Another Ten Seconds
Chapter 7 "Psalm 145"

by Jeff Rand

As he experienced intense pain, John forced himself to what he perceived as consciousness. Blindness eventually yielded to a dim haze, as he opened his eyes in an attempt to focus on his surroundings. Careful, prolonged effort produced only marginal results. "Damn," he thought, "why can't I see clearly." Eventually, John realized that is was simply too dark to see more than rough shapes, as he lay motionless in the night.

Feeling the excruciating pain in his head, he attempted to move his right hand towards his forehead. Great effort was required just to twitch his fingers a bit, let alone lift an entire arm. He felt extremely weak and uncoordinated, as if he had forgotten how to move his arm. It required all of his mental power just to lift his fingers. John felt some success, however, in the monumental task of exercising these digits on his right hand.

Keeping his attention focused on his right hand, he was able to close his fingers on his thumb in a weak grasp. Lightly rubbing his thumb against the other fingers, he had only the faintest sense of feeling in the tips of his fingers. More effort and exercise were needed if the hand were to serve him in his quest to relieve the pain in his head. Nevertheless, he prevailed and gradually gained strength in the hand muscles. Opening the palm, he was able to provide enough of a jerk to produce a slight twist of the wrist. Patiently working his wrist, he gained the full range of movement with his hand. Quite proud of his accomplishments in gaining use of his hand, John proceeded to use it as a means of leverage to lift the entire arm. Rigorous effort was required to extend the mobility from hand to arm, but John prevailed.

Slowly, he lifted his arm and moved his hand towards his head. The effort was rewarded, as he made contact with his forehead and slid his fingers across it towards his right ear. Undaunted, he made contact with the object of his pain, which protruded from the side of his head. Vainly, he tried to remove this receptacle of his discomfort. Whatever it was, his futile actions were of marginal value. Xenophobic he was not. Yet this foreign body attached to his head must be removed. Zealously he continued his pursuit, before he exhausted himself back to oblivion.

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