Winter Camp XL - 2016

Dates:December 27 - 31, 2016
Location:Beaver Creek & Clearwater Cabins, D-A
Attendance:46 (16 youth, 30 adults)
Leader:Tim Kasprzak
Adviser:Steve Donohue
WCUES Score:Incomplete
Catchphrase:A few more tads to victory

The fortieth Winter Camp will be remembered by participants for its reunion banquet, crime families theme, activities, and meals.

Fifteen guests, most of whom were familiar faces around Beaver Creek Cabin joined the festivities for the reunion banquet, held at Trout Lake Cabin. The banquet featured classic Winter Camp activities such as 4-way volleyball, Giant Jenga, and pinball, as well as video shot at Winter Camps X and XII. The museum and historical posters were on display. The Winter Camp Future Society provided participants with commemorative duffle bags, play dough, blindfolds, a card game, and winter caps. Gabe Church and Steve Donohue were presented with Centurion Awards by the Noquet Lodge for their outstanding service during the first century of the Order of the Arrow.

Participants seeking time in the out of doors were pleased to find many opportunities on the Winter Camp schedule. Games such as 4-way volleyball, bocce, cross-country golf, cricket, and snow soccer comprised much of the schedule. In addition, Capture the Bootleggers, the blind hike, the time capsule hike, and a new game, Computerized Cartography, provided ample opportunities to hike. Winter Camper Alan Wilson provided GPS-enabled devices, based on the Universal Measurement System, for Computerized Cartography. These devices sent participants hunting for pre-determined locations by showing only the distance between the user and the sought-after destination. Winter Campers seeking to spend time in the comfort of Beaver Creek Cabin were also far from disappointed. Casino night, a showing of Last Vegas, as well as many opportunities for fellowship late into the evening satisfied their desires. Service rendered to camp included teams splitting firewood (which would in turn be sold by the camp to campers), swapping out mattresses, clearing brush along the roadsides, and painting offices in the Martin Administration Building.

Winter Camp XL featured meals ranging in complexity from store bought root beer Pop Tarts to homemade cannoli. Keith King's smoker provided the protein portion of meals - smoked salmon for the Catch of the Day Dinner and smoked turkey made into sandwiches for the Ethan's Speakeasy. The Boodle Fight lunch was inspired by Jeff Rand's trip to the Philippines. This no-utensils lunch played a role comparable to the Caveman Dinner in Winter Camps past. When discussing the roast beef which was part of the dinner portion of Dinner and a Movie, Winter Campers were reminded of the importance of letting cooked meat rest prior to serving.

Winter Campers left D-bar-A with bellies full of Rand Stew and heads full of dreams of Winter Camps to come.

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