After the Apocalypse

by Mark Bollman--> and Steve Donohue

Once, if you had told me we'd still be writing this now, I'd have laughed at you. Now though, well, I suspect Mark--> has seen the truth of my introduction to Paradox Metaphor....

I don't know how often we'll get the updates up, but we'll do our best....
Chapter 1: Reunion Redux
Chapter 2: End Of An Era
Chapter 3: Twenty-Five And Counting
Chapter 4: Realization Of A Nightmare
Chapter 5: A Minor Irritant
Chapter 6: Not So Minor After All
Chapter 7: Natural Resource Conference
Chapter 8: New Order
Chapter 9: The Morning After
Chapter 10: Entry #1
Chapter 11: Scavenger Hunt
Chapter 12: Field Trip
Chapter 13: Taking Stock
Chapter 14: Beyond Doomsday
Chapter 15: Equine Concerns
Chapter 16: On The Road Again
Chapter 17: Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch
Chapter 18: Look To The South
Chapter 19: Northern Exposure
Chapter 20: Where There's Smoke...
Chapter 21: ...There's Fire
Chapter 22: Expansion Continued
Chapter 23: Room At The Inn
Chapter 24: Shop Smart
Chapter 25: No Good News Today
Chapter 26: Meeting Of The Minds
Chapter 27: Entry #2
Chapter 28: New National Order
Chapter 29: Invasion Force?
Chapter 30: Ten Minutes To Air
Chapter 31: Entry #3
Chapter 32: A-Hunting We Will Go
Chapter 33: Lapeer by Day
Chapter 34: Lapeer by Night
Chapter 35: Calling America
Chapter 36: Return To Lapeer
Chapter 37: Shopping at Meijer's
Chapter 38: Through The Static
Chapter 39: Expanding Reception
Chapter 40: Christmas Part II
Chapter 41: An Elite Para-Military Organization
Chapter 42: The Feminist Movement
Chapter 43: First Letter
Chapter 44: Where Are They Now?
Chapter 45: The Flock
Chapter 46: The New ERA
Chapter 47: Setting a Snare
Chapter 48: Lost Daha Hike II
Chapter 49: Joe and Dave's Adventures In Lapeer
Chapter 50: Entry #4
Chapter 51: Time Out Of Mind
Chapter 52: Second Letter
Chapter 53: A Brisk Hike
Chapter 54: Another Search
Chapter 55: The Cover Blown, The Air Cleared
Chapter 56: Revelation
Chapter 57: Final Search
Chapter 58: Water And Electricity Do Mix
Chapter 59: More Decisions
Chapter 60: Water Run
Chapter 61: A Minor Mutiny
Chapter 62: The Waiting Game
Chapter 63: A little fishing
Chapter 64: A Plan Thwarted
Chapter 65: Council Of Elders (Plus One)
Chapter 66: Gone Fishing
Chapter 67: It's always darkest
Chapter 68: An Early Hike
Chapter 69: Before the dawn
Chapter 70: Entry #5
Chapter 71: On the Run!
Chapter 72: A Horse of the Same Old Color
Chapter 73: Whither Now Sirrah?
Chapter 74: The Labyrinth
The following chapters were revised and or reordered on 7/29
Chapter 75: Round Robin - Revised!
Chapter 76: The Last Homely Home
Chapter 77: Question and Answer
Chapter 78: Good Timing
Chapter 79: A Private Conversation
We now return you to your originally published order
Chapter 80: Confirmation
Chapter 81: Third Letter
Chapter 82: Diversion
Chapter 83: Preliminary Report
Chapter 84: Reunion
Chapter 85: Aspirations
Chapter 86: Debriefing
Chapter 87: Department of HUD
Chapter 88: Council of War
Chapter 89: Entry #6
Chapter 90: Careless Whispers
Chapter 91: The Spying Game
Chapter 92: The Masquerade
Chapter 93: Profitable Exchange
Chapter 94: Acceleration
Chapter 95: Randland, Version 2.0
Chapter 96: Fractional Cabinet
Chapter 97: Cattle Drive
Chapter 98: A Small Request
Chapter 99: Raggedy Man
Chapter 100: First Impressions
Chapter 101: Willing Volunteers
Chapter 102: In the Field
Chapter 103: Data Processing
Chapter 104: Candy's Dandy
Chapter 105: Crushing Hope
Chapter 106: Assume the Position
Chapter 107: TCB
Chapter 108: Entry #7
Chapter 109: The Shot
Chapter 110: Heard 'round the World
Chapter 111: The Waiting Game II
Chapter 112: The Ambush That Wasn't
Chapter 113: A Tale of Two Rons
Chapter 114: Reluctant Testimony
Chapter 115: Merge Sort Algorithm
Chapter 116: Higher Stakes
Chapter 117: Complex Analysis
Chapter 118: Facing the Truth
Chapter 119: Midnight Rider
Chapter 120: Escort Leaders
Chapter 121: A Bridge-Too Far?
Chapter 122: Six Degrees Of Anticipation

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