Winter Camp XLII - 2018


NameNights Spent
Carlos Acosta4
Michael Bristol4
Nicholas Caruana4
Chris Downie4
Ben Ferencz4
Matthew Grimble4
Chris Kirschke3
Brian Maghran3
Mateo McDonald3
Ian McKeever4
Ryan Shork4
Nicholas Weathers4


NameNights Spent
Mark Bollman4
Jay Bottorff0
Gabriel Church3
Kristie Donohue3
Stephen Donohue4
Alexander Downie4
Gordon Draper0
Alex Ferencz4
John Ferencz4
Andrew Fountain4
Adam Haubenstricker2
Roger Dale Horn2
John Howey1
Keith King4
Brian Mann4
Robert Miller4
David Milon, Jr.2
David Oakley2
Louis Pezet1
Jeffrey Rand4
Ethan Rein4
Alan Wilson4
Douglas Wilson4

Youth Guests

NameNights Spent
Gavin Bottorff0
Michaela King0

Adult Guests

NameNights Spent
Michelle Matowski0

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