Winter Camp XLII - 2018


Leader:Ian McKeeeverKeith King
Activities/Program:Brian MaghranEthan Rein
Kitchen:Nicholas CaruanaSteve Donohue
Scout's Own:VacantVacant
Participation Award:VacantVacant

Planning Meeting

The planning meeting for Winter Camp XLII will be on November 23, 2018 at 1:00 pm. The location is the ancestral home of the Donohue's:
2042 Markese
Linoln Park, MI 48146. Any questions can be addressed to Steve Donohue at 313-919-0106.

The meeting is open to anyone who has a good idea and especially anyone going to camp. You can also pay at this event.

Planning Notes

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on planning for Winter Camp XLII!

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On Friday, 23-Feb-2018 02:03:35 EST, Steve said
Should have been more clear. There are targets with numbers or letters you have to hit. This letters or numbers are the right answers

On Thursday, 22-Feb-2018 23:18:32 EST, Steve said
I wonder if we could do some sort of mixed events. Like you have to get the right answer and then throw a spear or knife or whatever and stick it. Maybe we could do something with ice and breaking it. Sort of combine getting the right answer with a physical challenge. That could be a team event...

On Thursday, 22-Feb-2018 09:21:03 EST, Uncle Ethan said
I think a spelling bee would be great. We could split up into self designated difficulty groups (think of them as "weight classes") and have several winners.

On Wednesday, 21-Feb-2018 21:01:44 EST, Steve said
Just saw a video of different party food rings. Seems like we should have a ring meal at Winter Camp and maybe some bundt cake just to carry the theme of the Olympics.

On Wednesday, 21-Feb-2018 19:42:08 EST, Steve said
I think we need to make sure that at least some of our Olympic events rely on technique rather then just physical ability. We might also consider some math or trivia. Olympic spelling bee? Just need to make sure we have enough different contests that everyone has a chance to win something (or at least do well).

On Thursday, 15-Feb-2018 07:35:31 EST, Dave Oakley said
Steve- on your nickname list back on 1-12-18 - you missed me - "Oak". Thanks. Ian-K2- Uncle Ethan- I can get Olympic type medals for games. I also have some hula hoops that are taped together like the Olympic symbol. I like the decathalon idea. We can have guys try cross country skiing a little- shoot targets and move on for spear throw.?? I have tons more ideas and games that worked at previous Klondikes. I am already saving cans to make more smudge pot candles. I have the cardboard for both sleds and candles.

On Wednesday, 14-Feb-2018 21:33:57 EST, K2 said
Duct tape is a huge advantage when making sleds from cardboard. Highly recommend using it.

On Wednesday, 14-Feb-2018 15:15:30 EST, Ethan said
Craft idea - We could make sleds out of cardboard and twine (or duct tape). Then, we can take them down the face or maybe the BC dam.

I think the lodge had did this for a few year around 2007-10, but I'm not sure. That was around the time I
stopped regularly attending events.

We'd need a "no snow" contingency plan for this event of course.

On Tuesday, 13-Feb-2018 18:21:05 EST, K2 said
We'll be like Amazon trying to find a new HQ!

On Tuesday, 13-Feb-2018 14:59:08 EST, Steve said
I think different cabins should try to be selected as the host for camp. Reps for different cabins could put together a bid package explaining why a particular cabin/subcamp should host Winter Camp XLII.

On Tuesday, 13-Feb-2018 14:13:17 EST, Ethan said
Steve's ideas sound good to me. I especially like the idea of using host countries as organizing principles for different days.

On Monday, 12-Feb-2018 20:13:40 EST, Steve said
Olympics is doing pretty well. I think if we go with it we should have meals from different host nations. This clears the way for Limburger as lamb is popular in Greece. We could also have Coney dogs as a lunch. Maybe we could have homemade baklava for a dessert somewhere.

I would suggest we skip the Future Olympics but do have some Olympic style events. Maybe we could do like one venue a day with some events from that location. We should do some real events like running and spear throwing but also some made up ones like synchronized kneading or rhythmic table setting.

We should have the biathlon (running and poker) and maybe we could have a contest where we build podiums or invent medals with craft stuff from Uncle Etan

On Tuesday, 30-Jan-2018 11:13:12 EST, Ethan said
Ian set up a poll to get feedback on these at the Winter Camp Facebook group. I think it's set up so you can add ideas. Not sure how long it's open for business, but I think it's active right now (Tuesday, 1/30)

On Monday, 29-Jan-2018 13:43:21 EST, K2 said
Could play 99 red balloons on a loop too!

On Monday, 29-Jan-2018 12:02:02 EST, Timothy kasprzak said
If its not too late for theme ideas what about a cold war fallout theme, we cpuld have pur own doomaday clock, maybe make sheltors like we did a few years back. Mre meal, capture the objective cpuld be capture the nuke lol. I feel theres a lot that can ve done with the theme.

On Wednesday, 24-Jan-2018 18:39:37 EST, K2 said
In my first tentative official act as pending adult adviser, I approve of Uncle Ethan's message.

On Saturday, 20-Jan-2018 10:36:23 EST, Uncle Ethan said
In my first official act as Activities Adviser, I have recruited the leaders of Winter Camps I and XLI to plan and execute at Murder Game at Winter Camp XLII.

On Thursday, 18-Jan-2018 21:21:28 EST, Jeff said
There is an Access version of the Murder Game used in 2004. Prior to that we used a TRS-80 and were slow typists.

On Thursday, 18-Jan-2018 13:48:22 EST, Steve said
One of the issues with the Murder Game as we've typically played it is that only a couple of people actually get to kill anyone. It's probably more realistic to have very few murders, but it might be more fun to play it like an assassination thing where everyone has a target. When the guy targeting me succeeds, I give him my target. It keeps working like that until someone gets themselves as a target and at that point, you know they've won.

On Thursday, 18-Jan-2018 12:13:51 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Any youth out there interested in being the coordinator of the Murder Game? Alternatively, does anyone have a recommendation for a leader?

On Wednesday, 17-Jan-2018 13:52:37 EST, K2 said
Consequences could be one thing. We could also restrict it by requiring a specific method. IE with a poisoned batch of rand stew. Maybe like a reverse clue game? Where it tells you who, where and with what you're supposed to do the deed. You get more points for each criteria you get. Some points for one. More points If you get two. Even more points for all three. Tie breakers could be time, not knowing who was the hit man, etc.

On Wednesday, 17-Jan-2018 12:22:22 EST, Steve said
I think Jeff wrote a version of the Murder Game that works using Access but I'm not sure. It would still take someone to run it though. The game needs something to provide consequences; right now if I'm ordered to kill Jeff, only my own desire to be clever stops me from just walking up and shooting him in front of the whole world. That works for some people but not everyone. It woudl be cool if there was something in game to discourage public killings.

On Tuesday, 16-Jan-2018 19:50:13 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Looking over the manual makes me think we could have a Murde Game as a “big” activity. It might be useful to recruit a youth leader specifically to set up and run such a game.

On Monday, 15-Jan-2018 08:45:09 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Lacrosse would fit in with a an Iroquois theme. I've never tried to play it, but I think we could have fun.

On Sunday, 14-Jan-2018 19:50:25 EST, said
What if we contemplated Native Americans or perhaps Iroquois as a theme? We could have some traditional foods for a meal or two, play some games and activities, and work on regalia for the team. We could also do other Indian Lore related stuff.

On Saturday, 13-Jan-2018 17:31:12 EST, Jeff said
Our means could produce a significant and memorable ceremony.

On Saturday, 13-Jan-2018 15:06:57 EST, K2 said
I'd be all in for putting on an unforgettable show at the face... at least what would be within our means. Remote ignition fire pit, W's, etc. Fire, fire and more fire.

On Friday, 12-Jan-2018 23:06:07 EST, Steve said
Didn’t cubs (maybe 1058 too) make donuts with refrigerated dough back in the day?

We’d have todo some planning on what sorts of things we wanted for the site and characters. Maybe we’d do a lot of regaliabut we could do candles and other stuff too. We could also have some training on performance since we’d have some pretty good performers there.

On Friday, 12-Jan-2018 22:15:49 EST, Doug said
El Mediodia Party - Save the Date July 8th (Sunday Afternoon) at the Wilson's in Saline. Details later.

Lots of great ideas and activities already for XLII. I would be totally up for homemade doughnuts!

Maybe we could have a last ceremony at the BC "Face" site with all (or at least some) of the trimmings. Could be a Brotherhood or just for ourselves.

On Friday, 12-Jan-2018 15:06:32 EST, Uncle Ethan said
Regarding the regalia, do you think we'd have enough stuff to work on keep everyone busy? It seems like we could if there were groups for head dresses, shirts, trousers, and so on. I could probably get my hands on a loaner sewing machine. I married into a family with lots of sewing machines.

On Friday, 12-Jan-2018 13:10:54 EST, Ian McKeever said
Being as 2018 is an olympic year i believe, i think an olympic theme would be neat, have a torch lighting ceremony, point system for activities and a medal ceremony at the end of the weekette, i can even build the boxes. But some of the other ideas would be fun too, is there a way we could set up a poll system so theres a group consensus on theme? Also in regards to meal prep, my dad and i have tried to get my troop to do this for years, do some prep work before like chop lettuce etc, or if theres a meal that takes forever to cook like beef stee for example, make it, freeze it, and bring it up. If anyone needs to contact me directly my number is 3133531095, text is preferred, just please include your name if you do

On Friday, 12-Jan-2018 12:04:53 EST, K2 said
It's still a work in progress. Here's the theme suggestions that have been offered so far (if I miss any please chime in):
American Folklore/Legends
Famous Uncles
Big project activity (making a movie, having 50/100 dish banquet)
Return of the One Hit Wonders
One and Done

On Friday, 12-Jan-2018 01:41:12 EST, Ian McKeever said
Sorry i havent been participating in the discussions ive been a little busy, i wouldnt mind being the youth leader again,can anyone outline for me the big points people have posted and theme ideas?

On Thursday, 11-Jan-2018 12:06:37 EST, Steve said
I think an Uncle Ethan's Craft Hour on ceremonial regalia could work. I think Kristie and I can both sew well enough to make the pieces of an outfit and we have a couple of sewing machines lying around.

On Thursday, 11-Jan-2018 11:10:00 EST, Ethan said
Any thoughts about doing some ceremonial training or prep at Winter Camp? We could make candles or do something with outfits or something like that. There was some interested in "More OA Stuff" on the evaluations. This would be especially fitting if Brian Mann come back and is still in his role as ceremonies adviser. Another way to integrate more fully with Order of the Arrow program would be to do some sort of leadership or practical (like Unit Elections) training.

On Thursday, 11-Jan-2018 00:54:20 EST, Steve said
In the lore of Winter Camp, 41 years of no squirrel clearly makes it a tradition, not an outrage..

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 23:12:07 EST, Steve said
Maybe Winter Camp needs a 25th Amendment.

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 21:40:58 EST, Steve said
We haven't updated our nickname list in about 20 years. I'm sure we've missed a few. My list would say:

The Beast: Ron Donohue
Bollmen: Bollmans
Boxhead: Eric Rohloff
Canadian, The: Chris Kirshcke
Captain Underpants: Kieran Bledsoe
D3: Dickson Mann III
Daha: Stephen Donohue
HO: Harold Oatley
Hector's Boy: Steven Paz Pejuan
Howard the Duck: Howard Hammes
K2: Keith King
Luru: Louis Pezet, Jr.
Mister Horn: Roger Horn
Old Bob, Fish Scale Head: Robert Stone, Sr.
Oooswah: Michael Osvath
The Queberite: Michael Perez
Pitchfork: Kenneth Pitchford
Pockets: Adam Pezet
Sockless Wonder: Chris Adams
Squirrelly: Reed Shannon
Stick Man: Joseph Cipponeri

Who am I missing?

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 20:40:49 EST, K2 said
41 years with no squirrel on the menu is 41 years too many! STRIKE!! STRIKE!!! No squirrel, no peace!! :: flips over table ::

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 18:24:09 EST, Steve said
I'd still say no.

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 15:07:37 EST, K2 said
Never say never! A squirrel is similar to a rat... we could try squirrel on a stick. I think it loses something though...

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 10:59:12 EST, Steve said
I want to make sure we're all agreed that "Real Rat on a Stick" won't happen.

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 10:54:07 EST, K2 said
Bagels might be a fun one to try as well!

I can take one for the team and be a kitchen assistant for taste testing / quality assurance when it comes to making the doughnuts... wouldn't want there to be any sub-par ones that made it out the door!

On Wednesday, 10-Jan-2018 07:57:36 EST, Ethan said
Adding another item to the "let's try making it from scratch" list - doughnuts. I'd be happy to be an adult in the kitchen for a doughnut snack or breakfast.

On Tuesday, 09-Jan-2018 19:34:38 EST, Ethan said
The Winter Camp XLI evaluation summary is out in today's email. Let me know if you didn't get them but would like to.

On Monday, 08-Jan-2018 16:15:17 EST, Kristie D. Donohue said
I was trying to think of a way to put this delicately, but you're absolutely right. I truly hadn't carefully pondered that enough. A Day of Hiking with Jeff sounds like a PBS special. He could be the hiking version of Bob Ross, but with less hair. Really though, I think it's still doable so long as there are clear parameters. Maybe it could be mob boss style where The Don could be in charge of the Weekette, but at the November planning meeting, each day has a consigliere.

On Sunday, 07-Jan-2018 22:22:29 EST, Steve said
I'd be a little afraid of "one and done". What if your day has things you're not good at? I don't think we'd want to have each advisor/youth determine their own schedule for the day -- Jeff's day of hiking and my day of boardgames might not appeal to everyone.

On Sunday, 07-Jan-2018 11:38:05 EST, said
Raze the Village is a good uncle activity too. Uncle Ethan builds it and Uncle Rob razes it...

On Sunday, 07-Jan-2018 07:17:55 EST, Ethan said
Raize the Village was a good one time only affair.

I think the Salute to the States banquet was only held once and I’d love to be a part of a second round.

On Saturday, 06-Jan-2018 23:30:28 EST, Kristie said
I started looking through the encyclopedia for One Hit Wonders but it'd be helpful if people who were there could chip in with memories. (It's a big encyclopedia.) My thought wasn't necessarily that each day be filled with One Hit Wonders. Maybe a couple of activities and a meal/snack, and new complimentary activities/meals to fill things out.

On Saturday, 06-Jan-2018 23:25:06 EST, Kristie said
I also thought that for some future WC, it would be fun to have One and Done adviser/youth days. There would be one theme for the weekette, but each day would see a different adviser/youth combo. This would allow each team to focus in hard on the details of their day.

On Saturday, 06-Jan-2018 19:41:01 EST, Steve said
Kristie wants to do one called "Return of the One Hit Wonders". Activities that we did once that were pretty successful but never repeated for some reason.

The first one i thought of was Extreme Bowling, but I'm sure there are a bunch more.

On Saturday, 06-Jan-2018 17:56:31 EST, K2 said
Uncle Buck, Uncle Kracker, Uncle Sam, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Fester...

On Friday, 05-Jan-2018 21:16:57 EST, Steveq said
New theme idea: Famous Uncles. Uncle Rob, Uncle Rob Dyrdek, uncle Ethan

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 23:02:41 EST, Ethan said
Given the planned excavation in BC, we could probably get permission to chop down some trees over by the face as part of a Paul Bunyan / Lumberjack portion of an American Folklore themed weekette

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 22:15:51 EST, chris kirschke said
we could do a space theme

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 22:01:10 EST, Steve said
Here are some legends we could consider:
Paul Bunyan
John Henry
Johnny Appleseed
Mike Fink
Pecos Bill
Davy Crocket and/or his wife Sally Ann Thunder Crocket

The last couple of them are real people with some legendary tales. We could also extend to include stuff like Bigfoot and Chupacabra

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 17:08:00 EST, Doug said
I think American Folklore/Legends would be a good theme. Maybe a different one for each day. Also would support the big project/special banquet idea.

For any who have taken Faygo bottles to return, Walmart glass bottle machine took them no problem. Returned $10.60 (about half Faygo bottles). Will forward to the local WC treasurer.

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 12:09:43 EST, Ethan said
Based on the feedback I've come across, I think we might be able to get a lot of excitement out of the youth about some sort of big "project" activity or meal (like making a movie or having a 50/100 dish banquet). There's seems to have been a little more appetite for direction (at least in terms of the kitchen) that we adults provided. Also, it's been a while since to took on a major undertaking. Any thoughts?

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 11:30:04 EST, Ethan said
I think a “Tall Tales” or American Folklore theme could be really good for activities and meals.

On Wednesday, 03-Jan-2018 09:34:56 EST, Steve said
I was thinking about maybe "Lumberjacks" as a theme but wasn't sure there would be enough things we could do. That led me to the thought of "American Folklore/Legends" where we could maybe do activities based on things like Bigfoot, Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, and maybe some others.

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2018 23:04:40 EST, Alan said
Only 33000 Jiffies until Winter Camp!
(Testing to make sure my notifier script got changed over correctly. I am pretty sure that everyone who checks here knows about it, but I made a script that will send you an email whenever something new gets posted to this Winter Camp planning page. Add your email at

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2018 16:20:31 EST, K2 said
A couple theme ideas that might be easier to embrace, Canada or USA.

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2018 16:17:38 EST, K2 said
Something we did at work that was fun was everyone wrote down 3 things about themselves on a sticky note, 2 were true and 1 was false. All of the sticky notes were put into a bowl and were randomly read one at a time. After each note was read, we would try to guess who it was describing and then we'd try to guess which one was false.

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2018 15:28:54 EST, Steve said
I think for next year we could have a “Some of Us” game as a get to know you. You have to say something about yourself that is true about you and 3-6 others. Too many or too few and you don’t get to eat yet. After the first try by everyone, they go in descending order of commonality. Another idea would be it should be true if their table but limited in scope for others.

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2018 12:35:35 EST, Steve said
You just did a great job. Hard to see why anyone would want to step in. Maybe you’ll be the next Stev Donohue :)

On Tuesday, 02-Jan-2018 06:11:41 EST, K2 said
Unless someone else claims it by 11:59 PM WCST on 2018-01-31, I will declare myself as the adult adviser for WC XLII! Should someone else claim it, I'll happily serve as the Activities / Program adviser for them!

On Monday, 01-Jan-2018 10:47:28 EST, Steve Donohue said
Any volunteers for leader or adviser?

On Wednesday, 27-Dec-2017 17:43:31 EST, Ethan said
Let’s make baked beans from scratch

On Wednesday, 27-Dec-2017 17:41:14 EST, Ethan said
The previous comment was not left by me

On Wednesday, 27-Dec-2017 17:28:04 EST, Ethan rein said
The revolution of no utensils and roof climbing begins

On Tuesday, 14-Nov-2017 00:23:37 EST, Steve said
Anyone ready to serve as the youth leader or the adviser for Winter Camp 42.

This one might, after all, be the answer to the question we all wonder... What is the Meaning of Life?

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