity for those at home to join in the fun of Winter Camp.

We'll do this in a variety of ways, many of them online, but the most exciting part will be the Winter Camp At Home Kit. The kits will be available for a nominal fee for those who'd like to try Winter Camp at Home wherever their home is.

What's in the Kit?

Exact details are still being worked out, but our current plans include:

How much is a nominal fee?

Well, we're not totally sure yet since we haven't completed figured out what will be in the kit. Winter Camp has a long history of being a cheap an inexpensive event and there's no plan to change that. at the moment, we're planning to keep the cost to $10 or less.

Winter Camp at Home
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Winter Camp at Home is where we'll share news about our new At Home program and where we'll likely share the results of our coordinated activities.