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On Monday, 14-Jan-2019 13:54:00 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Good news on the left handed golf club hunt. My left handed golfer father in law gave me some irons and woods we to use for camp. I'll bring them next year or maybe get them up to camp between now and then.

On Sunday, 13-Jan-2019 22:02:21 EST, Steve said
Is this an existing drama or one wed create?

On Sunday, 13-Jan-2019 14:51:05 EST, Jeff said
To build upon the idea of an object from space, I had a similar thought several years ago, where a black rhombus is discovered. The event would include an audio recording in the form a radio drama, titled "The Artifact."

On Saturday, 12-Jan-2019 10:40:00 EST, Steve said
What if we had some focus on STEM stuff as it would apply to space?

Imagine on day one we have reports of an object streaking across the sky and crashing in camp. (we could either track it based on its path or there could be two observers allowing us to triangulate the location better - math is optional). Something at the site needs to be lifted off (either by brute force or with a simple tool like a lever).

Inside we find a device which seems to be written in some kind of alien glyphs. We could kind of get a code-breaking thing or maybe the device could be accessed via bluetooth and hacked (I have a couple of raspberry pi's we could use for this). The code might lead us to some other activity or realization. It could also be we could find that activity by the code or some other way.

We should go look at some of what we did for the UFO theme maybe.

We might need to decide what our focus on space is. Space is pretty vast and maybe we should pick some bits to try.

On Saturday, 12-Jan-2019 09:17:46 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Given that Winter Camp XLIII will start on a Friday, it would seem we'll have a Service Day on Monday, December 30. That's how we've done it the last two times we've got this set of days. Those were Winter Camp XXVI and XXXVII. Winter Camp XXVI was of course the the first time Jackpot Grits were served.

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2019 23:02:58 EST, Uncle Ethan said
We could bring back Mark-->'s Jeopardy! set up for a space themed Jeopardy! type game. A few categories ideas: NASA, Planets, Stars, Non-NASA space programs, constellations, The Moon, The Sun

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2019 21:56:19 EST, Steve said
I don't think anyone is saying do rockets instead of space, just that rockets could be a fun part of space.

What are the activities we would do that aren't rockets? I'm sure we can come up with some just the rocket ones are easier. Maybe we could do some kind of a reduced weight event where we use bungees or weights over a rope/pulley to make someone weigh less. Like a pulley-assisted long or high jump could be fun for example.

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2019 21:07:47 EST, brian maghran said
I would say space would be a better theme compared to rockets. Space is a more general theme and having a more general theme like Olympics seemed to work out well

On Wednesday, 09-Jan-2019 20:56:16 EST, Dave Milon said
+1 👇

On Wednesday, 09-Jan-2019 20:08:17 EST, Steve said
Maybe if we do space we could do Space Detby rockets maybe in traditional and unlimited formats. Traditional meaning rubber bands like the cub scouts use and unlimited meaning maybe just a weight and size limit and maybe requirement that it be hangable from the standard hanger.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2019 20:08:40 EST, Uncle Ethan said
WCFS minutes went out today via email. If you didn't get them and want them, please let me know.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2019 08:13:37 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I've got pictures from this year I've been meaning to get to you, Steve. I'll do it in the next few days.

On Monday, 07-Jan-2019 21:48:32 EST, Steve said
After poking around a bit, I also added pictures for Winter Camps XXXIX, XL, and XLI.

Still looking for more pics from this year though.

On Monday, 07-Jan-2019 12:46:33 EST, Steve said
I've added some pictures and other content to the Winter Camp XLII pages. It appears I could use more if anyone has any -- these were mostly lifted from Dave Oakley.

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2019 16:27:09 EST, Matt Grimble said
I know this was brought up a few years ago, an idea for an event, building an escape room? I'm making one for the chapter at our next meeting, so I'll have a lot of supplies and dome experience for it.

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2019 12:37:45 EST, Steve said
I'd like to suggest Gumball Grits. We have the machine, capsules of ingredients would be fun. We could have it either in place of the Continental Breakfast or we could add it. We could also use the gumballs for some kind of pancake thing by mixing them in the batter on an individual bases. Not sure what we'd call that -- maybe Penny Pancakes or Poly Pancakes or something.

Why do I always want to alliterate?

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2019 10:15:10 EST, Steve said
There must have been at least one other lefty on his team. I wonder if he shared with them.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 21:22:29 EST, Jeff said
I believe there was a single left-handed club that Chris Kirschke used. Unfortunately, it was not available to our national team.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 09:45:45 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Thanks, Brian and Dave. We could probably make do with a driver, 1-2 woods, 1-2 irons, and a putter.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 08:44:51 EST, Dave Milon said
I know quite a few garage sale connoisseurs . I'll put the word out that we're looking for left handed clubs of questionable quality for next year.

My neighbor is a lefty he might have some extras, too.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 08:14:04 EST, B Mann said
I have a friend that is a lefty golfer. I can check with him and see if he has any extra clubs that he no longer uses.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 00:14:57 EST, Steve said
Im pretty sure we owned some at one point. I thought someone found them at a garage sale.

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2019 21:48:50 EST, Alan Wilson said
As of 10pm tonight, I switched the Winter Camp Notifier from Winter Camp XLII planning to XLIII. If you're subscribed, you will only be notified of XLIII planning now.

I thought we had at least a couple left hand golf clubs, but I'm not sure. I am pretty sure we brought down all the golf clubs we have, so maybe we just don't have any.

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2019 20:00:28 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I think we didn't have any left handed clubs for CC golf this year. Does anyone know if that's because we don't have any or didn't get them out of the attic?

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2019 09:43:46 EST, Uncle Ethan said
A few thoughts that came up during the WCFS meeting:
Let's schedule the Time Capsule opening on the first or second day
If we make candles, it should be on the schedule (that said, I don't think we'll need to make more very soon)
If we CC golf in BC, we might want to add more time.

On Wednesday, 02-Jan-2019 13:51:31 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Anyone with more to say about Winter Camp XLII can do it here:

This is the same evaluation that was passed out at camp.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 15:11:12 EST, Doug Wilson said
I hereby declare that I will serve as kitchen adviser for winter camp XLIII.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 14:38:03 EST, Steve said
We could probably do model rockets one day and water rockets another with a rocketry theme. Maybe we could do rocket-powered pinewood derby type cars or rocket-powered model sleds on the Lake.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 08:38:02 EST, K2 said
I believe rockets was also suggested as a theme

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 00:50:27 EST, Steve said
During Winter Camp, Space was suggested as a theme.

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