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On Wednesday, 11-Sep-2019 17:28:43 EDT, Steve said
I think the target is still space not science fiction.

On Wednesday, 11-Sep-2019 12:40:46 EDT, Doug said
You beat me to it Keith!

On Wednesday, 11-Sep-2019 11:47:34 EDT, K2 said
I got a portable dehumidifier in my basement :)

On Wednesday, 11-Sep-2019 10:50:27 EDT, Brian said
As a side activity or experiment could we try moisture farming?

On Tuesday, 10-Sep-2019 18:37:51 EDT, Steve said
I'm good with that.

Do we think we're going to have rockets play a big part? Like will we do model rockets and bottle rockets? Will we consider a space derby event like the cubs?

On Monday, 09-Sep-2019 12:47:43 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I looked over some old activity lists and it seems haven't played Arrowman Bingo since Winter Camp XXXIV. I vote we bring it back this year.

On Saturday, 07-Sep-2019 19:43:22 EDT, K2 said
Is it as a pre-curser to the Rand Stew? The Donohue Buffet?

On Saturday, 07-Sep-2019 19:09:03 EDT, Steve said
Should we consider some kind of banquet for the last dinner?

Should Winter Camp offer a salad bar before dinners?

On Tuesday, 27-Aug-2019 18:57:55 EDT, Steve said
I have a trebuchet that would probably be suitable for launching eggs. It probably needs some TLC to be used.

On Monday, 26-Aug-2019 16:25:27 EDT, K2 said
It's not space themed but for the egg launch, we could make a trebuchet. Would that be a new challenge for setup day?

On Sunday, 25-Aug-2019 18:36:28 EDT, Steve said
Who is going to write all the poetry?

On Saturday, 24-Aug-2019 00:14:15 EDT, Christopher Kirschke said
Also another fun idea, do a verses item hunt [almost like a capture the flag tag sort of system, with clues on how to find your item and screw with the other teams hunt and the like].

On Saturday, 24-Aug-2019 00:05:35 EDT, Christopher Kirschke said
Also to add onto the item hunt, how much can we do within camp? like would digging [very small and shallow] holes in the ground and setting up little structures be fine [more so with the promise to clean them up after we are done]?

On Saturday, 24-Aug-2019 00:01:33 EDT, Christopher Kirschke said
you know, if we are doing nation inspired meals, each day we could have each meal be from a different era of said nations history [so for a USSR/Russian Federation, we could do breakfast as a 50s meal, lunch as a cold war 70-80s meal and dinner as a 2010s meal or something] as these nations have really changed a LOT over the time.

Also for the item hunt, how hard do you guys what it to be? or should we do two of them [one a simple point to point where the next clue, while the second harder one would be story based and non-lineral and the like]

On Thursday, 22-Aug-2019 17:11:36 EDT, Dave M said
K2. Almost like cook it in a paper cup.or something....

On Thursday, 22-Aug-2019 13:57:49 EDT, K2 said
I wonder if we could pre-scramble the egg without breaking it.....

On Thursday, 22-Aug-2019 13:35:01 EDT, Steve said
I'm thinking we need payload eggs. One day we launch eggs and try not to break them. The next day we serve them for breakfast.

On Monday, 19-Aug-2019 21:45:51 EDT, Steve said
What about dinners from space-faring nations? Probably other than the US. Like China, Russia, Europe (consortium of 10 countries), and India,

On Monday, 19-Aug-2019 21:12:40 EDT, Dave Milon said
12 Kits for $76 on Amazon atm as a benchmark.

On Monday, 19-Aug-2019 21:01:40 EDT, Steve said
Does it seem safe to assume we will build and launch model rockets at Winter Camp this year? I'm thinking end of summer sales might be our friend.

On Saturday, 17-Aug-2019 19:34:17 EDT, Steve said
Past youth leader Nick Caruana was just called out for the Vigil Honor.

On Monday, 12-Aug-2019 22:26:12 EDT, Alan said
On the subject of freeze drying, it would be very possible to make "astronaut ice cream" at winter camp using a vacuum pump, dry ice, and a few pieces of plumbing.

Even though I'm fairly sure astronaut ice cream has never been eaten in space.

On Monday, 12-Aug-2019 13:05:49 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
A stove top waffle maker sounds great!

On Sunday, 11-Aug-2019 12:28:53 EDT, Doug said
Waffles would be a great new food for winter camp. Seems like a natural fit continental breakfast.
The Wilson's use a stove top cast iron waffle maker (near 100 years old) no electricity needed. Takes about 4 minutes to cook a waffle.
Somewhat off topic but space related. Was watching one of the PBS NASA documentaries the other night. Something I hadn’t heard before - Apparently there was some speculation/fear that Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon might have been an advertisement for Fisher Cheese then the largest employer in his home town Wapakoneta, Ohio. That would have been hilarious.

On Saturday, 10-Aug-2019 15:22:40 EDT, K2 said
Yeah more than 2 waffle irons on the same circuit puts it at risk of popping the breaker. My vote is for a single waffle iron and leave it as an option for the continental.

On Thursday, 08-Aug-2019 19:35:33 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I've been thinking about having waffles at camp and wonder if it makes more sense to make sure we buy pancake mix that has a waffle option for the continental breakfast or going through the effort to actually have them on the menu for one of the hot breakfasts. If it's the continental breakfast, we could probably do with one maker. If it's on the menu, we'd probably need somewhere between 4 and 8 waffle makers. That might also be hard on the electrical systems. What do you all think?

On Thursday, 08-Aug-2019 15:04:58 EDT, K2 said
I'm trying to find a STL file of the nasa coffee cup but so far my google-fu is not being successful. I could probably design something that looks similar though if we wanted. I would guess each cup would take at least 12-16 hours to print so we have enough lead time to print ~30 cups. I have two printers now, one needs some repairs before it'll be operational again, but if I can get it going could probably print these in < a month once I have the STL file.

On Friday, 02-Aug-2019 22:43:22 EDT, Christopher Kirschke said
Honestly if we want to do food tubes, and dont plan on keeping them for much longer than a few days, we can make them either the day before wintercamp starts or as an activity.

All we would need is something tube like [or a few sheets of some antimicrobial metal like tin or copper, or plastic could work if we boil it] and the meal you plan on making.

I think it would be great fun to make your own "space meals", could even try freeze drying with a vacuum desiccator and the freezer.

On Monday, 29-Jul-2019 00:24:56 EDT, Steve said
We should look for some food tubes too maybe. There could be a traveling lunch where people squeeze their lunch from something like a toothpaste tube.

On Friday, 26-Jul-2019 16:49:43 EDT, Doug said
Didn’t know they still made Tang. Would be cool if we could get something like the beverage pouches NASA used.
While attempting to look that up came across a NASA certified zero gravity cup (typically for coffee) that is designed using surface tension to keep the liquid in the cup. It is very oddly shaped “kind of a cross between a gravy boat and a nose” they are 3D printed and available for only $500 each. Look it up -good for a laugh. Perhaps there is a non-certified design we could print ourselves with a Winter Camp Logo as a souvenir.

On Friday, 26-Jul-2019 06:11:21 EDT, Steve said
I think we should have Tang available at all times and of course for breakfast.

On Thursday, 25-Jul-2019 14:45:20 EDT, K2 said
Paper spaceships you mean? ;)

On Thursday, 25-Jul-2019 14:26:29 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
I think we could have some fun involving paper airplanes, rubber band shooting, or playing card throwing. I see had paper plans on the schedule at Winter Camp XXXIV. I also learned Doug's process for rubber band shooting at Winter Camp.

On Friday, 05-Jul-2019 20:16:39 EDT, Ethan Rein said
D-A has been empty other than us for a past few years. I don't see any events listed for that time on the MCC website. Even if there are people there, I'm sure we can find some space where we could not have to worry about outsiders.

On Thursday, 04-Jul-2019 23:36:32 EDT, Christopher Kirschkr said
So are we good with the side Mystery Item hunt idea, bescuse if so I would like to start designing up some ideas and testing a few things.

Also will there be anyone else other than the winter campers in D-A during the week? Since I would rather not freak out anyone else [Im planning a fun and interesting story line for this, and its going to invole some actual history and fun though provoking stuff, but to the outsider who has no clue whats going on, might look a bit strange]

On Thursday, 04-Jul-2019 22:47:09 EDT, Doug said
Probably won’t study for winter camp, but we could have meal and/or activity themes that include facts about space topics which could be used in a Jeopardy game. I was thinking kind of like the 100 years of music we did a years ago (that was played during meals) only it would probably be more suitable as videos.

I do really like the scavenger hunt idea and associated modifications.

How about a Star Wars cantina based casino night?

On Thursday, 04-Jul-2019 21:47:12 EDT, K2 said
I think we'd have better luck with trivia on space movies / tv shows:

Star Wars
Star Trek

On Thursday, 04-Jul-2019 20:58:26 EDT, Steve said
We had an event a few years back where triangulation was used to get close to a crashed ship. Basically two readings from different locations to show its course. We could maybe use that to get teams in range of the radio signal.

On Thursday, 04-Jul-2019 20:57:19 EDT, Steve said
It's probably not likely that people will study for Winter Camp.

On Wednesday, 03-Jul-2019 23:46:07 EDT, Christopher Kirschkr said
Also if we do Jeopardy again it could be based on IRL space agencies

like facts on
Kosmicheskaya programma SSSR [Soviet Space Program]
Roscosmos [current russian space program]
इसरो [you would not believe how hard that is to type]
both ISA

and possibly other stuff like rockets [R-7, Soyus, Vostok, Mercury, Redstone, Atlas [ironically all of these started off as ICBMs] and other feats of space travel

On Wednesday, 03-Jul-2019 23:44:19 EDT, Alan said
As part of a scavenger hunt we could have 'Search for crashed satellite' and try to track down something in the woods using radio signals. Not sure how well this would work given D-A's terrain though.

On Wednesday, 03-Jul-2019 23:01:26 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
Alan's map makes me wonder if the chapter ever have a perimeter hike at CHR.

On Wednesday, 03-Jul-2019 22:57:40 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
A scavenger hunt sounds great!

On Wednesday, 03-Jul-2019 16:58:23 EDT, Christopher Kirschkr said
You know if we are doing a space theme, one fun thing to have everyone do: An optional mystery hunt [space themed]

more or less anyone who wants to following a series of clues around camp to solve a "mystery" or objective [say a hunt for missing V-2 plans simmilar to Operation Paperclip or looking for the so called "CCCP Missing files"].

If you want I could set this up and put the clues around camp either during the set up or first day.

On Thursday, 27-Jun-2019 18:20:04 EDT, said
Looking at the map is funny. It seems like we should have had a better way to order cabins.

On Monday, 24-Jun-2019 21:53:01 EDT, Alan said
For those interested, I have created a google earth overlay of CHR camp's occupiers.

On Saturday, 22-Jun-2019 12:51:48 EDT, Steve said
Shatner is space right?

Shatner game. Whenever someone tells “Shatner” everyone has to overact whatever they’re doing

On Wednesday, 19-Jun-2019 22:38:39 EDT, Doug said
3-1/2 weeks until the 3rd annual El Mediodia party. Saturday July 13th, 2PM until ?? at the Wilson's 9515 Woodbend Dr., Saline 48176 (about 6 miles south of I-94 and 3.5 miles west of US-23). Held rain or shine.

Plan on bringing a dish to pass and lawn chairs. We will be providing mexican food (likely chicken fajitas and beef tacos). Steve and Kristie are planning to do the ice cream bar again.

Please feel free to pass along this invitation to other interested parties, post on Facebook, etc., for those not on the elders group or who don’t regularly check the website. It would be great to get some folks from the distant past.

Doug and Joy Wilson

On Tuesday, 04-Jun-2019 22:04:15 EDT, Alan said
Regarding postcards/images from space: you can receive live images from certain weather satellites with a TV antenna and a $15 radio module that connects to a laptop. This is 100% something we could do at Winter Camp. Doesn't have to be an entire event, but we could do it.

There's a few other satellite things we could do too; there's others that you can pick up with a radio, and plenty that can be seen at night. The hard part is scheduling, because both radio and visual work best when the sky is clear, and you usually can't say exactly when a satellite will pass overhead until about a few weeks before it happens.

On Tuesday, 04-Jun-2019 20:07:32 EDT, said
Another thing I saw today that looked interesting was a recipe that used a 2 liter bottle to make burger Kabobs. The burgers were grilled, some cheese added and then they were added to a hot dog bun. The interesting part was the coke bottle which was used to mold tubes of meat.

On Tuesday, 04-Jun-2019 19:59:30 EDT, Steve said
Had two thoughts today. One was for meals. What if we had Winter Camp in orbit and ate based on our position. So on the day one we'd have Mexican food so we could achieve lift off. Day two and three other dinners from other continents or countries and day four would either be seafood (for splashdown) or a sort of down to earth banquet with normal foods. We could always use seafood as a dinner in the middle.

The other thought was Postcards from Space. We could (I think) get postcards with astronomical images and have somoene mail them each day -- anyone who wanted could do one and send it wherever they wanted.

On Wednesday, 08-May-2019 09:27:35 EDT, Steve said
Looking forward to it. I think Kristie and I will probably do the Sundae Bar again.

On Saturday, 04-May-2019 13:33:34 EDT, Doug said
3rd Annual El Mediodia Party - 6,435.6 jiffys until the 2019 El Mediodia party! (That’s Saturday, July 13th, 2PM for those unfamiliar with the universal measurement system.)

The festivities will be at the Wilson's in Saline. Join us to celebrate Winter Camp 43 being closer than WC 42 with an afternoon of food, fellowship and fun.

All Winter campers and their families past, present, and future welcome. More details to follow later, plan on bringing a dish to pass and lawn chairs.

Please feel free to pass along this invitation to other interested parties who may not regularly check the website. It would be great to get some folks from the distant past.

On Tuesday, 16-Apr-2019 20:02:54 EDT, K2 said

On Monday, 15-Apr-2019 18:19:34 EDT, Steve said
I’m planning to go to the observatory training in May so we could potentially visit during Winter Camp.

On Monday, 15-Apr-2019 16:16:54 EDT, K2 said
I also have a telescope that is fairly portable. I'd have to check it ahead of time to make sure nothing has happened to it in the 20ish years since I've last used it...

On Monday, 15-Apr-2019 16:15:52 EDT, K2 said
It might attract a few more youth if we include work towards a merit badge. I'd be open to it.

On Monday, 15-Apr-2019 12:36:59 EDT, Uncle Ethan said
NASA seems best to me. As a related item, I bet we could get most of the requirements for Space Exploration merit badge done at camp. Do you think it would be worth programming around it? Requirements 2, 3, and 7 seem like things we'd do anyway

On Sunday, 14-Apr-2019 15:50:23 EDT, K2 said
Meal idea: UFO Meal - Unidentified Food Objects

On Sunday, 14-Apr-2019 12:42:00 EDT, Doug said
I think there is room for a couple of “space” themes. I was thinking primarily NASA, but we could look at something like an alien invasion, UFOs, or some more obscure science fiction. Maybe a past, present and future thing running through the weekette.
And of course a reading of the classic Oatley favorite short story “The Random Sample”

On Saturday, 13-Apr-2019 16:58:13 EDT, K2 said
I’m thinking nasa space

On Saturday, 13-Apr-2019 15:19:22 EDT, Steve said
Does anyone have a suggestion?

On Saturday, 06-Apr-2019 20:33:14 EDT, Steve said
What's our actual theme?

I mean we've said "Space" but is it NASA space, Star Wars space, Star Trek space, Battlestar space, Firefly space or some other kind of space?

On Wednesday, 27-Mar-2019 11:12:55 EDT, Dave said
That ↓ is Epic!

On Wednesday, 27-Mar-2019 10:30:58 EDT, K2 said
What if we were to find a local dairy farmer who would let us milk one of his cows, then we could churn our own butter from it. Zero plastic waste.

On Saturday, 23-Mar-2019 21:02:21 EDT, Jeff said
The idea for the meal started with creating no plastic waste. A dead whale was found in the Philippines with 88 pounds (40 kilos for our Canadian friends) of plastic in its gut.

On Friday, 22-Mar-2019 21:14:52 EDT, Steve said
I think the drink would have to be either pop or water since any sort of powdered drink would have waste.

I think Jeff's case sausage idea is decent, we'd just have to find the right butcher to sell it to us with no paper or bags.

Potatoes could work. I'm not sure how to cook them. Maybe some kind of fried, but we'd have to manage the oil/butter to avoid waste.

On Friday, 22-Mar-2019 19:43:45 EDT, Steve said
No. Plates are fine as long as we reuse them. Lettuce would only work if we could buy it without plastic wrap and if we used the whole thing including the heel.

The goal is to have no waste in the cooking or eating of the meal. So potatoes could work but only if we didn't peel them. Most fruits would be out for example unless we ate the seeds and peels.

I think this will be a tough meal for us to come up with. It would probably be a good meal for a space theme since it would involve less waste and waste would be a big issue in a space ship or station.

On Friday, 22-Mar-2019 10:49:29 EDT, K2 said
So this is just a rebranded willy wonka meal...

On Friday, 22-Mar-2019 10:43:26 EDT, Dave said
What if tried to work it around a 'wrap' style of vegetarian meal, utilizing lettuce as the outside. Along the lines of prepared potato wrapped in a lettuce leaf?

On Friday, 22-Mar-2019 09:45:33 EDT, said
I think you might have to be a little generous here and there. Jeff's thought was linked sausage. I think if it arrived in camp in a reusable container it might be okay. I don't know if you could get a shop to sell you it sans paper, but maybe.

Reusable could mean tupperware or it could mean that the container was used for something else at camp.

On Thursday, 21-Mar-2019 11:26:52 EDT, Doug said
Finding things without any packaging will be a lot harder in the winter. During the summer you could get vegetables like: carrots, beans, or pea pods at a farmer's market. Alan thought of potatoes. Can't think of anything that fits better than a baked potato at the moment. Suppose you could eat crickets, ants or grasshoppers and think there are some fish that you eat whole (sardines or maybe smelt), but I'm not up for that.

On Thursday, 21-Mar-2019 00:35:32 EDT, Steve said
Jeff had a suggestion that we create a meal with no waste. No packaging to throw out, eat everything we cook and generally when we're done, there's no sign the meal was ever prepared or eaten. I think this one is a tough nut to crack, so I'm putting it up for suggestions now.

Nothing could come from a box, bag, or can and if we had vegetables, we couldn't peel them for example.

On Friday, 15-Mar-2019 16:10:37 EDT, Steve said
We’d have to take a guess at what an average person could eat and use that number for planning. We’d also need a time element to limit the amount contestants had the chance to eat.

On Friday, 15-Mar-2019 15:09:15 EDT, K2 said
Now I'm just curious how the meal planning database would handle an eating contest...

On Wednesday, 06-Mar-2019 22:17:09 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Have we ever had a staring contest tournament? Seems like it could be fun.

I also think we should make peanut butter again. Could be for a lunch (like last time) or maybe for a snack. Not sure what the snack would be, but peanut butter goes with a lot of things.

On Tuesday, 05-Mar-2019 19:55:38 EST, Steve said
Maybe we Winter Camp should have a competitive eating event. We had pixie stix many years ago, but maybe something more traditional like hot dogs.

On Saturday, 23-Feb-2019 18:27:48 EST, Steve said
We called out an hour of free time every day this year. I don't know if we really got it though. Maybe we should have it at times other than before dinner.

On Thursday, 21-Feb-2019 14:26:55 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I'm not sure if we've golfed in the afternoon, but it might be worth a try. I looked at the last 10 schedules and we've always golfed in the morning.

The reason I'm suggesting this is that it might be a way to build some free time into the schedule. That would happen by starting CC Golf after lunch and then have no other activity planned until dinner. It might also take pressure off any slow teams.

On Tuesday, 19-Feb-2019 15:14:15 EST, Steve said
Also you make it sound like you think HDA is a good thing. Of course, maybe you do. Weirdo :)

On Tuesday, 19-Feb-2019 15:13:40 EST, Steve said
You say might as if there’s some doubt

On Tuesday, 19-Feb-2019 13:46:01 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Have we ever had a scavenger hunt at Winter Camp? Given the prevalence of camera enabled phones, we could probably do something pretty cool. A hunt could have a mix of nature (take a picture of a pine cone), D-bar-A-specific (take a picture of a horse), and Winter Camp specific (take a picture of a building named after someone whose been to Winter Camp). Depending on the items on the list, this might even qualify as an HDA.

On Monday, 18-Feb-2019 22:04:27 EST, K2 said
All I can visualize is the owl from the tootsie pop commercials saying “how many slaps does it take to heat a hot dog”

On Monday, 18-Feb-2019 21:06:37 EST, B Mann said
It does sound fun to try, however, will a hotdog hold up to that much abuse? Maybe sausage, kielbasa, or something in a casing.

On Monday, 18-Feb-2019 19:14:26 EST, Steve said
There's a meme out there about cooking a chicken by slapping it. The idea is the kinetic energy of the slap becomes thermal energy when absorbed by the chicken. Many of the numbers used by the answer are probably spurious (like it wants to heat the chicken to 400 degrees when 165 is generally considered cooked for poultry.

Anyhow, I'm not eager to try this with chicken, but I wonder if we could maybe cook (well, heat) hot dogs this way? I'm envisioning some kind of motorized ferris wheel of hot dogs which keeps hitting them against a flexible surface. Maybe with enough speed we could make it happen.

Anyone else think this could be a fun experiment?

On Wednesday, 13-Feb-2019 14:01:39 EST, Uncle Ethan said
My family plays a pretty good get to know each other game where each person submits what they think is a unique fact and we post them some place. Then, everyone guesses submitted the facts. Then, we read them aloud and people idenify themselves. I think it could be fun to do on the first day of camp. Putting it in terms of stuff we've done before, I guess you could say it's like arrowman bingo, but with a guessing game replacing the signature quest, and of course not having a bingo aspect.

On Wednesday, 13-Feb-2019 13:55:35 EST, B Mann said
I just noticed that we have Kirschke/Donohue as chairman/advisor.... does this mean its a "Canadian Space" theme?

On Wednesday, 13-Feb-2019 13:52:59 EST, B Mann said
I still have 2 sling shots and can pick up paintballs for ammo. They work rather well and are fun too.

On Wednesday, 13-Feb-2019 07:02:12 EST, David C. Oakley said
I like space theme. I did space games at Klondike a few years back. Maybe we make a star trek day / rocket day- NASA / star wars day. Just some thoughts. "Oak". I made a jabba the hut target- 8ft wide by 8 ft tall for sling hsot targets. I also made a death star that we shot at and burned. Use flip phones on star trek day - dress up for one meal in "enterprise".

On Saturday, 09-Feb-2019 15:41:07 EST, Steve said
Problem solver
Genius night with a specific space related problem. Each team is given an identical set of parts with the same specific problem to solve. The problem should be something we could time or maybe the whole event is timed. Perhaps there is something on the floor of the station which must be removed without touching it. So the teams have to come up with a way to pick up ping pong balls or rice kenrels or something similar.

On Thursday, 07-Feb-2019 12:43:06 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Mission Control sound awesome! Reminds me of a scene in Apollo 13

On Thursday, 07-Feb-2019 00:40:12 EST, Steve said
Mission Control
Each team is given a set of directions, a geocache box, and a set of walkie talkies (or they can use cell phones). One team has the directions and must guide the other team to a specific location where the box will open. Inside the box is a lego kit with no pictures and no directions, just pieces. The control team is now given that same kit and has to guide the remote team to build it then return to the base to compare results.

Repair Crew
Players have to fix something while wearing heavy gloves and with limited vision because of helmets. Maybe they have to stack something after tossing it to each other. Ie, a chain of people throwing rings or blocks from person to person and the last one has to stack them.

On Monday, 04-Feb-2019 22:01:48 EST, Ethan said
I'd also like to suggest we put 4 square on the program for this year. It's one of my favorite less frequently played Winter Camp games.

On Monday, 04-Feb-2019 22:01:09 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I think the Rein family has a set of Jarts. I'll talk with my folks.

On Monday, 04-Feb-2019 17:43:07 EST, Steve said
We could theme it up by making the target circle some planet and of course you have to land your rocket on the alien planet.

On Monday, 04-Feb-2019 17:40:53 EST, Steve said
Winter Camp might need to have real lawn jarts. They look like rockets and probably none of the youth has ever played with them.

On Saturday, 02-Feb-2019 16:02:45 EST, K2 said
Also, for a fleeting moment I thought you misspelled Haiku. Then I knew better and googled it.

On Saturday, 02-Feb-2019 16:01:03 EST, K2 said
This... Shatner idea... sounds... super awesome!

On Friday, 01-Feb-2019 16:04:33 EST, Steve said
Shatner is from space. The idea for the game is when someone yells "Shatner" everyone has to overact whatever they're doing no matter how trivial. Bonus points if you can work in a torn shirt or flying shoulder roll.

On Friday, 01-Feb-2019 16:02:59 EST, Steve said
Should Winter Camp start with a Haka?

On Friday, 25-Jan-2019 16:51:23 EST, Steve said
Just saw a video where they were using paint rollers to hold corn on the cob and they buttered it in a paint roller tray. Could be fun.

On Wednesday, 23-Jan-2019 22:03:01 EST, Steve said
Just saw a great recipe for a patty melt made with ground turkey

On Monday, 21-Jan-2019 23:08:54 EST, Steve said
We could make beanbags in space-themed fabric.

On Monday, 21-Jan-2019 21:19:05 EST, BMann said
Meteorite juggling, asteroid juggling, antigravity juggling.

On Monday, 21-Jan-2019 20:44:29 EST, Dave M said
+1 to that

On Monday, 21-Jan-2019 19:43:35 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I propose that we have a learn to juggle event at Winter Camp XLIII.

On Saturday, 19-Jan-2019 23:38:28 EST, BMann said
I will be there

On Saturday, 19-Jan-2019 21:32:20 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Anyone going to the next chapter meeting? It's on Thursday, January 24, 7 PM at the First United Methodist Church in Dearborn (22124 Garrison St, Dearborn, MI 48124).

On Saturday, 19-Jan-2019 20:58:44 EST, BMann said
Now im hungry again. Lol

On Saturday, 19-Jan-2019 20:17:41 EST, Steve said
Kristie showed me a video today of Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes. Basically they grilled pineapple with brown sugar, added a cherry and then covered it with batter and finished cooking it.

On Wednesday, 16-Jan-2019 20:57:41 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Now that we've got darts, I'm thinking about other stuff we can do with him. How about one of the carnival-style "pop the balloon with a dart" games? That big dart board we made for the pentathlon would be easy to make again. Maybe a balloon meal where you have to pop one in order to get in line for food.

On Monday, 14-Jan-2019 13:54:00 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Good news on the left handed golf club hunt. My left handed golfer father in law gave me some irons and woods we to use for camp. I'll bring them next year or maybe get them up to camp between now and then.

On Sunday, 13-Jan-2019 22:02:21 EST, Steve said
Is this an existing drama or one we’d create?

On Sunday, 13-Jan-2019 14:51:05 EST, Jeff said
To build upon the idea of an object from space, I had a similar thought several years ago, where a black rhombus is discovered. The event would include an audio recording in the form a radio drama, titled "The Artifact."

On Saturday, 12-Jan-2019 10:40:00 EST, Steve said
What if we had some focus on STEM stuff as it would apply to space?

Imagine on day one we have reports of an object streaking across the sky and crashing in camp. (we could either track it based on its path or there could be two observers allowing us to triangulate the location better - math is optional). Something at the site needs to be lifted off (either by brute force or with a simple tool like a lever).

Inside we find a device which seems to be written in some kind of alien glyphs. We could kind of get a code-breaking thing or maybe the device could be accessed via bluetooth and hacked (I have a couple of raspberry pi's we could use for this). The code might lead us to some other activity or realization. It could also be we could find that activity by the code or some other way.

We should go look at some of what we did for the UFO theme maybe.

We might need to decide what our focus on space is. Space is pretty vast and maybe we should pick some bits to try.

On Saturday, 12-Jan-2019 09:17:46 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Given that Winter Camp XLIII will start on a Friday, it would seem we'll have a Service Day on Monday, December 30. That's how we've done it the last two times we've got this set of days. Those were Winter Camp XXVI and XXXVII. Winter Camp XXVI was of course the the first time Jackpot Grits were served.

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2019 23:02:58 EST, Uncle Ethan said
We could bring back Mark-->'s Jeopardy! set up for a space themed Jeopardy! type game. A few categories ideas: NASA, Planets, Stars, Non-NASA space programs, constellations, The Moon, The Sun

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2019 21:56:19 EST, Steve said
I don't think anyone is saying do rockets instead of space, just that rockets could be a fun part of space.

What are the activities we would do that aren't rockets? I'm sure we can come up with some just the rocket ones are easier. Maybe we could do some kind of a reduced weight event where we use bungees or weights over a rope/pulley to make someone weigh less. Like a pulley-assisted long or high jump could be fun for example.

On Thursday, 10-Jan-2019 21:07:47 EST, brian maghran said
I would say space would be a better theme compared to rockets. Space is a more general theme and having a more general theme like Olympics seemed to work out well

On Wednesday, 09-Jan-2019 20:56:16 EST, Dave Milon said
+1 👇

On Wednesday, 09-Jan-2019 20:08:17 EST, Steve said
Maybe if we do space we could do Space Detby rockets maybe in traditional and unlimited formats. Traditional meaning rubber bands like the cub scouts use and unlimited meaning maybe just a weight and size limit and maybe requirement that it be hangable from the standard hanger.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2019 20:08:40 EST, Uncle Ethan said
WCFS minutes went out today via email. If you didn't get them and want them, please let me know.

On Tuesday, 08-Jan-2019 08:13:37 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I've got pictures from this year I've been meaning to get to you, Steve. I'll do it in the next few days.

On Monday, 07-Jan-2019 21:48:32 EST, Steve said
After poking around a bit, I also added pictures for Winter Camps XXXIX, XL, and XLI.

Still looking for more pics from this year though.

On Monday, 07-Jan-2019 12:46:33 EST, Steve said
I've added some pictures and other content to the Winter Camp XLII pages. It appears I could use more if anyone has any -- these were mostly lifted from Dave Oakley.

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2019 16:27:09 EST, Matt Grimble said
I know this was brought up a few years ago, an idea for an event, building an escape room? I'm making one for the chapter at our next meeting, so I'll have a lot of supplies and dome experience for it.

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2019 12:37:45 EST, Steve said
I'd like to suggest Gumball Grits. We have the machine, capsules of ingredients would be fun. We could have it either in place of the Continental Breakfast or we could add it. We could also use the gumballs for some kind of pancake thing by mixing them in the batter on an individual bases. Not sure what we'd call that -- maybe Penny Pancakes or Poly Pancakes or something.

Why do I always want to alliterate?

On Saturday, 05-Jan-2019 10:15:10 EST, Steve said
There must have been at least one other lefty on his team. I wonder if he shared with them.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 21:22:29 EST, Jeff said
I believe there was a single left-handed club that Chris Kirschke used. Unfortunately, it was not available to our national team.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 09:45:45 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Thanks, Brian and Dave. We could probably make do with a driver, 1-2 woods, 1-2 irons, and a putter.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 08:44:51 EST, Dave Milon said
I know quite a few garage sale connoisseurs . I'll put the word out that we're looking for left handed clubs of questionable quality for next year.

My neighbor is a lefty he might have some extras, too.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 08:14:04 EST, B Mann said
I have a friend that is a lefty golfer. I can check with him and see if he has any extra clubs that he no longer uses.

On Friday, 04-Jan-2019 00:14:57 EST, Steve said
I’m pretty sure we owned some at one point. I thought someone found them at a garage sale.

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2019 21:48:50 EST, Alan Wilson said
As of 10pm tonight, I switched the Winter Camp Notifier from Winter Camp XLII planning to XLIII. If you're subscribed, you will only be notified of XLIII planning now.

I thought we had at least a couple left hand golf clubs, but I'm not sure. I am pretty sure we brought down all the golf clubs we have, so maybe we just don't have any.

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2019 20:00:28 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I think we didn't have any left handed clubs for CC golf this year. Does anyone know if that's because we don't have any or didn't get them out of the attic?

On Thursday, 03-Jan-2019 09:43:46 EST, Uncle Ethan said
A few thoughts that came up during the WCFS meeting:
Let's schedule the Time Capsule opening on the first or second day
If we make candles, it should be on the schedule (that said, I don't think we'll need to make more very soon)
If we CC golf in BC, we might want to add more time.

On Wednesday, 02-Jan-2019 13:51:31 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Anyone with more to say about Winter Camp XLII can do it here:

This is the same evaluation that was passed out at camp.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 15:11:12 EST, Doug Wilson said
I hereby declare that I will serve as kitchen adviser for winter camp XLIII.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 14:38:03 EST, Steve said
We could probably do model rockets one day and water rockets another with a rocketry theme. Maybe we could do rocket-powered pinewood derby type cars or rocket-powered model sleds on the Lake.

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 08:38:02 EST, K2 said
I believe rockets was also suggested as a theme

On Tuesday, 01-Jan-2019 00:50:27 EST, Steve said
During Winter Camp, Space was suggested as a theme.

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