Winter Camp XL - 2016


Leader:Steve Donohue
Kitchen:Tim Kasprzak
Newsletter:VacantMark Bollman
Participation Award:VacantEthan Rein

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On Wednesday, 04-Jan-2017 08:49:10 EST, Ethan A Rein said
If anyone has any additional thoughts for the evaluation summary, please feel free to send them my way. In case you missed it, evaluation questions include:

What were your favorite activities from Winter Camp?
What changes could we make to activities to improve them next time?
What are activities you would like to try next year?
What were your favorite meals from Winter Camp?
What changes could we make to meals to improve them next time?
What are some meals you would like to try next year?
What are some other changes that we could make next time to improve Winter Camp?
What would you like the theme to be for Winter Camp XL? What activities or meals tie into that theme?
Are you planning to come to Winter Camp XLI?
Would you be interested in helping to plan it?
Other Comments

On Sunday, 01-Jan-2017 14:01:04 EST, Steve said
Hopefully this is working.

On Saturday, 31-Dec-2016 19:51:07 EST, Steve said
So today, I had a Winter Camp for One moment. I have a copy of Risk Legacy which I want to play in time to finish for Winter Camp 50. Today I talked some people into playing it when they really should have been helping to clean up and get ready to go home

My apologies to everyone who was impacted by this. I won't let it happen again.

On Sunday, 25-Dec-2016 11:59:56 EST, K2 said
Was that Secret Bro?

Anyway, Jack said to let everyone know that some service projects will be outside!

On Sunday, 25-Dec-2016 00:28:08 EST, said
There isn't any ice cream on the menu.

You are, of course, welcome to bring your own :)

On Friday, 23-Dec-2016 18:44:09 EST, Ethan said
I can bring an electric ice cream maker if we decide to go that route and want more capacity. Happy shopping day!

On Friday, 23-Dec-2016 14:51:34 EST, Steve said
I think we'll know later tonight.

On Friday, 23-Dec-2016 08:22:13 EST, K2 said
Any use for an ice cream maker this year?

On Tuesday, 20-Dec-2016 17:16:01 EST, Tim said
Ian msntioned that he woupdbhave to pay when he gets there and i told my grandfather to pay but he hasnt put the payment in yet i think

On Tuesday, 20-Dec-2016 12:25:37 EST, K2 said
This week I'm going to try making lox. If it goes well we could potentially make this for an appetizer.

On Monday, 19-Dec-2016 22:46:13 EST, Steve said
Sorry, that was Ray Downie. Alexander and Chris are probably two of those 5 kids.

For Friday, I think we have:
Gordon Draper
Ron Donohue
Eric Brake
Eyan Brake
Mike Hodnicki
Him Warren
Tim Hunt
Lou Pezet
John Howey
Dave Milon
Scott Fults.

Not sure who else...

On Monday, 19-Dec-2016 22:34:47 EST, Steve said
Paid Registrations are 21, with adults having a lead of 1. However, I heard from Ray Alexander today he's going to have 5 youth and 1 adult from his troop going and this doesn't include our youth leader or a number of others I expect to hear from like Corey and Nick.

Christopher Adams
Daniel Forsyth
Matthew Grimble
Reese Hendricksen
Connor Johnson
Chris Kirschke
Brian Maghran
Daniel Sheridan
Jonathon Sheridan
Alan Wilaon
Mark Bollman
Gabe Church
Kristie Donohue
Steve Donohue
Dwayne Forsyth
Roger Horn
Keith King
Jeff Rand
Ethan Rein
Joe Warren
Doug Wilson

On Monday, 19-Dec-2016 11:52:54 EST, K2 said
How are we doing on registrations so far?

On Wednesday, 14-Dec-2016 14:46:53 EST, K2 said
I also received the 30 hats about a week ago so those are "here" as well!

On Tuesday, 13-Dec-2016 19:24:59 EST, Steve said
The bags are here! The bags are here!

I came in to find that Kristie had carried an out-sized and heavy box. It was addressed to the WCFS and contains our souvenir bags. We checked them out and decided both sides are cool but the side with our logo is better.

On Monday, 12-Dec-2016 20:36:36 EST, Steve said
I just ordered a dozen cannoli forms.

On Monday, 12-Dec-2016 01:13:59 EST, Steve said
We also picked up some 40 decorations and some snowflake decorations.

On Monday, 12-Dec-2016 00:39:17 EST, Steve said
I have 5 youth paid at the moment. Only one paid in person, the rest are all paypal. I'll get up a roster tomorrow.

I picked up or ordered some trays, plates, cups, forks and spoons for the banquet.

Should we consider a chafing dish kit? They had one to make 3 sets for about $35. It was 3 racks, 3 bottoms (to hold water), 6 half-dishes for food and 6 burners.

On Saturday, 10-Dec-2016 11:13:28 EST, Steve said
I think right now we're eyeballing the turkey for smoked turkey sandwiches at the speakeasy. Definitely we're planning to use it.

Keith, we're thinking about smoke salmon for Catch of the day. Will that work our? How lnng does smoking salmon take?

I had forgotten about our cannoli plans. thanks for the reminder.

On Friday, 09-Dec-2016 19:47:01 EST, Ethan said
Has anyone investigated making cannoli? I'll be missing the Bellissimo Banquet, but I hope it goes well.

On Friday, 09-Dec-2016 19:44:14 EST, Ethan said
Seems to be smoked turkey would go well on the menu for the Epic Anniversary Dinner.

On Thursday, 08-Dec-2016 13:50:19 EST, K2 said
FYI, I forgot to mention during the planning meeting, I bought two frozen turkeys while they were on sale during Thanksgiving for the purpose of smoking at wintercamp if it was so desired. I'm honestly indifferent; we'll eat them at my house sooner or later if they don't get used. I just want to know ahead of time if we're planning on cooking them at wintercamp so I can start thawing them since it takes about a week for it to fully thaw. They're ~12 lbs each so we might need a third to feed everyone if it was going to be the main dish.

On Saturday, 03-Dec-2016 21:56:45 EST, Ethan said
Can't wait to see them!

On Friday, 02-Dec-2016 22:15:11 EST, Steve said
The schedule is up (see above).
I also ordered the souvenir bags today. They didn't offer end printing but one side will have the logo and the other side will say Winter Camp XL. Bags are royal blue (only blue available), writing is white.

On Friday, 02-Dec-2016 13:09:25 EST, Steve said
Kristie and I have talked to a few people in the last week. We saw the Warrens, Hunts, and a few others and mentioned the anniversary to them. Today I heard from Brian Mann who is planning to come.

On Monday, 28-Nov-2016 10:38:13 EST, Steve said
I'll get the schedule up later today. Sorry for the delay, I'm not at my best. I did post last year's history.

On Friday, 25-Nov-2016 09:13:57 EST, K2 said
I'll bring snacks!

On Thursday, 24-Nov-2016 20:55:54 EST, timothy kasprzak said
so turns out i can come i just gotta be at work at 3

On Thursday, 24-Nov-2016 18:58:06 EST, Steve said
I think we have plenty to drink. Some snacks would be good.

On Wednesday, 23-Nov-2016 19:38:20 EST, timothy kasprzak said
the only thing id push for is pieapalooza lol

On Wednesday, 23-Nov-2016 19:37:59 EST, timothy kasprzak said
yeah pretty much lol

On Wednesday, 23-Nov-2016 16:36:23 EST, K2 said
Sounds like they made you an offer you couldn't refuse...

On Wednesday, 23-Nov-2016 16:29:15 EST, timothy said
hey so i just found out i have work on friday and cant get out of it so i wont be able to make it to the meeting

On Monday, 21-Nov-2016 15:32:33 EST, K2 said
Pumped up for friday!

Should I plan to bring anything? Snacks? Pop?

On Sunday, 20-Nov-2016 22:27:14 EST, Steve said
Thanks I've corrected it.

The next chapter meeting is on December 1st.

On Saturday, 12-Nov-2016 01:14:37 EST, timothy kasprzak said
so i noticed a problem on the site, on this page it says:It does cost $1.01 more, but that's to cover our processing fees. but on the front page it says it will cost 2.02

On Sunday, 06-Nov-2016 22:44:03 EST, timothy kasprzak said
lol timmy hoffa

On Thursday, 03-Nov-2016 08:14:05 EDT, Ethan A Rein said
I've got a line on two used golf bags. I'll plan on bringing them to camp to see if they are an improvement over what we've got got.

On Wednesday, 02-Nov-2016 20:06:18 EDT, Steve said
I think a group that once burned a guy in effigy can probably hunt down Timmy Hoffa.

On Wednesday, 02-Nov-2016 14:49:09 EDT, K2 said
Would it be bad form to have an activity to find Timmy Hoffa?

Except we'll make it unrealistic because it'll be possible to find him?

On Monday, 31-Oct-2016 13:02:03 EDT, Steve said
Also, one or more of the mobs could run the numbers and/or some gambling.

On Monday, 31-Oct-2016 13:01:18 EDT, Steve said
"I dabble a little bit in personal loans"

On Sunday, 30-Oct-2016 21:09:51 EDT, K2 said
And protection money!

"It'd be a shame if something should happen to your cabin..."

On Saturday, 29-Oct-2016 18:59:52 EDT, Jeff said
I heard mention of a Mafia theme. Here are some related ideas:

Campers are assigned to 2-3 crime families, with a few in government service.
Computer selects bosses, spies, and informants (similar to Murder Game.)

Crime families compete for control:
* Trash removal
* Food delivery
* Security
* Public works (service project)

Other activities:
* Black market pop and candy
* Hits (Murder Game variant)
* Body disposal - drop-off in unknown area blindfolded and tied (may be in a burlap sack for the adventurous)

On Wednesday, 26-Oct-2016 08:10:49 EDT, Ethan said
I can't make it to the chapter meeting on Thursday.

On Wednesday, 26-Oct-2016 06:46:18 EDT, Steve said
Yes, we are planning a celebration. I don't think it's going to be a sit-down dinner, more of an hors d'ouerves thing.

On Monday, 24-Oct-2016 13:36:45 EDT, Scott Fults said
Hi, I seem to remember getting an email last year telling me to save the date for a 40th anniversary reunion banquet at the upcoming Winter Camp. but I can't find the email! Is it so?!?!


On Saturday, 22-Oct-2016 10:12:43 EDT, Steve said
Can anyone make it to the Chapter Meeting this Thursday? It's at 6:30pm at Pandemonium games (6033 Middle Belt Rd; Garden City). It's just north of Ford Rd. on the west side.

Note the time is at 6:30.

I'm on my way to Chicago Thursday so can't make it.

On Friday, 30-Sep-2016 14:25:01 EDT, Ethan said

On Friday, 30-Sep-2016 07:13:02 EDT, Steve said
Chapter meeting went pretty well. I think we have a lot of potential attendees.

On Tuesday, 27-Sep-2016 13:53:51 EDT, Steve said
Chapter Meeting is Thursday. I'd like to have a flyer there and a permission slip.

Last year we were at 45.45 and 50.50 and came out about $100 to the good. I think this year, with the special event, we should stay at that price and expect to come closer to break even.

I think the Mafia theme is fine. Maybe we'll call it Made Men or something rather than straight up mafia which might offend a few people.

I think one of our tag lines is that you'll be able to meet some of the legends of Winter camp aka people you've only read about in books.

Any other flyer suggestions?

Will you be able to make the meeting Tim? It will be in Garden City at 7:30.

On Saturday, 24-Sep-2016 12:32:08 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
sorry i havent been replying its been a busy few weeks i started a new job and had a lot to do with the marines lately

On Friday, 23-Sep-2016 21:07:38 EDT, Steve said
I'd certainly be okay with that.

On Thursday, 22-Sep-2016 17:30:04 EDT, K2 said
Would we consider a remote meeting? Skype?

On Thursday, 22-Sep-2016 16:06:07 EDT, Ethan said
I'm probably a no for any meetings before the planning meeting on 11/25. That said, I can send in initial thoughts should one come together.

On Thursday, 22-Sep-2016 07:34:05 EDT, K2 said
Think we'll try to have a meeting before the chapter meeting? Should we have an emergency winter camp meeting this weekend? Sounds more important if we call it an emergency ;)

On Sunday, 11-Sep-2016 13:02:18 EDT, Steve said
The next chapter meeting is on the 29th. I'd like to meet before then so we could have a promo at the meeting.

On Wednesday, 07-Sep-2016 17:50:04 EDT, K2 said
11th I should be able to make... what time / where?

On Tuesday, 06-Sep-2016 08:51:26 EDT, Ethan said
I'm a maybe for the 11th, with a "no" being more likely than a "yes." If I can't make it, I'll send in some thoughts.

On Monday, 05-Sep-2016 06:23:01 EDT, timothy said
the 11th would be best for me

On Friday, 26-Aug-2016 15:24:59 EDT, Ethan said
Waiting to allow for promotion makes sense to me.

On Friday, 26-Aug-2016 15:07:07 EDT, Steve said
I'm open to any and all. I think we probably need to reconsider dates though and focus on either Wednesday the 7th or mabye Sunday the 11th.

Need some time to beat the bushes and drive some attendance.

On Friday, 26-Aug-2016 12:16:24 EDT, Ethan said
I'll see my brother tomorrow and can ask him about using the church I mentioned.

On Friday, 26-Aug-2016 02:21:31 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
if we switch to a weekend i could ask about using my grandfathers office

On Tuesday, 23-Aug-2016 23:08:41 EDT, K2 said
I found out I can't host us at work but I believe we can host it at my troop's church. I'm checking on final confirmation and I'll post once I know.

On Monday, 22-Aug-2016 09:13:31 EDT, K2 said
I really want to bring my smoker to winter camp this year...

K2's BBQ has a really nice ring to it.

On Sunday, 21-Aug-2016 03:34:21 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
the 31st would work out for me i might be a little sweaty though lol

On Friday, 19-Aug-2016 21:23:32 EDT, K2 said
Turns out I'm supposed to "watch the kids" on that specific day, so if we keep it the 31st I'll have a few extra "helpers" with me that day...

I've got a couple feelers out for a location as well, I'll report back when I hear back.

On Friday, 19-Aug-2016 16:26:05 EDT, Ethan said
I'm in for the 31st at 7. As far as a spot goes, my brother helps out at a church in Dearborn Heights. I can ask him if we can use their meeting room.

On Friday, 19-Aug-2016 10:26:22 EDT, Steve said
SO does that mean if we said around 7 on Wednesday the 31st it would work?

Just need to find a place if that's the case.

On Friday, 19-Aug-2016 00:45:29 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
crap im sorry guys my phone is been weird it was suppose to be cant on the second saturday of every month but wensdays after 6 i can do i might just be a tad late (wensdays i have mandatory PT with the marines from 4 to about 530-6) and all next week oim in bellville house sitting so the week after next week i think would be best if that works

On Thursday, 18-Aug-2016 22:33:36 EDT, Ethan said
I'm free August 24 or 31 for Wednesday. September 10 is bad for me.

On Thursday, 18-Aug-2016 18:21:16 EDT, Steve said
Got a text from Tim. he'd like to due a planning meeting on a Wednesday evening or September 10 in the afternoon.

Anyone have a preference?

On Thursday, 18-Aug-2016 06:58:25 EDT, K2 said
I'm fairly flexible on my availability for an early planning meeting.

On Thursday, 18-Aug-2016 06:57:35 EDT, K2 said
Absolutely. I'm up for making some electric noodles, I mean, electric candles as well.

On Wednesday, 17-Aug-2016 22:49:07 EDT, Ethan said
Anyone want to meet up for an early planning meeting? I imagine it would be good to confirm a theme, talk about the reunion plans, and set a price. I'm free most weekday evenings and could probably make a weekend afternoon happen. That said, my schedule is susceptible to change on short notice.

On Monday, 15-Aug-2016 13:24:32 EDT, Ethan said
Speaking of ceremonies, does anyone know if we should plan on making candles? I don't know where we are on the count. It might also be fun to make and use some electric candles. I recall that being a good exercise sometime back around Winter Camp XXIX.

On Saturday, 13-Aug-2016 18:28:35 EDT, Steve said
I guess I'm old. I always think the theme for the ocnclave should be like Service and Ceremonies.

On Tuesday, 09-Aug-2016 08:32:52 EDT, Ethan said
I see the lodge's next conclave is Pokemon themed.

On Tuesday, 09-Aug-2016 08:32:52 EDT, Ethan said
I see the lodge's next conclave is Pokemon themed.

On Tuesday, 02-Aug-2016 20:13:17 EDT, Steve said
I wonder if it will still be big or will it have been replaced by the next generation. Fads don't always last long.

On Tuesday, 02-Aug-2016 11:44:18 EDT, Ethan said
I'm wondering if there would be a way to tie into the excitement around Pokemon Go at camp? Further, I wonder if it would be a good idea.

On Tuesday, 19-Jul-2016 13:54:06 EDT, Ethan said
Congratulations on your decision to join the Marine Corps!

On Saturday, 16-Jul-2016 00:29:22 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
feb 13th is my ship date ill just have to leave wensday and go to a mandatory meeting with my recruiter at 5 and then drive back up if thats possible (im gonna see if he will let me skip that day )

On Tuesday, 12-Jul-2016 22:13:18 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
the number is my cell and ill have more information saturday but im joining the marince corps they say that if i pass meps my boot camp date is feburary ill let you know if they say sooner but its looking like i can say i can leave by blah time so i should be able to go to winter camp

On Friday, 08-Jul-2016 15:59:05 EDT, K2 said
With all the crypto locker stuff going around this year we should do some kind of a meal / activity with that in mind.

This message has been encrypted with double ROT13.

On Tuesday, 28-Jun-2016 14:52:56 EDT, Steve said
Can we text you at that number or is it a land line?

On Friday, 10-Jun-2016 22:20:36 EDT, timothy kasprzak said
so i got ride of my face book if you need to get ahold of me my number is 734 672 0042

On Wednesday, 25-May-2016 11:08:44 EDT, Steve said
We can mix it in with Scouts Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

On Tuesday, 24-May-2016 15:48:58 EDT, K2 said
Walking dead seems to be popular. I've never seen it but I hear lots of people like it.

On Saturday, 21-May-2016 09:07:55 EDT, Steve said
We did "Pirates of Brown Sea Island" a few years ago. I would call it a theme of ill-omen.

Pirates could be fun though as could The Swiss Family Winter camp.

On Monday, 16-May-2016 22:14:34 EDT, Ethan said
How about a pirate or "lost at sea" theme?

On Thursday, 28-Apr-2016 13:52:43 EDT, K2 said
Awesome! Thanks Ethan!

On Tuesday, 26-Apr-2016 16:44:27 EDT, Ethan said
I picked up 60 used golf balls for camp. I'll be spray painting them sometime between now and December. Maybe I'll do it as a way to celebrate El Mediodia.

On Friday, 22-Apr-2016 14:02:51 EDT, Steve said
Pretty sure the lack of Winter would make it less than ideal.

On Friday, 22-Apr-2016 09:39:03 EDT, K2 said
Or would it be more like: (Winter) Hike

The Winter is optional.

On Wednesday, 20-Apr-2016 16:34:20 EDT, Steve said
I think in Jeff's utopia, no disguise would be needed. You'd just come to "Winter Hike".

On Thursday, 14-Apr-2016 06:40:53 EDT, K2 said
You're right, it should have been HDR, Hike Disguised as Restaurant. I like HDM though, sounds like that would match a lot of meals at wintercamp. More of a wildcard for almost every meal really.

I think utopia for Jeff would be HDC. Hike Disguised as Camp.

On Wednesday, 13-Apr-2016 21:19:17 EDT, Steve said
Shouldn't that be HDR (Hike Disguised as Round or maybe HDM Hike disguised as Meal)? Everyone knows the RDA (Rand Daily Allowance) of burgers is 0 between Christmas and New Year's.

On Tuesday, 12-Apr-2016 19:42:45 EDT, K2 said
It was a red mark alright. It was a ketchup stain from working the burger assembly line at Rand's Rounds. I don't think it's going to last though... the customers are complaining about the 1/2 mile walk from the register to the pickup window. They started calling it a RDA...

On Monday, 11-Apr-2016 00:26:31 EDT, Jeff said
Actually I have changed my mind on the hamburgers and suggest a Boodle Fight meal instead.

On Sunday, 10-Apr-2016 20:39:56 EDT, Steve said
Notice we haven't heard from Keith in a while? Rumor has it he was taken out by one of Jeff's goon squads after receiving a red mark.

On Friday, 01-Apr-2016 08:19:06 EDT, K2 said
I received word today that Jeff Rand wanted to put hamburgers on the menu for Wintercamp XL. Direct quote: "Forty years with no hamburgers is forty years too long. Give me hamburgers, or give me death!"

It should be hitting CNN anytime now...

On Friday, 25-Mar-2016 07:40:11 EDT, Steve said
I never made it to the chapter meeting last night (too many kids and too many balloons) but I heard Timmy did a great job.

On Wednesday, 23-Mar-2016 12:08:00 EDT, Steve said
The chapter meeting is tomorrow night, March 24. I'm blowing up balloons until at least 8:00 pm. Anyone else going to be there that could promote Winter Camp? I know Tim is going to try.

On Thursday, 25-Feb-2016 11:38:06 EST, Steve said
chapter meeting tonight is cancelled due to weather.

On Friday, 19-Feb-2016 19:44:15 EST, Steve said
I plan to be there.

On Friday, 19-Feb-2016 15:05:42 EST, Ethan said
There's a chapter meeting on Thursday (2/25) at 7. It's at 1740 Middlebelt Rd., Garden City. Anyone going? I can't make it.

On Tuesday, 26-Jan-2016 16:05:12 EST, Steve said
I was thinking today that maybe steampunk or pirates might be good.

Of course, maybe we could do some kind of time travel thing and recreate not so great events in Winter camp history be taking another stab at some of the one-off activities.

On Friday, 22-Jan-2016 12:28:53 EST, Steve said
Legos might get expensive unless we watch for sales.

On Thursday, 21-Jan-2016 20:53:44 EST, Ethan said
This isn't a theme idea, but I think we should make pickled eggs at camp.

On Thursday, 21-Jan-2016 12:40:25 EST, K2 said
I think a Lego theme would be awesome! I'll go out on a limb and speculate that Michaela would agree with me.

On Wednesday, 20-Jan-2016 14:07:03 EST, Ethan said
I think we could have a good time with an "Around the US" theme. There can be events and meals that correspond to places around the country. Frequent Winter Campers will recognize the inspiration from Winter Camp XXIX.

On Wednesday, 20-Jan-2016 11:55:35 EST, Steve said
So are there any theme suggestions beyond the mob?

On Saturday, 16-Jan-2016 21:49:07 EST, Steve said
One of the thing we talked about at the WCFS meeting was the duty roster not working well and needing to just go to fixed teams with assigned meals.

I want to start recruiting my squad now. I'm decent at most things in the kitchen expert at doing dishes. Whose with me?

Not into my squad, feel free to start your own. Bear in mind that we can't have an all adult squad.

On Friday, 15-Jan-2016 11:19:42 EST, Ethan said
I ended up with 20 books that I think will work. I'll try to get that number up to 40 by the time cold time camp starts.

On Thursday, 14-Jan-2016 14:38:03 EST, K2 said
That sounds amazing!

On Thursday, 14-Jan-2016 13:28:47 EST, Steve said
Maybe a few of the 2" ones would be handy for just that purpose.

On Thursday, 14-Jan-2016 10:19:57 EST, Ethan said
I've got access to a bunch of hard cover books that we're getting of at my office. Most of them measure 6" x 9" are range in thickness from 0.5" to 2". Anything activities we could use them for at camp? Maybe making hollowed out books for hiding things? I've never done that, but I've always wanted to.

On Thursday, 07-Jan-2016 14:25:17 EST, Steve said
We still have two coats leftover from Winter Camp.

On Monday, 04-Jan-2016 22:04:49 EST, Steve said
Ideas from Timmy via facebook

Rand stew
Big casino
Maybe have 2 cheaters or something and we shiuld spot the cheater or maybe the crooked dealer oh it could be find the undercover cop dealer

Trout lake again, or maybe even the dining hall
Cops = adults
Escape Alkatrez
a game of tag maybe cross country tag or something liek the boot legging maybe capture the objective

Bootlegging and prohibition
Some italian food thing
Movie "the godfather? ,jane austens mafia (rating unknown)
Expresso snack maybe use decafe so people wont stay up (italians drink exspresso after dinner)

The mafia card game?but eith a winter camp flair some how

A 40th renium banquet or something to be discussed later

Murder game

Maybe a spaghetti dinner

Oh a canole snack

Made men meal (the term made men is used to describe thkse inducted into the family

Capture the objective could be a mafia war lol

Hide rhe body: each team has a big object to hide

Mafia monopoly : ask ian not sure

Cigar lounge snack (pretzel sticks and something else maybe)

Bakerry snack
Blind hike
4 way volley ball

On Sunday, 03-Jan-2016 20:14:49 EST, Steve said
I'm not. I think it's an activity with weak appeal to the youth, most of whom won't be around in five years (some will of course).

If we could make it have more appeal to the youth as a current year event, I'd be for it.

On Monday, 05-Jan-2015 16:23:59 EST, Ethan said
I'm for bringing back the Future Olympics at Winter Camp XL.

On Monday, 05-Jan-2015 15:38:15 EST, Ethan said
I found in old WCFS minutes: "Ron Donohue reminded Doug Wilson of a $5.00 wager concerning a female president by Winter Camp 50"

On Friday, 02-Jan-2015 08:58:43 EST, K2 said
Nicely done.

On Saturday, 06-Dec-2014 10:33:01 EST, Steve said
It's Winter Camp XL and I'm the most XL adviser, so it's all mine.

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