Winter Camp XL - 2016

Tuesday, December 27: Brought to you by the Letter B

7:45 AM Bollman's Hideout Meeting
11:30 AM Band of Brothers
12:30 AM Boodle Fight
1:30 PM Bolleyvall
3:30 PM Bocce
6:00 PM Bellissimo Banquet
8:00 PM Blind Hike Part 1
8:01 PM Baking Part 1
9:30 PM Blind Hike Part 2
9:31 PM Baking Part 2
11:00 PM Bakery Snack
Midnight Become Quiet

Wednesday, December 28: Brought to you by the Letter C

9:00 AM Colazione Breakfast
10:00 AM Cross Country Golf
Noon Chicken Cacciatore
1:00 PM Computerized Cartograpy: AWOL
4:00 PM Cricket
6:00 PM Catch of the Day
7:00 PM Capture the Bootleggers
9:00 PM Casino
11:00 PM Casino Snack
Midnight Can't Be Loud

Thursday, December 29: Brought to you by the Letter D

9:00 AM Doughboy Breakfast
10:17 AM Daily Good Turn
1:17 PM Doggy Style Lunch
2:17 PM Daily Good Turn Continues
6:00 PM Dinner and a Movie
8:00 PM Divided Divulging Descriptions
10:00 PM Dem Bollmano's pizza guys
Midnight Don't Make A Sound

Friday, December 30: Brought to you by the Letter E

9:00 AM Easy Breakfast
10:00 AM Escape Contest
Noon Ethan's Speakesy
1:00 PM European Futbol
4:00 PM Everyday Activities
7:00 PM Epic Anniversary Dinner
9:00 PM Eternalish Time Capsule
11:00 PM Epicurious Snack
Midnight Enough with the Noise

Saturday, December 31: Brought to you by the Letter F

9:00 AM Fortune's Grits
10:00 AM Future Fitness Event
11:00 AM First Wave of Cleanup
Noon Fuhget About It Lunch
1:00 PM Final Push
4:17 PM Farewell

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