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The Winter Camp Universe is dedicated to chronicling the history and fostering the growth of Winter Camp. Winter Camp has proudly supported the Migisi Opawgan Chapter (and its predecessors) for more than forty years.

Within our site you'll find lots of information about our traditions and you might just pick up a few ideas for activities and meals you'd like to try yourself.

Our event takes place between Christmas and New Year's; each year, there is a gathering of Winter Camp enthusiasts, both young and old, who spend a weekette at Winter Camp experiencing service, fun, and fellowship while renewing their spirits.

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Participants Participate!

Congratulations to Gwen P, Connor J, Annabelle B and Michael B., all of whom earned the Participation Award during Winter Camp XLV. Thanks to Gwen and Annabelle, 100% of female scouts who've spent more than one night at Winter Camp have earned the award. Looks like the boys might have some work to do.
Submitted by Steve D.

Chris is our newest Eagle Candidate

Sockless passed his Eagle Board of Review tonight (January 4, 2022). Congratulations!
Submitted by Steve D.

An archive of past articles is available.

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The Ogre's Battle Circle was renamed the Circle of Blood in honor of which Winter Camper?
James Szabo
Ron Donohue
Brian Mann
Adam Pezet
Mike Osvath

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